12 Sep 2015

Singin’ In the Rain: Rainy Day Saturday

Singing in the rain 1952,   starring Gene Kelly. Rainy Day Saturday Vicki Archer

“I’m singing in the rain
Just singing in the rain
What a glorious feelin’
I’m happy again…”

Gene Kelly and his Singin’ in the Rain makes you feel toe tappingly bright, doesn’t it?

I often look forward to a rainy day Saturday.

A longer morning, a movie afternoon or a wander where we duck and weave amongst the puddles, is very often the case in London.

I have become accustomed to the English drizzle, the soft falling rain that is enough to warrant wet weather gear yet not heavy enough to prevent getting outside. In London it pays to be prepared for the rain with a wardrobe of raincoats including the heavy, the thin, the casual and the dressy.  An umbrella like my lipstick is always in the handbag. A blue-sky day, big, bright and shiny can change in a matter of moments.

In Provence, the elements laugh at the idea of drizzle. Provence means business and they call a storm a storm. There is a solid reason for the expression, “braving the elements’; in Provence when it rains, it pours and 30 seconds outside means a thorough drenching. Those are stay at home days.

What to wear in the rain is the style challenge.

Moisture means a struggle with not only the inclement weather but also the hair. Rainy days are bad hair days for me; they will always be that way. A ponytail, a hat and another blow dry are the only solutions.

Then there is the raincoat.

As cute as the all yellow numbers are I am happier in a more subdued style of wet weather gear. This grosgrain-trimmed raincoat is a fabulous find and one of those pieces that should be in the suitcase packed and ready for the next trip. Oftentimes the trench is not waterproof enough, too formal or doesn’t deserve such an unfriendly blast from the elements.

And the boots.

Wellingtons and England go hand in hand. They are pretty cute at anytime for singing in the rain. xv

Singing In The Rain

dkny raincoat  //  hunter tall rainboots

image from singin’in the rain

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Mimi Gregor

Right now, I love rainy days because we had been experiencing a drought and we really need the rain. This spring, however, we had almost constant rain, and I didn’t like it so well then! Rainy days are a total write-off for my hair; it frizzes and the cowlicks come out in full force, curling in the opposite direction that I had painstakingly styled them in. I do have some very nice rain gear, though — no bright colors, just black. I like my wardrobe to look all of a piece, and that includes “foul weather gear”.

Anita Rivera

Oh yes, in Provence, it’s like here in Minnesota. When it rains, it CRASHES down. When it’s sunny, it’s bright and strong. No fooling around in Provence, especially when Le Mistral hits! But I can imagine London, her mist gently dancing on the streets alongside busy pedestrians trying to get to their destination. In their Wellies.

I must get a pair for next season! Enjoy your day, Vicki! Anita


California is looking at “El Nino”, so browsing Nordstrom for raingear is excusable. Thanks for the clip from “Singing in the Rain”. Made me smile……what a time of innocence……..and repression.


I lived in Portland Oregon for a year. A comfortable nice looking raincoat and a good umbrella were always at hand. I loved the city but really got sick of the rain.


It rains a lot where I live and for the first time bought a rain coat. It’s thin for our temps. I also bought some water proof slip on shoes for walking the dog. I need a new umbrella though. Any favorites?

Deborah Mckenzie

My hair is a fluffy mess when I’m caught in a mist also. But I am looking forward to a dark rainy day to watch possibly this very good “Singing In the Rain”. What a cozy reminder of how much I enjoyed it.


I LOVE the rain . It is raining (lightly) this morning in Vancouver and I am going to go for a bike ride. We, also, had a very dry summer so our beautiful Vancouver is needing to be well drenched.
Walks along the seawall and through Stanley Park in the rain are our weekend rainy adventures. It’s alway curious to me how the rain keeps us indoors. The smells by the ocean are so salty and clean on a rainy day. I love the sun and I love Provence, but living in a “rainforest” on the West Coast of Vancouver is wonderful ! (nice to have met you this summer, Vicky, as we explored the streets of St.Remy).


Perfect timing. My husband didn’t really want to go for our morning walk because of the rain. I played this, he sang along and then put his boots on. Thank you for that!
I bought a houndstooth rain coat and a pair of Chanel inspired rubber boots recently while on a trip. I intend to stay dry (and stylish) this winter, as I run about.


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