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If you are interested in fashion, lifestyle and beauty, if you have a love for all things French, then you are at home.

There is so much to say but simply put,

Women as they age are wiser, even more beautiful and more self-confident. We can all lead lives that are infinitely enriched; all we need is a little inspiration and the know-how.

 That’s our aim here.


As women we want to keep up with not only the current trends in fashion but also what suits us. Knowing how to wear a style is as equally important as knowing what to wear. Taking inspiration, following the lead and learning from stylish women is the way forward.

– French Woman, An Ageless Look –

French women, whatever their age, apply a few rules to their fashion routine that ensures an ageless look. Rules of their own making… not compulsory, but from my observations there are certain key elements of their appearance that remain constant…

– The Art of Elegance –

Christóbal Balenciaga, the founder of Balenciaga, certainly understood the concept of elegance when it came to fashion…



Lifestyle encompasses so many different subjects, fitness, diet, travel and food to name only a few. As we strive to become wiser, healthier, happier and more content in our lives the conversations become broader and even more relevant.

– Bien Dans Sa Peau –

Being ‘well in her skin’. How can you be well in your skin you might ask? This popular French expression relates to women, not to health and describes a general state of being rather than any one specific female feature.

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– Just Do It –

Making the commitment to live a healthier life… up the exercise and cut the snacks… is easier said than done…

– What Makes A Great Relationship –

Spending time with one person over a long period of time, despite the joy, is marked with challenges. It would be naive of us to think otherwise… and to embark on a serious commitment without this understanding would be foolish…



Who doesn’t want to make the most of their appearance? There is always something new to learn and discover with beauty, an industry that becomes more scientific and sophisticated every day. Knowing what’s around plus the best of the “old school” wisdom is the way we look at it.

– 5 Simple Beauty Rules –

The less is more is really so much more when you take notice of Parisian women. We focus on their fashion and their wardrobes, which are elegant, stylish and classical. What about their skincare, hair and make-up routines?

– Travelling With The Top 5 Skincare Products –

The answer is to keep it simple and travel with only the essentials. Choose 5 skincare products. Cleanser, Serum, Moisturiser, Sun Screen and Eye Gel. That’s it. Simple, easy and effective…



Paris and Provence, two destinations popular the world over. Paris, a city of grand boulevards, of art, of history and of culture and Provence a region where living the good life is elevated to a higher level. A tonic, that needs to be taken on a regular basis.

– Jardin du Luxembourg, Where The Parisians Hang Out –

The Parisian custom of sitting quietly… of being content… of living in that moment. The park is their private garden, the rest of the world appears superfluous. In many public spaces, I have noticed the same contemplation. The Parisians have the ability to make the garden their own…

– Living In France And Feeling French –

Living in France, what makes you feel “French”? What changes you? Living away from your birthplace does re-align your thinking, it’s impossible not too, but I believe the revisions are positive It’s important to adapt, to be open to new ways of doing things…

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