5 May 2021

Sleeping Beauty: The Best Night’s Sleep

Sleeping Beauty on vickiarcher.com

Waking up refreshed is key. And I am Not.

Sleeping well is not so much about the hours of sleep but the benefits to come from solid sleep.

Sleeping sound is one of our best-kept beauty secrets but this past year I have found my sleeping patterns all over the place with hours and hours of insomnia a few nights per week.

So what to do? I need to get back to my routines and rituals and make sure I practice them.

Wind Down

* A warm and luxurious bath is the most wonderful way to relax but it is important to cool the body down before sleeping.

We sleep better if our body temperature is lower so a relax in the tub and luxuriate forever but cool down afterward with a tepid shower. Note To Self: I never do that.

* Removing makeup is a must but also a great big bore at times.

Many times I think of nothing but crawling between the sheets and letting the face stay put. Note To Self: All wrong.

The most important part of skincare maintenance before bed is cleansing; letting the day’s build-up settle overnight is probably one of the worst practices.

* Take the time to mix up skincare routines.

Apply a mask that can remain on throughout the evening or add an extra vitamin serum or hydrating cream.

Coat the cuticles, cover the body and pamper the feet; so much can soften while sleeping.

Allow a few minutes for the products to soak into the skin before laying down and settling; better on the skin than on the bedding. The ritual of preparation can go a long way towards helping sleep patterns improve.

Sweet Dreams

* Leave caffeine alone after lunchtime; that does include chocolate. Note To Self: Ok say no more.

* Unplug. Fall asleep the old-fashioned way with a page-turner of a book and leave Instagram alone for the evening.

* Wear an eye mask and use earplugs. These will become your rituals and trigger the brain that it is sleep time. I can’t sleep withut these now.

* Make sure sleepwear is not only pretty but also comfortable. Tossing and turning is a side effect of a poor night’s sleep and wearing something that doesn’t move with you does not help. I am always after a pair of white cotton pj’s, one size up – they feel the most restful to me.

* Practise relaxed breathing to lower your heart rate.

Hold your breath until the count of 7 and exhale slowly, repeat over and over.

Anxiety means shallow breathing and that speeds up our heart rate.

Anxiety is our adversary when it comes to sleeping well.

*Lower the room temperature; cool sleeping is the best sleeping.

Somewhere between 60 and 70 degrees is the zone we want to be in.

Add a blanket if needed but keep the room temperature down.

*Mattress and pillows, a personal choice, they make all the difference to sleeping well. I’ve lately been sleeping on one of those that mould to the neck and head –  a true gamechanger for me.

*Soft lighting and a dedicated reading light. Harsh overhead light is overstimulating.

*If you relate better to organized and tidy, make sure the bedroom is too. Feeling shambolic does nothing to aid sleeping well.

* A few drops of lavender oil on the inside of the pillowcase smells delicious and nudges sleep.

*Silk satin pillowcases are meant to be ideal for sleeping on.

Why? Apparently, they produce less friction when we toss and turn which means fewer wrinkles.

Sleeping well for me is all about routine and ritual. I need to find it once more. xv

Sleeping Beauty: Achieving A Good Night Sleep

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Ellen de Man

All great advice however the mask on your eyes leaves permanent wrinkles. I have tried it also puffy eyes . That is what is happening right now with the pandemic. I absolutely hate the mask and remove it were ever I can .


I like the eye mask… I can’t comment on the wrinkles but with a silk one, it seems ok. It gives me a much better chance of dozing off.

Donna (DD)

Hello VA
Have to agree I think a lot of us are experiencing a lack of sleep as a side effect of Covid 19…here I am on the other side of the world at 1:00am reading your blog!
I only seem to manage three to four hours sleep a night and I know it is a result of all the worrying change associated with the pandemic, how it has turned our lives upside down. More worrying is not knowing when we will see a return to normality?
So in the interim…merci for all your tips and I may just indulge in one of those foam memory pillows..


Donna… Once you get used to this pillow you will be taking it everywhere (when we can)… I do! Not sleeping is driving me mad but I am glad not to be alone in my sleeplessness… Thank you :)

Linda B

I totally get that this past year has brought sleep challenges, at least some of the time! Even in normal times, I have sleep troubles; I do employ most of the strategies you listed but will try some that are new. My past three weeks of sleep were further degraded by having had surgery to repair a torn meniscus; pain has been an issue. Last night was the first time I slept a whole night since that surgery, and how different I felt upon waking!

I really should get some earplugs (and some new summer pajamas!) A good proportion of my sleep issues in normal times are from my dear husband’s very loud snoring, some nights. . . I am going to try those ear plugs for sure!!!!


Linda, those earplugs will change everything! It must be those .. I have tried many and these are my preferred by a long way. They don’t completely silence the world but they muffle the sound well enough to disguise snoring and any other nocturnal nuisances ;)


Over a year ago I went on Amazon and bought three satin PJ sets, long sleeves and legs.

One in deep dark red, one in pastel pink with contrast piping, and one navy with white polka dots. They were inexpensive (barely 100 for the three of them) and are quite comfortable.

Satin is easy to sleep in and as a bonus, they are great for when you might be invited to stay at a friend’s home as you can have breakfast without embarrassment other than the bedhead. I wash in the washer and hang dry and they have held up quite well.

In the summer I use sleeveless cotton nightdresses but they are getting a little raggedy, I am thinking of buying my same PJ sets but short sleeves and legs.


I think so long as the legs and sleeves are short it should be fine. I do like my summer nightdresses though.


You actually know nearly everything about a good sleep…you just have to effectuate it.
The miracle pillow is indeed in need to getting use it but when you did it’s a huge improvement for a good sleep as well for the neck. I bring mine with me also when I am
travel. Last but not least…going to bed after a good cleansing routine is a wonderful must. Anyway if all these “remedies” doesn’t work try it with Melatonin. It’s also helpful against sign of brain aging (dementia etc.) says many american doctors and nothing to worry. Have a good night today dear Vicki.


I do feel a bedtime routine helps me sleep, it’s like a similar yoga routine whereas I do this regularly too. There are many things on your list I do and wouldn’t sleep unless I had cleansed, added a serum and oil. I do love a White Company nightdress (I’m not a lover of pjs as I like my legs uncovered and often have them out of the covers as well) I love White Company’s cotton pillowcases and spray one of their spa night mist on this. I have started doing Suduko and am doing one each night in bed which somehow gives me a feeling of satisfaction to switch the bedside light off when I’ve successfully completed. I drift off quickly!!! Not sure what would happen if I got one wrong though!!! A simple routine but I sleep well.


I love a Sudoku too.. but not sure it wakes me up rather than calms me… I am onto the podcasts which seem to help too :)


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