14 Mar 2020

Sling On The Slingback

Sling On The Slingback on vickiarcher.com

There is a slingback and a slingback.

Some are too grabby on the ankle and others slide down and fall off; the slingback is all about having the right sling at the back. The strap needs to be a bit thicker and with a decent grip and I like them with a pointy toe and some kind of texture or detail on the shoe. The pointy toe gives the impression of a longer foot and leaner leg – that spells winning to me.

Dior has brought the slingback to the fore for another season and while they are super cute, so are these in nude; at a fraction of the price, they are a great looking shoe.

I love a shoe that’s closed at the toe – don’t ask me why, just one of my quirks – I feel they give the impression of elegance and being well put together. In the mad heat of summer, of course, a sandal is essential but for 90% of my life, a closed toe is my choice.

An extra embellishment can make the difference, like these pretty jewelled slingbacks a la Miu Miu without the ticket price.

What’s not to love?  xv

Sling On These Slingbacks

jeffrey campbell nude mesh slingback flat ||  jewel badgley mischka bambi skimmer flat

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Oh Vicki, how I love a sling back shoe! They remind me of the early 60s when I was an impressionable little girl, looking up to my gorgeous aunties who sported the best 60s fashion. I always wanted a pair of these types of shoes but I found that they were uncomfortable to wear for the same reasons you state here. The only pair I’ve ever had were those with the right sling, that had a scrunchy, elastic band within the leather strap that helped keep the shoes fixed right. You brought back so many memories!


I had my first pair as a young girl and loved them so completely.. ha ha.. a fashionista way back then… they weren’t dissimilar to the caramel pair I highlighted :)

Michelle à Détroit

I have a narrow heel, so I have my cobbler adjust the straps. I have a thing about there being no buckles on the straps. To me, buckles break the line of an otherwise beautiful shoe. Sling-backs are alluring and utterly feminine.


Vicki, I’m with you on the sling back!!! Love them! I’ve had many styles from buckles to elastic backs and a lovely pair that had an elastic piece hidden by the broader strap which was a perfect fit for me. I love a flat sling back too. My favourite is a kitten heel pointed sling back in any colour. Divine, divine!!!
Good call Inspector!!!

We’ve just had our holiday cancelled as the airline suspended all flights, but it’s a holiday and others are in far more worrying situations than a cancelled holiday. I wish them well.


I’m so sorry to hear that…
I am on my way back to Europe tonight and fingers crossed we will get home without issue. A time to stay put and do all those homebody things we promise ourselves. Closures are happening all around so I will be relieved to see my front door. x


Timely post, Vicki. Slingbacks are great in warm weather. The heels are free from rubbing. Does anyone have tips on how to keep a strap from slipping? I have a beloved pair where one strap slides off.


I love slingbacks, I can wear them barefoot or in hose. With most pumps, I have to decide when I buy them if I’m going to wear them barefoot or in hose, but not slingbacks!

Laurette Broussard

I share Heike’s opinion. When I buy closed-back pumps, I have to decide if I’m going to wear them with hose, or barefoot. But with slingbacks, I can go either way.


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