24 Mar 2018

Style Notes: Retro Sunnies




Sunglasses. Formerly used solely to shield our eyes from the glare of the sun; now deemed a fashion staple in our everyday outfit choices.

As important as the bag I carry on my arm are the sunnies that rest on my nose. I am never without a pair but noted one thing has changed.

I’ve ditched the ‘bigger is better’ approach when it comes to the eye accessories.

Currently, I’m coveting the 90s retro trend. Also referred to as the ‘Matrix-esque’ of eyewear, the retro shades can automatically help spruce up a look. The sculptured frames and cool mirrored lenses definitely make a statement. With an amazing pair of the right sunglasses, it minimizes the need to dress to impress. They do it all for you. Enabling us to keep everything else casual, sporting a white tee, forever black blazer and comfortable slip-on shoes.

The trend is everywhere, but the collection that has caught my eye are those by Le Specs. An Australian sunglasses brand that ‘encourages people to love life, be happy and discover moments to escape the every day.’

Drawn in by the striking frames and delicate gold accents. The bold daring colours contrasted by the clear acetate styles. Its a brand with a pair for every occasion.

An exaggerated cat-eye silhouette or the chunky, oval frame, it is difficult to decide on a favourite. But one thing is for sure; I crave them all.

We just need the sun to stick around, and I won’t be taking them off.

Style Notes: Retro Sunnies

Clean and Clear
Fluxus Oval ||  Enchantress  ||  Halfmoon Magic

Make a Statement
Last Lolita Cerise Pink ||  Peach Flaxus ||  Last Lolita Opaque Red

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Mimi Gregor

I wear sunglasses even on cloudy days. They’re not just about style; it’s about preventing sun damage to my corneas and wrinkles around the eyes. I only have one pair, though, as whenever I try on other styles, I don’t like them as much as the ones I always wear. If I don’t like them as much, I will not wear them, so it’s pointless to buy them. I like the large Ray-Ban Wayfarer. It’s a classic, good for casual or dressy, and the frames are large enough to protect my eye area. Needless to say, the lenses are veering to black rather than grey. Less squinting that way.


Vicki, I am loving the photos that your colleagues are taking of you; you are stunning. How I wish I could have a chance at styling a session and photographing you! And for these sunnies, how I remember the coolest pair my mother had in the early 60s. I remember just wanting to wear these glasses because they were so stylish! You look marvelous in this white-rimmed pair!

Gail Y Bennett

Very timely. I must share. Just recently I have been trying to figure out how best to handle my collection. I’m trying to get more Scandinavian in terms of style. I currently have my collection in a basket. I want to have a box with proper lining, etc for my glasses. I don’t want to devote a drawer which would be nice, but that would take up space. Please, I welcome any suggestions! The Le Specs! I love them all! I think sunglasses are forever. I would never get rid of them. Love the pics. Great article!

Our French Oasis

They look fabulous on you. I too am a sunglasses girl, never ever leave home without them, worn on or on top of my head, they are very much a part of who I am, well almost. But I am a Rayban fan, have been for a very long time, classic and simple in both black and tortoiseshell. One of our daughters has classic Wayfarers in pale blue and another has them in white, I might just have to pinch theirs from time to time!


I love sunglasses! This is also one of the fashion pieces that can be a signature look . Great sunnies are so much apart of a look. I just wrote on accessories for Spring and sunglasses play a huge part!!
Dress The Part


I have five pairs of varied styles. That being said, I exclusively wear the Vuarnet pair. They are big, definitely make a statement but I bought them because of the great coverage all around my eyes as well as they are great for the sun’s glare on water and snow.


Your sunglasses look fabulous, Vicki. So much style and they really suit you! But like Mimi, I wear sunnies first and foremost for eye protection. My optometrist says quite a few of the European sunglasses are designed for the Northern European sun and don’t provide enough protection for us in Oz. I always buy the highest level protection from damage and glare. Specially as I’m a natural strawberry blonde with green eyes, very sensitive to glare. Can’t stir outside without them. But also sunnies aren’t my statement thing, so I don’t go for a stand-out style. As I’ve got older I’ve found I love my big chunky George Jensen silver bangle and rings as my statement pieces. The bangle was a re-issue from a 1950s design by an artist – it’s extremely unusual and eye-catching. I first saw it at a lunch where there was a very stylish woman in a chic but severe black suit with a group of men. All lawyers and barristers. She was wearing THE bangle. As they left I stopped her to admire it and asked where she’d bought it. She was delighted as it was her favourite thing too. So after lunch I dragged my husband along to the store – and it was all over. Love at first sight. So now I wear it every day, with jeans or evening gear. It works with everything. I don’t feel dressed unless I’m wearing it. People stop me all the time to admire. But I like that to be my statement and not to have sunnies that also attract attention. Best wishes, Pamela

Beth Anderson

In the past few years I have discovered Oliver Goldsmith.

I have his Manhattan (Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s), one made in 1958 for Sophia Loren but also worn by Grace Kelly, and, just this week I bought a pair of his eyeglasses which were designed for Grace Kelly – they are my first pair of progressives. (eek)


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