15 Mar 2012

spring has sprung in the wardrobe…

image  – the sartorialist

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I was feeling the need for a little réparation to the skin, hair and body after the rigours of winter… The same goes for my wardrobe. It needs a little spring clean, a make over, a smarten up… So here is what I am thinking…

A vintage style bag for evening… something boxy or tres Mad Men… to swing over my arm… I think this will make the walk perkier…

Totes… but maybe in cobalt blue or sunshine yellow… I need to retire the black bag for a season…
** A disclaimer here… I could never ever retire from the black ‘wardrobe’… Black gets me where I am going and never lets me down. Black knows how to dress me when I don’t know myself… Black is a lifesaver… Black hides my indiscretions…

Metallics… a flash of gold, a sliver of silver a touch of bronze… I feel like shining…
Raffia wedges… Wedges do the job with jeans, with dresses and skirts… and dare I say… the right pair are supremely comfortable…

Chunky heels… I’m tired of skinning my stilettos…

Show the waist… I am thinking…  You’re thinking… What waist? The peplum and the fuller skirt can do wonders to reduce the waistline…

Brave the prints and mix them up… the runways were full of ‘mixed messages’… I need to update the plains…

Pendants… the runways seem to be loving the dingle dangles… the bigger the better… Maybe the pearls need to take a break too…

Something khaki, safari like… a dress or a jacket… casual but with a touch of military… always works and a favourite of fashionistas in Paris….

White and cream… I need to be brave and face the monochrome…

A sporty dress or skirt… might ‘spring’ me into action…

Leather… What do you think about leather? I think my ship has sailed when it comes to leather trousers but I might be able to find a tee shirt to texture up my look…

** I believe fashion is all about picking and choosing… identifying the season’s trend and adapting that mood to your look. It’s not about an exact copy or changing who you are… Fashion is for enhancing who we are, having fun and celebrating our creative spirit.

Loving Sequins… as I like the leather… a spangly tee shirt to wear with a classic jacket…

Pastels and Florals… I’m game if you are… I don’t want to look like Monet’s garden but a little flora on a vintage style frock could work…

** Vintage style dresses are a summer staple for me… I love the femininity of them and the comfort. Paired with a lightweight leather jacket… it not only covers the arms but wards off the chill in between seasons…

Top coats… Loving the swing coat with a sheath style dress underneath… a going-out-to-dinner dressed up look… I am all for dressing up and I am definitely up for a dinner…

Will the French fashionistas leap into spring? I think so… but I would bet that it will be a discreet nod to this season’s collections not an all out scramble to replicate the look… Except that… French girls have been wearing the wedges, carrying the totes, sporting the pendants, loving leather and swinging their coats for many seasons… Perhaps flower power will make all the difference and sprout up via their scarves… xv


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Julie Mautner

This outfit with pink floaty skirt is one of the prettiest things I've seen in ages. Not sure about the shoes, though, but the rest, j'adore!

Ingrid Mida

Dear Vicki,
I too feel the call of spring in my wardrobe. I'm looking for colour and prints to liven up my base of black and beige.


Oh! absolutely gorgeous! A real woman, no model! Style, beauty, elegance. I just love it. Thanks Vicki, got to run, but what an image I'll keep with me. and hopefully, copy! xxoo


Oh, Vicki! I needed this I am fashion challenged and as a result wear the same traditional and tailored looks year in and year out. Your suggestions are subtle and simple, not over the top…I liked your suggestions about retaining your look but just updating it a bit. Thanks.


Such a perfect image for springtime dressing, Vicki. And, I completely subscribe to your thoughts on wardrobe. Safari represents a big trend this season, but so much more toned down than in years past. Sending love…..

Gigi Thibodeau

This was the perfect post for me to read right at this moment, Vicki. I spent a lot of time thinking about fashion while we were in London this past week–reading about it, looking at in stores, people watching, checking out photos from the runways. I live in an unfashionable place (some people dress well here, but in a relatively classic, unchanging way), so while I adore design, I don't typically think about fashion trends or seasons nearly as much as I should. I've become a black or grey jersey-and-jeans kind of girl. This wasn't always the case. I used to be obsessed with fashion, especially beautiful vintage design, and while in London this trip, I began to miss the old me a little bit. I'm thinking I need to embrace my inner fashionista again, and spring seems the perfect time to do it.

I'm especially loving military mixed with feminine touches, sequins, and filmy skirts/scarves. And, like you, pendants–lots of them. I spent quite a bit of time in Bolongaro Trevor in London, and I love their aesthetic. I also love that all of their items, while ready to wear, are part of a lovingly-crafted limited edition line based on a mix of vintage styles. Sort of apothecary meets military meets Eliza Doolittle meets David Bowie meets steam punk. They have inspired me to take out my sewing machine and remake several of Todd's jackets–he is MUCH more of a clotheshorse than I am–using some of my vintage dressmaker's notions. Maybe some will be for him and some for me! :)

I will admit that I'm afraid of pastels. I just can't do them. I think they look beautiful on other women, but not on me. Maybe I need to face my fears.

Thanks for this post, Vicki! You're inspiring me to be a bit braver. xo Gigi

Lost in Provence

Oh lordy, that makes two of us that need a little oomph de printemps! Save that I will be shopping in my closet this year (it was either a trip to the States or one to Bon Marché, I picked wisely). Why oh why do I no longer fit into my vintage Helmut Lang–ALL of which would be perfect for this spring?

Saw a cute pair of pale rose-gold, slightly metallic ballet flats on the corner of rue des Arenes and rue de Hotel de Ville here in Arles that could be cute for you. 80 Euros…not bad…

And I am usually not ageist about dressing but leather pants? Whew, you better be a former muse of YSL if you want to get away with wearing them after 35…


Love this photograph and would just love to be wearing that outfit in warmer climates!!! I shall be adding more yellow this spring -a fave of my from last year and a trend thats still around this year. Love the warmth and splash it adds to an outfit.

à la parisienne


I was just putting in my request to my mother (a very talented seamstress) the other day that I would like a couple of simple vintage-inspired dresses for this summer- some charming cotton frocks for wearing around the house or for wearing to the grocery store (somewhat like Mad Men). When I think of all of the dress styles I wish I had, I feel motivated to learn how to sew these myself (I hate to keep my mom busy with things for me when I could learn to do some myself!)

When you mentioned Cobalt blue and yellow, I couldn't help but smile to myself as we have the same color palette for summer in mind. Stay tuned and you will know why:)

And I totally agree, a little foulard aux fleurs is the perfect accessory de printemps…Et le printemps est finalement arrivé ici!!!



Your thinking sounds spot on! I have found a new bag always makes my steps perkier, I can't live wothout my wedges, and a good long pendant somehow feels so satifying. I'm just bringing out all my jumpers, scarves and boots for autumn… not liking the look of most of it!!
Clare x

The enchanted home

What a beautiful image….love your ideas, very much in sync with how I like to dress (though my yoga pants have become my uniform…sad but true) Soon time to change that, love all the tips and ideas!


this has been my favourite shot on the Sat for a long time, i even sent it to a friend saying this to me is elegant, feminine and timeless glad to see that others feel the same.


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