22 Jul 2016

Stella Tennant: Another Beautiful Face

Stella Tennant, Another Beautiful Face on vickiarcher.com

Stella Tennant, what a beautiful face.
She is strikingly beautiful with strong features; her slight masculine but superbly feminine look means she has the ability to model just about anything. Stella Tennant looks very much the Brit and is oftentimes very eccentric in her work; she is one to watch and admire. Close to 50, she is still gracing the runway and working many beautiful campaigns.

A lifetime in the northern hemisphere no doubt helps the complexion; European women really do have wonderful skin tone and texture. As lucky as I am to have grown up in Australia, the sun is a tough one to manage when it comes to caring for the skin. I never bared body and face to the elements but the sun is relentless and makes it’s presence known. I can see that now.

One thing I do believe helps the texture and tone of my skin is exfoliation; the regularity and severity depends on the sensitivity and state of the skin. I have been regularly using the foaming cleanser from Filorga, my brand of choice of late, followed by a dual action exfoliator; 3 times weekly does it for me with exfoliation.

After several months of regular use I am finding the combination of the cleanser and exfoliator to make my face feel so much better to the touch. What I really, really like about these products is they transform into a mousse consistency leaving the skin feeling fresh and radiant.

Lines and “age” spots (I don’t really like that expression but can’t think of another one) are not disappearing miraculously, they are still there, but most importantly my skin feels better able to sustain hydration and is definitely smoother and brighter.

Each month I try to vary my skincare routine and try a new product to share with you; so far I am happily sticking with these. xv

Another Beautiful Face

filorga dual action exfoliating scrub // filorga foam cleanser

image, stella tennant by peter lindbergh

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Yes I think so too… although she is a little less masculine than Swinton… Both have incredible features and can be transformed so amazingly by make-up and styling..

Anita Rivera

She is marvelous. Absolutely divine.

A word about those “age spots.” I wonder if they’re what I have, melasma? I used to have porcelain white skin (unusual for an Hispanic) but since the hormones started to shift toward menopause around 50 years of age, any amount of sun I am exposed to has left my skin vulnerable to this discoloration. However, I’m looking at these as “freckles” and if I’m correct, when I look at older photos of say, Elizabeth Taylor with no make-up, not only did she maintain her striking looks, but I noticed many a “freckle” on her face! SO, I rejoice in this “fresh face” look and keep my smile, my diamond studs in check (oh yes, they help) and my hair bien coiffé and I’m good to go.


Love your approach, Anita… and you seem to me to be perfectly “good to go” always… :) :)
My “freckles” and yes a much better term.. don’t worry me hugely although I know they do fade in winter and they need a good sunblock to keep in check… freckles or not ;)


They say “age spots” are caused by sun and lack of antioxidants. I feel like whatever causes them, they are going to happen. My great-grandmother was a blue eyed blonde from England, she avoided the sun because she didn’t like being in the sun/heat etc.
She got them on her arms and backs of her hands the way we all do. They are called “liver” spots also and that might have something to do with it, at a certain age our bodies provide or stop providing something that our skin needs ?
Whatever, tanning doesn’t seem to cause them or not .. I am a blonde with freckles, I have a larger freckle on the back of one hand now .. I guess my Spots are coming out now :)

Anita Rivera

YES! Sunblock is always a must! And I do wear a hat as well and while driving, I have to shield that side of my face that gets blasted by the sun! As long as we have our lipsticks, smiles, good hairdos, brave attitudes, I think we will make a difference in leaving our footprints wherever we go. MUCH LOVE to you, Vicki!

Terry Graves

I have always admired Stella Tenant…and love her clean and lean look…as well as the gorgeous classic shirt that she is wearing. (My brother just sent me an old family photo from the early 1950’s … and my mother had a dress on with the same white collar!)

Vicki, I so look forward to reading your blog and seeing the photos that you post! Can’t thank you enough!


Thank you Terry… how lovely of you and your comment has made my day.. :)

I really enjoy searching and deciding who we present here and as much as I keep thinking, “take more photos”.. I like looking out for new and favourite photography to show..
Anyway, I guess.. a little of each is the way to go.

I think ST is one of the most gorgeous women, ageing beautifully and always a pleasure to see featured.

Mona Turner

I truly enjoy your posts on ageing gracefully. We need to see our own beauty and nurture it the best we can. Sometimes other people can see our beauty and we don’t see it ourselves.
I love what Anita Rivera says about our lipstick, smiles, good hairdos and brave attitudes.
Always inspired by your posts Vicki!


Not really keen on the androgynous look. But she’s interesting because of her heritage, Debo’s granddaughter – and so she’s both a Devonshire and a Mitford. Best wishes, Pamela


While we were living in Buenos Aires, in one of the malls was a Zara shop. And next to the doors were massive plate glass windows for mannequins to stand behind. There was a huge ( billboard sized) photo of Stella Tennant. I don’t see her look so much as “androgynous” as just unique. She always looks like that … long hair would not change her .


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