14 Dec 2013

Sparkle And Shine… London Twinkles



Albert Bridge, which spans London’s Thames between old Chelsea and Battersea, is about as twinkly as a bridge can be. It reminds me of the Brooklyn Bridge in New York… just as pretty but probably not as well known, or photographed.  With clear skies and a festive feeling, I raced down to the bridge one evening last week to catch the ‘magic hour’. I don’t know that my photographs capture the essence of this structure, the beauty of the evening or the comings and goings on this historic river… but what I did feel was that taking a few minutes out … for myself… to simply admire and to breathe… is brilliant therapy.




This time of year can become demanding… anxiety ridden… and quite daunting… We become frenetic in our quest to  ‘get it’ all done for the holidays’… Our lists grow and grow… this must be done, that must be done… Work deadlines swell as the year comes to a close and the pressure mounts as we ponder gift giving and entertaining. Not to mention the decorating… deciding on a scheme and the implementation…  If you are a creative homemaker this not only gives the most joy but also requires a huge effort and commitment. And then there are friends and family… making time and spending time…

It’s a long and tiring journey to enjoy those tantalising bubbles we are so looking forward to… 




What we do tend to forget in our holiday countdown is ourselves… taking a few moments out each day to pamper our spirits. As I wrote the other day… a little ‘me‘ time goes a long way to making us feel happier, become more productive.  In doing that those we love around us, our friends and families, become the beneficiaries.

This season I am trying to make sure that I am engaged with what is happening around me… to experience the spirit of Christmas and to take a few minutes for myself here and there. Hopefully, by stepping back from time to time, everything will be less frenzied and less frazzled.




If I could give each of you a gift these holidays it would be a ‘stolen’ moment… for you to enjoy in anyway that brightens your day. As women we often feel guilty about indulging ourselves, as if we are not deserving or, as if it is a an act of selfishness…

We all know that this is far from the case… simply because most women are blessed with a generosity of spirit and a massive propensity for giving… It’s who we are… and how we work… A little time out from time to time will only enhance our capabilities.

Have a fabulous weekend… xv

 Sparkle And Shine

the albert bridge is not the only place to sparkle…  twinkle up your holidays with fairy lights galore…

make your christmas tree memorable… add another pretty bauble to your decorations

and for yourself… don’t forget a dash of red to be extra gorgeous and glamorous





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miss b

I was so impressed with the tasteful decorations and creative window displays I saw in London last week. I’m just sorry I missed this twinkling bridge which looks so magical. This is indeed a demanding time as everyone tries to create their ‘perfect’ Christmas but taking time out to relax and reflect is good advice indeed. My short break in London was the ideal way to begin the festive period too.

Anita Rivera

Dear, dear Vicki,

Thank you for the light of London. Many of us women LOVE sparkle of any kind. I am enjoying it in my home at night, as my candles flicker, my lights twinkle. I am enjoying the light by day from the reflection of the snow, and I am at this moment wearing a cobalt blue velvet scarf, pocked with sequins. Sparkle my friend, is what I think we were made to do….to sparkle the eternal light of love. Anita

une femme

Wise words, Vicki! Those moments where we just stop to enjoy and appreciate are some of life’s best. The bridge is enchanting, and your photos lovely! I think you’ve captured the “magic hour” quite well.



Your photos are glorious. Thank you for sharing and for always
giving me something to ponder. Love all your tips and recommendations.
The NARS illuminator is amazing! My daughter
loves it too! Thank you for sharing your amazing
talents with us! Happy weekend!


Thank you Vicki. Your post made me pause. I get so frenetic with the decorating, wrapping, shopping and baking that I am exhausted and can hardly enjoy the holiday. Why do we listen to others, the words that every year float around in own heads? How can we take care of others if we don’t take care of ourselves? Note to self: slow down, it’s okay if everything isn’t perfect. No I just have to put flight to my words. Thank you!

La Contessa

Did you notice in the last photo an airplane over the bridge!!
You are right on all accounts!I have indulged myself!This is the first year I am looking around and trying to enjoy the frenzy!The tree is up the gifts are purchased almost……….and I started the CLEAN last night!When do you head down to France??Soon I would imagine…..and when will you show us your “PAD” in LONDON??Maybe just a teaser……the FRONT DOOR!
MERRY CHRISTMAS VICKI………you give us all GIFTS each day with your photos and words.YOUR THE BEST!I hope SANTA is good to YOU.

Leslie in Portland, Oregon

Thank you for these lovely photographs of the Albert Bridge and for your sage reminder!


Hi Vicki… thanks for reminding us we all need a little time to unwind, relax and pamper ourselves. Happy Holidays! -Erica


Its a gorgeous bridge, wish I was there…would love to spend the holidays in Britain again…alas, I am in New Jersey and the snow is falling!! xo

Juanita in OH

Your photographs are festive and fabulous, I think you did a magnificent job with them, Vicki. My time spent going from link to link on your blog is a fabulous laid back time for me…except when I start getting excited about the clothes, makeup and photos, lol. Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for all the blessings you give each day to all of us.


Do you know the Pogues song, “Misty Morning, Albert Bridge”?
Seeing your beautiful photographs reminded me of it, a favorite from years gone by.
A hauntingly lovely song for a most lovely bridge.


Beautiful photographs of London bridges, and at the bewitching hour of dusk. I complete agree with me time – I have to have a “Magic Moment” each day. It’s just a short time where I’m doing something I want to do and for no other reason that it gives me pleasure. Enjoy!


Beautiful photographs, you have shown London a capital to be proud of through your photography & inspired me to visit next Christmas! Xx


I completely agree Vicki, I’ve always loved Albert Bridge & your photos of it are wonderful.

I’ve really enjoyed all the London at Christmas photos you’ve been sharing Xx


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