4 Dec 2019

Snap: How To Take The Perfect Selfie


Selfie – a photograph taken By oneself and uploaded to social media- isn’t just that, is it?

From Ellen DeGeneres and her celeb friends at the Oscars to Obama in the White House and us on Instagram, the selfie culture has become a social phenomenon that doesn’t seem to be dying out anytime soon.

But why? Are we all just self(ie) obsessed?

While some argue that this is a modern trend developed by self-obsessed millennials, I have a different take on it.

A selfie can be a fabulous way for people to feel good about themselves.

Put your best outfit on and wear heels, take a few selfies and remind yourself how wonderful you are and how good you look in that dress you never wear anymore.

A selfie can be a souvenir.

While professional photography is an art I admire, we don’t always have a professional camera with us and we don’t all know how to use one anyway. Snapping some pictures with your phone is the easiest way to capture yourself and your loved ones during the best moments. Your phone becomes your very own digital photo album, full of memories to never forget.

A selfie can be just fun.

I mean, why not snap a shot when you’re feeling yourself? Sometimes we take life a little too seriously. That’s why goofy selfies are my favourite.

I hadn’t realised until VA mentioned how naturally taking a selfie comes to me. I don’t take them that often yet I know almost by default how to take the perfect one.

Taking the perfect selfie is a matter of following some very easy steps:

Lighting, Lighting, and More Lighting

Lighting is what will make or break your selfie game and natural lighting is hands down the best. Just find the right spot in your house and position yourself in front of it. Remember that the light should always be on your face and never behind you.

If your house isn’t light enough try a selfie light.

If you want to go the extra mile and get an award-winning selfie, photograph in the golden hour. Golden hour is the period just after sunrise or just before sunset when the sunlight is splendid.


This is a little trickier but practice makes perfect.

Everyone has an angle. All you need to do is find it. If it’s hard taking selfies while holding the phone, use a selfie stick, a tripod or a phone stand.

**The best trick I know is to use your headphones, almost like a remote control to snap the picture. Place the phone in a position to capture your image, plug the headphones in and press the + volume button. This gives extra distance and control over your photo.


Don’t over-edit.

Nobody likes a selfie that is overly enhanced but a little editing is key in selfie-ing. Brightness, contrast, vibrancy and saturation in small doses are our friends.

Be subtle, emphasise what is already good in the picture. Photo-editing apps – VSCO Cam, Afterlight and Lightroom are my favourites.

Follow these three steps for the perfect selfie.

And practice, practice and practice some more.

Take A Selfie Wearing This

chi chi london lace midi dress  ||  ***stradivarius tulle skirt (this one is not to be missed)  ||  pink smoke lace skirt  ||  red grape lace tier

valentino lace and crepe midi  ||  stan smith sneakers  ||  eileen fisher cardigan

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text, elisa balau


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Good morning dear Vicki!

I am not one to use my phone for my photos….so when I met the Bella Grace self-portrait challenge for Instagram, I knew I had to find the right “angle” to present myself! Using my professional grade Canon, I just set up my camera and set myself in the best lighting spot possible. It may not be the best lighting I could get but it did give me a bit of confidence about the “selfie.” I may not be sharing more selfies in the future, for these days I prefer to be behind the scenes but it’s thrilling to feel GOOD about oneself from time to time!


You looked amazing and I want a portrait just like yours! It’s fabulous…
My NY motto is to be less cautious and come in front of the camera… I will see how I go!


Selfies are a great way to practice for holiday photos. Figure out the best angles, lighting, outfits, etc. beforehand so you can have confidence for future pictures. And bonus, they can be deleted!


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