14 Nov 2020

The Slippers: Where Are They?

Slippers: Where Are They? on vickiarcher.com

Where are the comfortable, wear-at-home, wear-everyday style slippers? Was there really a life with all this fancy footwear? Who was that woman clomping along in these for hours? She seems to have disappeared this year in a tide of trainers, sweats and comfortable excuses. Manolo, once a name to roll from my fashion-obsessed thoughts, has been relegated to my distant past. Has lockdown been a convenient excuse to dish the heels and forget my former life?

Will I rise again in 10cm heels?

Probably not, which shocks me.

I never like to give up on what I love. Shoes, with all sorts of glittering embellishments and fancy features, are some of my really deep and enduring true loves. Shallow? A bit. Fun? Always. 

I will have to see whether life post Covid brings me back to these beauties or whether I will remain a happy trooper in my lockdown loafers. Speaking of loafers, I did find the best slippers. And as much as I love a pump, I do rejoice in a velvet slipper. Venetian style or classic. Take your pick – to me they are one of the best all-round shoes we can wear. There is nothing slouchy about a pretty pair of velvets.

Even a slipper can get my shoe fever rising. My Venetians are doing happy dances. xv

The Slippers: Here They Are

the starling loafer  ||  the heron loafer  (order half size up)

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I love pretty shoes but can’t imagine putting my feet through any pain to wear them so flat and soft are on my agenda these days.
You have an impressive array of beautiful shoes, Vicki!


so many beautiful shoes…hope your daughters have the same size so you can pass to them. Anyway every stuff has their own span in our life. Now it’s Sneaker time and
we should enjoy this comfy footwear


Good morning Vicki!

I think I have been asking myself this question for about a week when I started the purge in my bedroom closet; I asked myself, “WHERE ARE THOSE ELEGANT SLIPPERS I once had?” These days, I’m wearing my husband’ socks…shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I need some pretty!

Bobbie G

Shoe love!!! Yes, now I wear slippers all to often, and look longingly at my shoe collection. Have you checked out the fun, frivolous slippers at Goody Goody Two Shoes?


Omg! Those blue, jeweled pumps are gorgeous. I keep a similar pair just to admire now and then. I’ve missed beautiful high heels ever since my knee replacements but I wouldn’t change my “new knees” for all of the lovely high heels in the world. I have to admit clothes look better with heels…but for everything there is a season.


I won’t be “quitting” the heels quite yet…like you, I pull them out of their boxes for a little peak from time to time. However in Covid- stay-at-home days it seems the flats win the day. Those blue RV? heels are exquisite and warrant a small dinner party being organized in their honour!


Love all of those shoes Vicki!!! If you want to part with the red and white slippers on the lower left of the picture I wear a size 8 and would love them…haha Kidding aside, I love shoes!! There are 3 pair in my closet waiting to be worn but have worked hard at paring down my shoes to mostly comfort shoes. Having said that I do have a pair of burgundy mini heels hidden in the back of my closet that have been my favorites for many years that I can not part with.

Kate Granado

When we were downsizing and preparing to move to Ecuador, the most difficult edits were my shoes and handbags and a scuffed-up pair of velvet RL slippers. The slippers made the cut, but only one pair of vintage Maud Frizon made the move. Between my daughters and nieces, the edited beauties have found happy feet to dazzle…
Great post; thanks so much.


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