14 Feb 2018

Style Notes: Blazers Are Forever

Style Notes: Blazers Are Forever on vickiarcher.com

Blazers are forever.

Why do I think that?

Because when my fashion sense takes a leave of absence, leaves me in the lurch and has me scratching my head for inspiration, the blazer is my fall back.

Perhaps it is more about getting older and my windows of what to wear have narrowed lately.  I haven’t been relishing new and adventurous combinations in my wardrobe and this is not to say I want to be boring or make no effort. It’s more to do with understanding that some pieces are eternal and will do their job whenever required.

Like the blazer, there are infinite ways to wear it and a multitude of shapes and styles to suit.

Style Notes: Blazers Are Forever on vickiarcher.com

I want to re-introduce an outfit I have taken for granted; an outfit that deserves better and needs to come out more.

I’m talking, the-blazer-with-jeans look; the one I always wore and always felt “Goldilocks” right in.

I would wear skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans – a tee or a blouse – throw on a fabulous jacket and a pair of good shoes and I was ready. This outfit took me to 8/10 places I ever needed to go and other than a black tie event or a formal restaurant it worked.

More importantly, I think it did a really great job.

I have been browsing LUISAVIAROMA for inspiration. I am devoted to the online experience these days; it’s not that I don’t like to get out and about and shop in “real time” but more for the convenience and choice. This site has everything I could ever dream of – from the divinely inspired to the essentials – and delivers worldwide. I can try on what I have chosen in the comfort (and privacy of home) keep what I want and send back free of charges and tax, the rest. I can’t resist.

(Fortunately, in the online world, the basket can never overflow and we can change our minds as much as we like ;)

Style Notes: Blazers Are Forever on vickiarcher.com

1. aquazzura mules  ||  2. saint laurent grain de poudre  ||  3. golden goose  sneakers  ||  4. italia glasses  ||  5. levi’s jeans  ||  6. balmain tweed

Back to the blazer,

I have found so many to love that I am re-inspired to get the jeans back on and the blazers buttoned up. Single button, double-breasted, boyfriend style or short; I’m in.

What do I admire about this look?

I like the way we can customise a blazer and jeans to suit ourselves. We can create a signature style around these pieces and it need never feel like a uniform. I like mine worn with both heels and flats and I also like to wear tees, turtlenecks and blouses underneath depending on the occasion. A handbag can change it all up as can the addition of a scarf or jewellery. Sometimes the most obvious, is the least obvious. Know what I mean?

Women have been doing this look beautifully for years – think Emmanuelle Alt, Bianca Jagger, and Ines de la Fressange for starters.

What was I thinking? I’m racing back there, xv.

Style Notes: These Blazers Are Forever

divine inspiration – the double breasted

faith connection ||  balmain ||  max mara  ||  dolce gabbana  ||  pierre balmain  ||  balmain tweed  ||  forte couture

one button only

balmain cool wool  ||  saint laurent grain de poudre  ||  pierre balmain single breasted  ||  alexander mcqueen grain de poudre

accessorize with

levi’s red tab jeans  ||  italia independant glasses  ||  le specs  ||  aquazzura satin mules  ||  dorateymur mules  ||  adidas originals

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images, linda rodin and emmanuelle alt

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Mimi Gregor

Another great thing about the blazer: it is a classic style, so it will never go out of style. I’ve had my black blazer for well over a decade, and it still looks fresh. That’s the great thing about classic styles of good quality that fit your body well: you never have to buy another one, because the one you have is absolutely perfect.

Taste of France

Yes and no. Little details change–the sleeves today are more fitted, especially above the elbow; so is the waist. The armholes are higher. A style that’s boxier, à la Chanel, is a bit more timeless because it’s the iconic shape of the brand.
Elle in France has a feature where they take a classic item and show it through the decades with photos from their archives. It’s a good illustration of the staying power of the classics, from white T-shirts to jean jackets to pencil skirts. But it also illustrates how each era puts its particular imprint on the classic.


Long live the classics!
Sometimes we try so hard to be clever and change everything, when the best is sitting right in front of us :)

Mimi Gregor

Undoubtedly “the more fitted sleeves” that are prevalent now explain why a lot of current styles just don’t fit me. I actually have biceps, as I do strength training. My arms are more Michele Obama than Kate Moss. But I can still rock a sleeveless dress!


If you’re wearing a blazer keep the length of it in mind. Anything too long is going to look like you’re a kid wearing your dad’s jacket. Anything too short and it’ll look like you’ve had an impromptu growth spurt.


yes! Wearing different and new combinations over the Christmas break was fun, but starting work again left me feeling suddenly uncertain what to wear – and I’ve been doing exactly what you suggest, ie pulling out tried and tested combinations. I find that many of my simpler blazers haven’t dated at all, and new shoes or a top can add a current vibe. It’s going to be a spring project, to go back to basics and optimise my classic pieces. Thanks for the timely article!


No wonder I love your site! You are so on point. I have for the last year or so been lamenting the demise of the “Blazer” and what happens I turn to Vicki Archer and voila! She does a piece on the Blazer! I am so on point I can’t stand myself.LOL! You are so right. The blazer always lent a civilized air to whatever you’re wearing. I always say it gives you an aristocratic air about yourself no matter what you are wearing. Perfect example the image above with the jeans w/ blazer…Pefectionne!


I can never forget Princess Diana and her iconic navy blazer and skinny ankle jeans. It’s time I reinsert my navy blazer back into my wardrobe. Thank you, Vicki and Happy Valentine’s Day to you and David.❣️

Angela Muller

I love a blazer! I have two Ralph Lauren Blazers that I’ve had for 20 years; one is camel, the other navy. With proper care they are indestructible and still in fashion. When undecided what to wear, for example, wanting to wear jeans but questioning appropriateness, I add the blazer and it all works. Long live the blazer!

Terry Drendel

Last spring while looking through a men’s rack of sale blazers, suit, dinner jackets, at Nordstroms, while waiting for my husband, I decided that they were made with great and better fabrics and better constructed than many women’s blazers. They were also longer to cover my back side. I bought one, had it tapered in at the waist and sleeves shortened. It looks amazing and feels great when I have it on. People always comment on the beautiful fabric. I will have it forever. Just something to think about. Now if I could just find the perfect white tee, one that doesn’t peel after you wear it a few times. One made out of a great fabric. Any ideas welcomed! HappyValentibes Day!


Yes, nothing better than jeans and a great blazer. The white Balmain tweed is to die for!!
Happy Valentines Day!


I’m with you on a blazer Vicki – love mine. I’ve got jeans and a turtle neck on now and would love a blazer with these but unfortunately it has been raining and is very cold so puffa jacket and baker boy hat!! Roll on spring weather and a rise in temperature so I can get my blazer out!

Melissa Hebbard

I have always found a blazer a bit uncomfortable and restrictive, especially in the arm department. I have fattish arms and it is rare that blazer makers increase this size much when they make larger sizes so that a size 16 or 18 will have the same size arm width as a size 12! If I can get a knit fabric such as Perri Cutten often makes, or at least a stretch fabric then I am in with a hope. Instead of a blazer, I reach for my trusty Kettlewell Merino Wraps which they make in stunning colours. They are a long line, shawl-collared sort of cardigan and I wear them with black pants, a black bamboo long sleeved top from Tami and a scarf, or I team them with a sheath dress and a scarf. Sometimes I wear one of my Hermes scarves and other times a cheap and cheerful long scarf. As the weather warms up I substitute the merino wrap for one of their lighter jersey Cascade wraps which also look fabulous with a sleeveless summer dress for a bit of extra warmth or arm modesty! They come in 23 beautiful colours and I think that I have all colours that suit my winter colouring!


yes yes without blazer the fashion is incomplete . My favorite is Biker Motorcycle Leather Jacket instead of coat but now Blazer in on the top and my first priority . i really appreciate your post. Thanks


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