12 Nov 2020

Something Else Came To Mind: Corduroy

Something Else Came To Mind: Corduroy on vickiarcher.com

Love it or hate it?

Does corduroy bring back memories of pipe smoking old Englishman in threadbare suits? It does remind me of country England and all that is old fashioned but it also rings a bell for my younger years. I did like a “cord” – that’s what we called the velvet-like fabric, which was made up into everything. I remember a lilac suit (heaven help me) many various shades of jeans in pin style corduroy and even skirts. Corduroy was a thing.

I’ve noticed corduroy is back on the casual bandwagon.

As we stretch out our repertoire of home pieces, something I may have considered as fringe suddenly holds more appeal. Without the “dress up” I find there are real gaps in my wardrobe and the longer we stay at home the more I understand how my style is changing. Hopefully not forever but this year has highlighted a lack of take-it-easy wear and an overabundance of tailored pieces.

By contrast, the trainers have been well represented and earned their keep.

So let’s add some corduroy trousers? Why not?

The wide-legged pairs are fabulous but they don’t love me; maybe if they were slightly shorter and I wore a cropped or tucked in shirt with them? Otherwise, I’ll stick with a skinny leg or boot cut style.

How to wear them?

With everything we already know and like is the answer.

Think oversized sweater or turtleneck, a feminine blouse or a cashmere V. Mix and match with the sweatshirts and trainers or doll them up with a loafer. I can’t totally give away my “black” so what about wearing a lighter colour in the pants and a darker shade for the top? I’m thinking shades like “sandstone” and “petal”. If you are tall and slim enough to wear all shades of cream from top to toe, there is nothing prettier than an antique white cable knit with a sandstone pair of corduroys. Or maybe you prefer the “gingerbread” shades?

When the flannels have flown, let’s try these. xv

Something Else Came To Mind

the cheeky straight  ||  the wide leg  ||  the baby bootcut  ||  the slim emmet  ||  the margate

wear with

cable stitch sweater  ||  cable knit sweater  ||  cable knit cashmere  ||  the starling loafer  || the trainers

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Oh, I remember sporting a pair of corduroy pants; I hesitated in wearing them even with my slight build. I always admired them on others who had a more angular physique but I gave them a try. They looked best on me when I evened out my proportions by wearing a jacket with shoulder pads (yes, we are talking about the 80s here!)

I think I would try a corduroy blazer these days (sans shoulder pads) because it’s inevitable: things make a comeback whether we’re ready for them or not!


A corduroy blazer with a full skirt could look very cute, Anita… oh to wear a blazer… somewhere… anywhere… 😉

Linda B

I bought some “gingerbread” corduroys from Everlane last year, and so love them! It only has just cooled off this week in Arizona (thank you, global warming, ugh); so now I am reveling in getting out my autumn/winter clothes. I was still wearing tees and shorts through last Sunday! I have loved wearing sweater and denim the past few days, but have not worn my lovely cords yet. Reading this makes me think today’s the day! (Especially as we will warm back up in the next few days, though not to full on summer weather , thankfully.)


Wear them with a tee while you can, Linda… enjoy it’s getting cold and dark here.. perfect cosy-ing up weather…


Oh my goodness I remember a pair of flared corduroy trousers I wore all the time during 1970s!! Loved them too. I seem to remember wearing a blouse with them rather than a jumper and with a flare hem they were the ‘bees knees’!!
I have noticed many corduroy trousers now and have considered them. I think you’re right Vicki they might be a nice ‘homewear’ alternative. I wonder if I should try a bootcut just to remind me of the 1970s!!!


I like the bootcut Janet… I also love the cropped slightly wider ones… it’s a great alternative for jeans or sweats! :)


Oh gosh, how I want that pair of caramel color WIDE rib corduroy trousers in the first photo!!!! I haven’t seen any like that for years – had a pair in the early 70’s. Do you know if these are current Vicki – and who makes them please?
I have a feeling menswear may still do this type of corduroy – I will check. I’m 5’8″ and top heavy so can wear a classic trouser style comfortably!


The “Margate” was the closest pair of a similar feel I could find.. but yes… menswear for sure would have this style.


I had to laugh trying to picture our glamorous VA in her purple cord trouser suit- then I remembered I had a purple trouser suit myself in the 70’s and absolutely thought I was the “bees knees!” Slightly more glam, looking back, was my chocolate brown cord maxi coat, worn over the mini skirt, striped skinny ribbed turtle neck jumper and the suede lace up knee high boots. Worn with floppy felt hat and suede fringed shoulder bag!! I was inspired by all those gorgeous 70’s rock chicks!


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