30 Jun 2020

There Are Silver Linings

There Are Silver Linings on vickiarcher.com

There are silver linings.

I believe in them and always have; I will endeavour to continue feeling this way. What is the point otherwise? The half-full cup has been my belief throughout my life as the half-empty cup never seemed so attractive to me. Not everyone can feel this way and I understand, especially now, positivity can be a tough one to see under the rubble of disaster many are living with.

A silver lining to me is one where I can see or feel a positive benefit coming from an overwhelmingly difficult, dire or uncomfortable situation. The last few months have been unreal and what the next 6 will bring, I have no idea. I do feel underwhelmed by the future and overwhelmed with sadness at so many eventualities but frankly, that’s not helping me, you or anyone else.

I need the silver linings.

Mine are both big and small.

I’m cooking with great joy, finding strength through exercise, learning so much with my reading and re-evaluating my working time. Having the time and mental space to reflect on my future is a stupendous gift and made me very aware I feel different. I will do so much more but differently and these last months have allowed me to figure this out.

Awareness is as much a silver lining as the time to seek it out. 

I have found new enjoyment in Instagram; I never thought I would say that. Connecting with loyal followers and finding new kindred spirits has resonated and replaced my past feelings that it was all a bit of a chore. I spend time taking photographs: I think about what you would enjoy and I create small snippets on subjects I believe you will find common ground.  These are silver linings.

There are so many others I experience on a daily basis and when I read the news, feel disheartened and wonder what on earth our futures are I take myself to a place where I can reflect on the positives. I don’t deny what’s happening around me but I don’t give it the entire stage. It’s my way of dealing and finding the silver lining can also be a coping mechanism.

Struggling to find the silver lining?

Not everyone has a re-set button to see the good. It’s impossible sometimes.

Remove the negative and breathe – that’s the first step. Take a walk, a run or a spin if that’s the exercise you favour but move and breathe. Breathe deeply and focus on that. Count the in and the out if it helps. The discipline of exercise is the best way to lift the spirits and find the prize. Exercise can calm and once the calm starts to take hold, focus on one element of life that is doing well. It might be your creativity, your communications or as simple as the last cookie you baked. Maybe it is a skill you have mastered or a cupboard sorted – it doesn’t matter what but we all have something we do well.

Make lists. They help and it is so surprising how much we can accomplish with this simple tool of organisation.

There is much talk about being kind to others, don’t forget you.

Sometimes we have to dig deep to find our silver lining but if we search hard enough, they will be there. xv

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Good morning dear heart.

If I could say this, I feel as if you are my European twin! I am a half-full person and I simply cannot live otherwise. My beloved husband is the opposite yet we fit brilliantly into the old cliché that “opposites attract.”

My recent Instagram post of a small quote I came up with last year has new meaning for me this year, as we all grapple with the challenges facing us in the face. How we respond to the pandemic, the political and social issues and personal struggles is our weapon of choice, as you will. I choose to see myself GROWING in the middle of thinking through the best choices I can make. I see another part of me, apart from this body that is growing older, expanding into a much larger space. Character and inner strength reside in those “silver linings.”

May your journey bring you joy, strength and peace dearest Vicki. And, I love Instagram too!


I am most honoured we could be twins… and I’ll just take that with a big smile, Thank you
… Character and inner strength in spades for all of us, please.. :)


when you look back in time you see sometimes the disaster as a great luck. Try to be optimistic is the best but the reality might be different in the future and this to understand the underlying issues. Covit was a wake up call and we all can fall into a deep sleep or see our possibilities


We must see the positive possibilities… otherwise, the pain and suffering for so many is not acceptable…


Absolutely agree….not acceptable….so what should we do? My personal silver line is to stay healthy mental and physically.

Jennifer Connolly

Finding the silver linings feels harder and harder lately so I appreciate this reminder.
How do you get inside my thoughts so often and bring forth what I need to hear?


Because we are all in this together and I feel we must be thinking similar thoughts, wherever we are. You have a lot right now and the digging will have to be deeper but I know you will… Thinking of you :)


I NEED TO FIGURE OUT THE NEXT 20 years what I want to do and accomplish…………I have a feeling it will be LOVING the animals and maybe adding a few MORE!
Hugs to YOU!


I haven’t even opened the cupboards yet… too scared… ha ha… I need to, that’s for sure. The next 20 will figure themselves out as long as we are in top form :) Animals sounds pretty perfect to me :)

Linda B

Ah, so much wisdom here, Vicki! I think I personally try and mostly succeed to be a glass half full person; there are times of overwhelm now and then when I can’t easily be in that space. But I do everything I can to maintain my equanimity and positivity, starting with always, always doing some kind of exercise early in the day–usually running, but sometimes cycling or occasionally a walk when I need to be slower. You are spot on–that movement and the breathing that comes with it is the best way to set oneself up for positivity–usually it lasts all day! Personally, I find that being outside as I move really helps in that process. . . . I also have been a list maker for years! That helps both with staying organized, and feeling a sense of accomplishment when one checks off a task completed.

I have to come clean and admit that what I really need to work on is your third point–being kind to myself. Too often I put others first, and either push myself past what I am really comfortable doing, or think I don’t deserve to take time to just do something nice for myself, or I don’t think I really need some treat especially when so many are in such need, so I don’t buy hardly anything for myself these days. I have recently realized that when I really did give almost all my time and energy to my students, I was better at letting myself have nice treats. Now that I am retired, and not giving so much time and energy away to others, it’s the opposite. I rarely feel like I deserve a pretty new something, somehow. . .Hmm.

Suddenly I am thinking of dear Margaret Meyerkort, a revered Waldorf kindergarten teacher and author from England who used to come visit us in the States to help inspire and train the teachers, back in the 90’s. She once told us part of a Grimm’s tale where a little lost girl met three little men (dwarves) in a wintry wood; they asked her for the piece of bread in her pocket, and she gave them HALF. Margaret said this was a good reminder that it is always wise to not give everything away, but to keep some for yourself for the journey ahead. . . . An important message for teachers, and others. . .


I love this anecdote Linda… and how wise … the art of being generous to ALL including us :)

Kate Granado

I love a woman with an embedded silver lining, drinking from a glass half full. The two guiding forces in my life.
Thank you for the lovely post, your words flow so beautifully. I have to say I have not hit the cupboard or the closet… Instead, I decided to relaunch a blog I had not touched in 6 years. It has been my salvation and who knew I would become a tech student at 73!


What a wonderful achievement… tech is not easy… I try and learn something new each week but…. it takes time!

Jill Garber

I could not live without the ability to find and focus on the silver linings. This continually challenging time we are all experiencing has given me renewed gratitude for this ability. As an artist, my life is happiest focused on the beauty around me. And as you so succinctly expressed – the smallest things seems to give me the greatest happiness these days. My dearest friend likes to say “ever forward”….indeed, treasuring every good moment, every beautiful and kind deed, each flower of summers warm light and the silver linings within. 🦋


Well said, Jill :)
And I love the concept of “ever forward”… we must…

Sylvia Kase

Here we all are eighteen weeks have passed since we enjoyed our”Normal Life”.. being with friends whenever we liked, living the “Fast Pace”! Here in my large city in Texas I never took the time to wonder is my glass Too Full.. now I appreciate this time to slow and be content to be Half Full. I appreciate my other life, but I’m productive in better ways.

I took out my wights, yoga mat and my walking shoes.. some or all of this is used everyday.I live alone therefore Half of my pots and pans went away. Our Goodwill store was happy to see me. I have always wanted to learn Spanish so I zoom with a tutor.. at 81! I will go now to pour a half a glass of wine. Cheers.. Stay well and safe.


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