18 Feb 2015

The Sleek Blowout

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If New York Fashion Week is any indication it would seem that the sleek blowout is back.

Hair was luxurious, chic, shiny, natural and slick. The only ripples on the runway were a few strategically placed, almost invisible, waves cascading down the back of the longer locks. With side partings and shoulder length plus, the models looked elegant and for once, the hair style is wearable.

As one who has spent her life straightening and smoothing, I’m happy to follow this trend.

Is it a fashion trend this year or is it more a New York vibe?

I have always felt that New Yorkers wear their hair straighter than Londoners. Londoners love a little bounce, a cascade of curls and volume. French women sit somehwere in the middle, but very rarely do they curl up in the same way that London girls do.

One of my can’t live without indulgences is a regular blow dry. For years hairdressers have been trying to entice me with mermaids tresses. Truthfully, they are just not me. The older I get, the straighter I like my hair. Not poker straight, but straight with a little volume.

I have admired well groomed and obedient hair for as long as I can remember and I am sure that is because nature did not intend me to have that.

Why oh why do we always want what we don’t have?

There is no cure, no response and no amount of good sense that will change my mind. I am a straight hair kind of girl, with a bit of bounce thrown in and if it means living in hair prison, then so be it.

Will you be wearing your hair straight?  Heading to the hairdresser for that sleek blowout?

Looks Like The Row, Sleek And Simple

the sweater

the row akrosia  //  **cashmere cable  //  cashmere shawl  //  asher oversize

the pant

lafayette ‘menswear’ trouser

the shoe

bernardo drive u crazy  //  jimmy choo wisa suede //  gucci new power

p.s this season’s the row is on sale at yoox.com 

image from the row collection fall 2015, style.com


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I have long hair and do like a sleek blowout. I also love big bouncy seventies style curls and find that each look loses it’s punch if done all the time. I alternate and also give my hair a rest with no curling or blow drying when I am not working. A quick ballerina bun works on those days and still gives some polish.


No blowouts for me. I have tried, but my very curly hair stays sleek for maybe 30 minutes before the curls sneak back–as fuzz.


You are smarter than me Amy… although there is very little humidity in London or Provence, so thankfully it’s ok… :)


I love smooth polished hair. At my age, stick straight is not flattering and neither is my natural curl (I feel like a wild women).

Karen in VA

I’m for whatever makes you feel tops. It’s different for everyone. Somewhere, we all get an image of what we want to create. It could be from a movie, or its star, or a model on the runway or in a magazine.

For some, it comes from holding on to a special era in their life. Perhaps great memories, or their husband loves to see them the way they looked when love struck. Who doesn’t want to keep their man happy. This vintage look has a style all it’s own.

Whatever makes you feel FABULOUS.

Karen in VA

Mimi Gregor

My hair is naturally fine, straight in some areas, with a slight wave in others, and a cowlick thrown in for good measure. Also, it is limp as a wet dishrag. Obviously, letting it dry naturally is out of the question for me. So as I blow dry anyway, I may as well blow it so that it appears to have body, bounce, and sleekness. And yes, I dry it straight, with a slight curve under. No matter what the trend is, I prefer my hair to look sleek and straight. God forbid it should ever look the least bit “poofy”. My current stylist knows this. Previous stylists have always given me “bigger” hair than I wanted, and I ended up having to wash and restyle it the next day to “un-poof” it. Haircuts are so pricy, I might as well get it styled the way I want it so that I can get three days wear out of the blow dry.


I agree, Mimi… I get so cranky when I pay for a blowdry and either it doesn’t last or I come home and have to re-do it… a bad start to the day… ;)


Vicki I almost always wear my hair blown out straight or pulled back into a ponytail. So this works for me!

The Arts by Karena

Cathy C

Oh Vicki, about wanting straight hair, I could write a book! Highlights would include throwing hair brushless at mirrors; using chemical relaxers meant for African hair; using cleaned out empty frozen orange juice cans as rollers to get smoothness and; yes, even ironing my hair – right there on my mom’s ironing board. All I can say now is: Thank goodness for Keratin treatments. A little pricey but WELL worth it. Will never apologize for wanting what I don’t have when it comes to straight, smooth, soft and manageable hair. Oh, and it is not stick straight. There is a bit of bounce!


I hear you Cathy!!
The things I have done to my hair, I am so lucky to have any left at all… ;)

Peggy Braswell

Naturally curly hair + growing up in Fla + there wasn’t a day my hair was straight(humid) + I am with you Vickie + is a wonder I have any hair at all! + live in S. CA now so love straight hair. xxpeggybraswelldesign.com

Our French Oasis

Peggy – your comment rings so true with me. Returning to live in France after four years in South Florida, the first thing I thought was not, ahhh the food, the wine, the cheese, the architecture – no – it was – yes, I have straight hair – no humidity!!!


Not wanting to evoke hair envy, my hair is straight straight straight!!! For most of my life I HATED it too! Yes, I wanted what I didn’t have. When I was about 17 I started having it spiral permed, it took hours and I would have it re done so often because my hair was so strong that it dropped dramatically. It also cost a fortune. Since my early 30’s, I have let it be straight. It is much easier and it suits me better. I have gone the other way now and even though it’s naturally straight, I finish my blow dry with a straightener on the ends! At least with getting older I have seen the light!!! :-)

Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen

My hair is fine and naturally straight, but with an (annoying) wave here and there. Every hairdresser I go to now dries my hair perfectly straight, but really straight isn’t flattering on me. I prefer my hair cut with a slight bevel at the bottom and that gives me just the right bounce. A couple of weeks ago I finally found someone that understood my hair and knew what I wanted with the bevel, which made me very happy. Now all I have to do is contend with the Florida humidity :)

Our French Oasis

As a child I always wanted straight thin hair like my best friend; mine was thick and wavy. Now as an adult hairdressers always say to me I am so lucky to have thick naturally wavy hair, but still as a grown up with five children of my own I want straight thin hair !!!

Cathy Wong

I have struggled in the past to “convince” my hair to do what i want it to, and after so many decades I now try to work “with it”… :) That means straight on top with some volume and curled under or wave-y otherwise (it’s shoulder length-and fine as a small child’s) and I try to tell myself it’s “quite French really”. Today I did have a haircut and blow dry and it’s wonderfully straight and shine-y….so between that and this post, I’ve decided to dig around in the closet for my straightening iron! Thanks for the incentive!

Sabrina Brown

Straight hair is not flattering to my face shape — which is kind of a wide tear drop — so I was grateful for a side part and spiral curls. About ten years ago, my hair started getting straight and I struggled to get back any waves with every kind of product on my poor fine, limp hardly-there-waves. Finally I succumbed to pin curls slept on over night about three years ago — which was a lot of work — but they were so much fun — and I felt glamorous again. About a year ago, I lost the energy to do maintenance daily, so I started soaking my hair in the sink to let it air dry in the mornings and only washed it every 5-14 days. You know what? I’ve got spirals again — with no work, just patience. The less shampoo and conditioner I use, the better, and the longer I go without shampooing and just soaking my hair, (no combing) the curlier. It’s almost as curly as when I was younger — I am so thankful, I chanced on this solution. But, I really do feel for everyone who has to spend massive amounts of time on their hair…it’s exhausting.
Sabrina in Port Townsend


Shoulder length thick hair. Have it blow dried straightish with a slight sleek curl under, giving a bit of bounce. Canberra is usually fairly dry, even when hot, so hair tends to hold but when I go to Sydney almost always get the frizzies.
The model’s hair style above does absolutely nothing for her. Most unbecoming, likewise her make-up and lack of lippie colour. Guess it focuses attention on the clothes. Best wishes, Pamela


Oh, I fought my curly hair for years, then found a hairdresser who could blow it out straight (w/volume), which I love, but I also learned how to work with and love my curls. In fact, I tend to get more compliments on my hair when it’s curly than when it’s straight. I know my husband says it’s like being married to two different women. Truthfully, the curly me feels different from the straight me. In fact, I make different clothing choices from my closet depending on my curly or straight hair. If I had to choose, I would say that it was like choosing your favorite child — impossible!

Cheers, M-T


As a stylist, the best of the best solution is a Brazilian Blowout. It is simply the best thing since the invention of the blow dryer! I now do Brazilian Minis, where I leave more body and some frizz-free loose wave for those who tire of straight.

Gigi Thibodeau

My hair’s natural tendency is to be curly, but like you, I almost always blow it out to be sleek and smooth. I often let the ends curl a bit, as I have to use far too much product if I want stick straight. In the summer I find it impossible to control the curls, so I often throw it into a loose bun while it’s still wet and let the curls and tendrils fall where they may! I like that look, too, though. Often people will ask me if I got a perm when my hair is in it’s natural state, which I find hysterical, since I think the last perm I got was my senior year in high school–in 1986! xo Gigi

Kris B

The model doesn’t show evidence of a great bouncy blowout, maybe she is on her way to get one


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