8 Aug 2019

A Few Good Dresses: The Simple Slip Dress


Slip Into the easiest Dress Of All.

When we began the ‘Few Good Dresses’ series it was for the lone reason of simple styling. Dresses are exactly that. They’re easy to throw on and walk out the door in whilst simultaneously making us feel confident and ‘well’ dressed.

Slip dresses are an extension of that ideology. A versatile garment to dress up or down channeling the lingerie as outerwear trend we’ve been seeing a lot of recently. The silk variety is our go-to; the satin sort, gorgeously uncomplicated yet always making an understated statement.

The shape is effortlessly feminine – close to the body without being too revealing and with the right styling, the look of the slip can transform entirely.

They’re flattering, sultry and romantic; an essential for the dress collection we all adore.

Style Notes

For a straighter frame, try a slimmer fit and for a curvier figure, go for a slip with a bias cut. The shape will balance out in line with the body.

Take the slip to the office, in the suitcase, or out to town, it’s an adaptable piece to work for every occasion.

Simply adjust the accessories to ensure it’s always appropriate.

Flats or sneakers with a lighter jacket or cropped cardigan will allow it to work for every day but swap the shoes for a kitten mule to take it into the evening. It’s the perfect “under jacket” piece if we don’t wish to wear bare arms.

To make the look a little bit more casual, try layering a t-shirt underneath. Stick to a monochrome palette such as a black slip over a white tee, or have fun with nude or blush pink tones.

Take the slip dress into every season. It’s a year-round must-have.

The next time we need simple styling, we’re slipping straight into a slip.

A Few Good Slip Dresses

forte forte blush  ||  frame velvet  ||  vince scoop-neck  ||  vince midi

nili lotan print  ||  show me your mumu champagne  ||  ganni leopard  ||  joseph black

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These are SO gorgeous. I fear however, that I couldn’t wear one because I have a combination of a straight and a curvy frame…odd, I know. So it makes it hard to take a risk to try such a pretty style, so I stay with my classic “A” skirt dress/skirt in order to accentuate my small waist!

Linda B Kerr

What about those of us who need to wear a bra underneath? Or some kind of support for the girls….?


Nope. Not for me. These all look like nightgowns to me. Plus they will show every bump and bulge. Bra straps show or God forbid a strapless bra!! UGH. Hard pass for me. But if you can rock it more power to you


This is one trend I’m going to leave to my daughters. At 66, I’m not wearing my lingerie out in public. I would feel terribly foolish. Perhaps, it depends on where you live, how you live….


I agree w Joanna and am also 66 but they look terrific on my daughters in law and my 25 year old.


If I had my young, slim, smooth and tan arms again, this look would be great. But, it’s a ‘not anymore’ look for me in my sixties. And, I have to admit, even seeing others whose mature bodies just aren’t there is a bit painful to see. Like mini skirts and short shirts — the time has come and gone.


Sorry- Gorgeous and sexy pexy on the young with perfectly uplifted bosoms but not for me in my 60’s!!!! The silky slip dress is so unforgiving! However a silky top can work. Even on the flawless models they look very nightie like. One of the very few occasions when we have to disagree dearest Vicki!

Michelle à Détroit

This is a very tricky look to pull off for any other than the very young and/or the very svelte. You can’t get away with wearing shapewear underneath as absolutely EVERYTHING shows, regardless of the fit of the dress. I can’t see wearing a strapless bra underneath as the fabric is so thin, and the backs of the dresses are so low. I just cannot do the bra strap showing look. To me, that defeats the purpose of a slip dress and breaks the line. Those little round silicone coverups could work for those of us who are small and firm chested.

G Nickels

Vicki…how about a pic of you in your slip dress ? Show us how it’s done….ha.


I agree, Vicki, show us how it is done. I am thin, but at 62 these dresses are very unforgiving. I cannot imagine.

Linda B

I want to be braver than I have been and try this style. I get nervous about finding the right cut to match my hour glass figure. And about not appearing like a 62 year old trying too hard! But I truly love this look!


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