26 Feb 2015

Stan Smith And All Those Sneakers


Stan Smith sneakers were out in force during fashion week.

Finally, a nod to comfort.

Sneakers were high on the list of “must haves” last year and it would seem that we will be following the same lead this year.


Whether it’s Stan Smith, Nike or New Balance or whether we go colourful or stay with the neutrals, sneakers are definitely coming out.

I love the look of the all black with the fluro foot and I see it more and more when I am out and about in London. The same can be said of the white Stan Smith worn with all black. Once upon a time I probably would have said it was a no, no; Now I am all for it.

Sometimes we need to pair fun and fashion, don’t you think?

Today I am wearing all black ( nothing new there) and venturing out in my orange Nikes. Black coat, accessorised with a faux fur collar, the leather panelled Pixies, black turtleneck and Nikes.

Easy dressing.

I won’t feel out of place, I will blend right in. In Paris, I would wear the Stan Smith sneakers and save my fluro for the gym.

Therein lies the difference between Paris and London. A subdued palette versus the brights.


The best part of this sneaker revolution is that it encourages movement. There are no excuses for the car, the bus or the tube; it’s walking all the way and especially in the city.

I am trying to walk for at least one hour every day. If I need a new pair of sneakers to help me out the door, then I will just have to indulge, “in the name of physical fitness”.

And I am enjoying the way sneakers are worn with dressed up clothes. Going out wearing exercise gear from head to toe is a whole other story.

Like every fashion trend we talk about, it’s how we put it together that makes or breaks.


Will they be wearing sneakers during Paris fashion week? I am thinking yes.

And boots, flat booties and also flat pumps.  Flat has really taken over.

There will be no arguments from me.


How fancy will I go in a sneaker?

I’m not sure I would invest in a designer pair, I’d rather have a black and a white pair of Stan Smith’s and a New Balance or a Nike pair.

Get the look, without paying a premium.

There are times when it is worthwhile to spend heavily on a piece that will not only enhance the wardrobe but also remain timeless.

This season we don’t need designer sneakers to work it well.


Although, they are pretty cute though.



What are you thinking? Will you go bright or will you stay neutral? Maybe both? xv

Super Sneakers

new balance 420  //  **new balance 574

**nike air pegasus  // nike free  //  nike internationalist  //  nike air zoom

stan smith white  // **stan smith navy  // **stan smith leopard

images highsnobiety

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Sam @ My Carolina Kitchen

As much as I would like to embrace the sneakers look, I just can’t. At least not yet. I go to the gym faithfully three days a week and have finally progressed to colorful sneakers there, but I can’t see myself wearing them elsewhere. I keep hoping, if I see the look enough, I will get used to it and come around. Please keep encouraging me Vicki. I need all of the help I can get.


I am a Stan Smith fan. The original white and green was a huge trend when I was in school back in the…. hmmm back then….
I got the black with red and love love the black with leopard you spotted at net-a-porter and blue with sneak skin from Nordstrom…


I love my blue sneakers, especially with denim. Unfortunately my son said I looked like Sonic the Hedgehog. But what does he know? I still love them

Mimi Gregor

The only sneakers that I really like are my all-black high-top Converse All-Stars. I consider them my “summer boot”. They were with me during my goth phase, and they are still with me. I probably should consider replacing them soon….


I will be keeping my Chuck Taylors. White sneakers bring back bad 1980’s flashbacks for me. I don’t own a velour workout suit either! My Chucks come in a fun assortment of colors and go so well with my skinny jeans and sweaters and my leggings and short skirts. I will have to see more sneakers in mainline fashion and how to pair them before I would consider buying a pair. I must say though, it is fun to see what’s on the runway!

Miss Diane

America women have been wearing sneakers to go to work where they change them for “talons aiguilles”. Comfortable to walk or to take the subway. I love the new colors!


Vicki, with jeans and of course yoga pants I love the black and white sneakers. I need some although I just got some for my granddaughter Isabella from Vans, so cute!
The Arts by Karena


Wow! You’re turning into Americans!! Other countries got on board the sneaker train the first time they saw them but France was defiant to the end. Glad to see you’re being kinder to your feet, they’ll thank you. The Black and Whites remind me of the Adidas that the rap group RUN DMC wore in the 1980’s. Proof that there is nothing new under the sun.


Hey Vicki, those mathematics are getting harder… ;)
The way you wear them is new… I didn’t wear Stan Smith back then with a cropped grey men inspired pants and a leather biker jacket…

Lisa Sweeney

One of my best friends wore these when we played basketball. I loved them then, and I love them now! I ordered me a pair! Thanks always for your fashion tips!


Sneakers (Trainers over here) = the gym or other forms of exercise. Boots or ballet flats for me. Sorry.


White sneakers look great with white pants but not so much with black or brightly coloured pants. So great to see varieties other than Converse on the French – it was getting boring. Glad Karl has come on board. I enjoy my Geox sneakers – they have wonderful styles and colours in Milan. And the little holes in the soles stop feet from getting hot and avoid “sneaker odour”. Also, heaven on the feet! Perfect for rambling the streets of Paris and cobble stone lanes in villages. Best wishes, Pamela


I have been wearing my new Stan Smith ( black with leopard trim) all day, everyday… they are the best! So comfortable … and they actually look cute with tailored outfits as well.. :)


They sound fabulous. My kind of sneakers! Will be in London in early July – must look around for them. Does Stan Smith have their own stores or are they in department stores? Pamela


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