5 Aug 2019

Stronger Hair in Five


Strong hair is something I like.

I do prefer my hair longer. I find it more flattering, easier to manage and as it is nearly 100% grey, I like the mix of long and grey; a slight flaunt with tradition but very much a way of thinking today.

How do we naturally strengthen our hair and keep it shining and lustrous?

I asked Lily, a super nutritionist to give us some easy directions. I wanted to know how to look after our hair, every day, without too much extra effort and fanfare. She mentioned five ways to help hair strengthen and shine.

These gentle reminders I am determined to follow.

5 Ways For Stronger, Shinier Hair

Don’t Skimp On Healthy Fats.

Did you know that a dry scalp and dull looking hair could be due to a deficiency in healthy fats? Omega 3 fats nourish and condition hair follicles giving you strong, shiny hair.


Oily fish (2 to 3 portions a week) – wild salmon, fresh mackerel, tuna, anchovies, herring and sardines.
Ground flaxseeds, flaxseed oil, chia seeds and walnuts.

Are You Eating Enough Protein?

Hair is composed of protein, therefore a diet lacking in protein can result in weak brittle hair and hair loss. Many of us lack protein in our diets – ensure you consume a portion of protein at each meal and snack.


Lean meat, fish, eggs, yogurt, beans, lentils, chickpeas, tofu, tempeh, nuts and seeds.

Eat More Orange Vegetables.

All orange vegetables are rich in vitamin A. Vitamin A stimulates sebum production, healthy oil to keep the scalp nourished and moisturized. This oil also acts as a natural conditioner for our hair follicles, giving it a glossy shine.


Carrots, pumpkin, butternut squash and sweet potatoes.

Eat An Egg A Day To Keep The Hair Doctor Away.

Eggs are rich in Biotin and B12, two essential vitamins for hair growth. These nutrients are so essential, that a deficiency can result in hair loss. Biotin is even found in shampoo. Don’t skimp on the yolks, this is where all the nutrients are found.


Different varieties of frittatas and omelets; poach, scramble or fry.

Soften And Add Shine To Your Hair With A Coconut Oil Mask.

Natives of tropical coastal regions of the world have used coconut oil for thousands of years – and they can boast shiny thick hair. Coconut oil naturally nourishes, conditions and adds shine to hair without any harsh chemicals.

Apply a quarter of a cup of warmed coconut oil to wet or dry hair and leave in for an hour then rinse.

Thank you, Lily. xv

Stronger Hair In Five With Leonor Greyl

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Lily is a London Nutritionist who graduated from Newcastle University with a BSc (Hons) degree in Food and Human Nutrition (AfN accredited) where she was awarded the Sage Faculty for Excellence Scholarship on an annual basis. She then went on to complete a 2-year post-graduate Diploma in Nutritional Therapy and is currently working towards her MSc in Nutritional Medicine (AfN accredited) at the University of Surrey. Lily’s extensive knowledge of the science of food and health, enables her to regularly write for The Times, The Telegraph, The Daily Mail, The Independent, Women’s Health and Cosmopolitan.

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I definitely think a conditioning mask is essential in the summer month as I seem to wash my hair endlessly and feel a coconut mask nourishes it and stops it drying out and becoming brittle.


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