25 Feb 2020

Soak Up And Slow Down


How to have the best soak every week.

In the world of quick showers and busy schedules, the benefits of bathing can be overlooked.

For some, they’re time-consuming, laborious and hard to fit into the day but what if this is exactly what sets them apart from the average shower?

Diane von Furstenberg penned the wonderful book, ‘The Bath’ sharing her fascination and adoration of the ritual of bathing. Furstenberg noted, “Showers are popular for their speed and efficiency, but baths remain the rite passed down from our ancestors, who understood the need for hygiene and pleasure”.

This isn’t to say baths are better than showers, just different.

The bath can feel almost like a sanctuary, a place to unwind, to think or to not think. It is a place to read, to watch a film or do absolutely nothing. A bath can comfort after a grueling day, nurture the body or simply help us pause in what is often a rushed schedule of life. Bathing can help us let go, cry out our tears or luxuriate in our joys.

What’s To Love About Bath Time?

Baths help us sleep. Having one just before bed can help us to drift off to the land of Z’s and the comfort of the warm water will relax us.

Bath salts can work miracles for tired muscles or aching joints. Sprinkle a handful as the water is running, then sit and soak. Salts are effective for detoxing the skin as most contain magnesium to relax and cleanse.

Try this one for the post-workout warm down or this one for relaxing indulgence. Any salts with lavender, like this one, will be perfect for the pre-bedtime slowdown.

Oils are popular too with good reason.

The Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Oil is one of our all-time go-to’s. Not only does it leave the skin feeling moisturized for hours after we’ve left the tub, but also has us smelling glorious.

In order to have the very best bath, mix both salts and oil.

Create ambience by burning a candle, or three, this Cire Trudon beauty is a number one.

Whilst in the bath, use the downtime as a chance to apply a face mask. The steam from the hot water will open up the pores – which is the ideal time to let product work its magic.

Make time for a bath this week; it’s a chance for the me, myself and I moment.

Soak Up And Slow Down

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Vicki, I’m so with you on this one. I love a bath and always have! It is a little sanctuary of peace and quite and wonderful fragrances. It’s warming and relaxing and above all comforting in times of need or stress to bring me to a relaxed state of mind. I adore a UK shop called Neal’s Yard and their Aromatic Foaming Bath sets the scene once it’s poured into a bath. It’s just exquisite!! I feel it’s time to run a bath now!!


Vicki, I just love my bath time and just reading this, I feel relaxed and looking forward to my next soak. It’s enjoying the simple things in life that make such a difference for our wellbeing, if we make the time for it.


Absolutely love the treat of a luxury bathing experience, especially in the cold of winter as many of you are right now.
My recipe for the candle and bath products – two words…Jo Malone!
Slide in, soak, face mask- (anything by Sisley) an eye treatment and after a lavish layer of body cream. Slip into fresh nightwear, slide into crisp fresh sheets, snuggle under a puffy feather duvet, heaven!!! I love that when I make the bed next morning the gorgeous layers of the Jo Malone waft around the bedroom.


for enviromental reasons (too much water consumption) I don’t use a tub but I find a
shower more hygenic and also relaxing

Michelle à Détroit

I agree wholeheartedly. The whole giant spa shower thing is fine, but it’s still just a shower. Now, a big bathtub? That is a treasure. I took the time to soak the other night. I had Sinatra singing Antonio Carlos Jobim on my iPad, (swoon!) a spa candle burning and a cool drink. Heaven!


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