27 Feb 2019

Spend V Save: Don’t “The Row” Your Boat

I’m guilty, I do like beautiful things.

Especially when we are talking about shoes. I mean, I simply can’t help it.

Every now and then an alternative comes along to rival the designer styles and I breathe a sigh of relief.

My “rule”  here, it has been since forever, is to only suggest or recommend what I have, what I want or what I know to be wildly wonderful. It’s a simple way to proceed and I have always thought to tell it from the heart. If I believe something is worth the investment I will happily share the knowledge; equally, if I believe a save is a mere click away I’m the first to say.

I believe in trading knowledge and experience and I never liked the girl who wouldn’t tell me the name of her hairdresser or where she bought her dress. Do you know the one I mean? I am sure you do, those secretive types who were coy and couldn’t quite remember 🤔 Unlikely.

I’ve found some beauties.

They are pretty much similar to the style above – which to be transparent – I love and adore. Except, they aren’t the same price. No not a perfect match and I can’t expect them to be at a fraction of the price but they are fabulous and will do the job just as well.

In this instance, I am saving rather than spending.

Then there is a pair of pearl embellished velvet mules, not a direct copy of any pair I can think of, but ones I would wear day and night. These two styles are my go-to shoe any season.

No harm in showing. xv

Spend V Save: Don’t “The Row” Your Boat

tony bianco mule  ||  yosi samra mule

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image, tiny closet

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Yes, I do know her – she’s the same one that will not share her recipe! Great price for fabulous shoes…


There are those that won’t share because they don’t want to be copied and others that are more than happy to and are flattered. I’m in the latter category but there are times when I truly don’t remember. I shop when visiting my girl’s in their respective cities. We are in and out of stores and malls. By the time I get home, with my suitcase full, I have often forgotten where a piece was purchased. All that to say there some circumstances were the person is not just deflecting.
Those shoes are darling. I can see how they would be versatile.


I know what you mean about shopping with the girls… I remember the squashed stool in the tiny dressing room very well ;)


Stunning shoes. The dups are so lovely and I prefer paying a little less for delicate footwear: I’ve ruined too many spendy shoes!


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