21 Jul 2018

Spotted: Don’t Miss Out, Don’t Wear Them Together

Spotted: Don't Miss Out, Don't Wear Them Together on vickiarcher.com

They were spotted.
We often rave about leopard print.

There isn’t much more I can say about leopard print that we haven’t touched on before. The reason “spotted” has come up today is because I have found two fabulous pieces to add to your collection in the Anniversary sale.

The mules are the dream and so is the faux spotted coat

I know it is “more” coats and shoe talk; if you like faux fur and you also like leopard print then this is your winner. Unlike the boiled wool coats, which require something to be worn underneath, this faux fur is soft to the touch.

The shoes are a very wearable mule and look pretty fabulous with just about everything. These two are excellent buys and a brilliant addition to your weekend wardrobe. xv

Two For The Weekend Wardrobe

kensie faux fur leopard print coat ||  coal haan loafer mule

image christian dior 1969, d &g 2016

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Oh wow! I just ordered that exact coat from the Nordstrom anniversary sale and it arrived yesterday. Love it and can’t wait to wear it this fall. So cool to see it featured in your post and to know you like it…makes me appreciate it even more.

Jay Schultz

I paid the full rate for the shoes last year. They’re wonderful – a great buy.


I bought a gorgeous Cavalli leopard print cashmere/silk scarf 2 winters ago and can’t bring myself to wear it. Looked at the Kensie coat and thought how warm and snuggly it looks and could be tempted if not for the fact that I already have an unworn animal print in my wardrobe. Not sure why I have this aversion. Anyone else have this dilemma? Even tried convincing myself that it was okay because it’s faux fur, but to no avail.


I’m not sure what to suggest Sue… try wearing your scarf at home for a bit and work up to it??
I am a fan of animal print and especially faux fur.. it’s a fun addition to the wardrobe.. :)


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