24 Apr 2021

Sneaking In: The Sneaker Wardrobe

The Sneaker Wardrobe on vickiarcher.com

Who would have thought?

It is true in my case as I watch my sneakers/trainers becoming more and more my shoe of choice. They simply are working. I was never the woman who raced around in comfortable clothes, trainers on feet, and money belt at the ready – she was alien to me;) Fast forward through one pandemic, many months of at-home time and without dispute, the sneakers and I are best friends. There is a pair for all occasions.

Some days it is about impact exercise and others might be about the long slow hike; this is when the feet are dressed for practicality. There are days when the sneakers must co-ordinate with colourways or mood and there are moments when only an all-black or white pair will work. Once upon a time, I had one pair for the gym; much like the sweats and that was it. I either wore ballet flats, kitten heels or a loafer style. I still do but less so.

It seems primarily Nike are my sneaker of choice – especially these Waffles I was given for my birthday. So many compliments on these and despite the warm and fuzzy feelings from the kind words, they are probably my most super comfortable of pairs.

If you don’t feel like sorting through the millions of brands and styles, my current wardrobe is this way. xv

What’s In The Sneaker Wardrobe

**waffle x mine  ||  classic B & W  ||  all black  ||  waffle x green  ||  white with a flash   ||  **stan smith x gold  ||  all bright   ||  citron plus


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Jacki F.

I too have learned to embrace the sneakers, in part do to your influence! They are now made so light and supportive that they are both fashionable and super comfortable, if anyone has “feet issues”. In fact on a recent trip with a good friend who did have a specific issue, I lent her my sneakers to replace the Pliner loafers she had brought and it literally saved our trip from being “driving everywhere” because she wouldn’t have been able to walk very far. (My preferred sneaker brand is New Balance though :)


I love retro sneakers! Have you seen the Stan Smith and Kermit The Frog sneakers? ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Oh dear- I’m feeling frumpy! Those bright colours are just a step too far for me! I have embraced the sneaker and comfort is paramount but those very jazzy bright ones are not for me! Have you all heard of All Birds? Look them up-fabulous , eco friendly and throw them in the washing machine! I promise you won’t look back!


Yes to sneakers although I’m in conflict at times over whether to wear socks! Would love to hear your thoughts Vicki?


Good morning Vicki!

There have certainly been a LOT of wardrobe adjustments since this pandemic and now that our warm weather is coming back, first thing I have to do is clean out my front closet, throw out the old snow boots and get a new pair of Wellingtons for the garden and some sneakers for every day wear. Thank you for always providing some great links to get the shopping done!


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