22 May 2015

Style Notes: Wear What Works

style notes: what works at work, craig mcdean photographs for vogue on vickiarcher.com

“What will I wear today”?

A nagging little thought that often interrupts my dozing and forces me out of bed in the mornings.

Looking well put together at work is easy if you have the know-how. Pre-planning an outfit makes the morning run smoother, saves time and lets you start the day smiling rather than grumpy.

style notes: what works at work, craig mcdean photographs for vogue on vickiarcher.comstyle notes: what works at work, craig mcdean photographs for vogue on vickiarcher.com

























Planning sounds easy and it is if you follow a few guidelines. There is a whole lot of practice and a tiny bit of magic when it comes to working in style. Figure out the practical and the magic will take care of itself.

After all, magic is really another word for confidence. Self-confidence is the secret to impeccable style and taking the time to plan what we wear is the key.

Style Notes: Wear What Works

Planning a work wardrobe.

A wardrobe that is appropriate and good-looking for your workplace requires thought. Knowing your individual style and what suits really saves time. Make sure to take time to put outfits together, know how to accessorize them before they are needed. An hour spent on the weekend can save much fluster throughout the week.

Comfort is a huge factor. Being comfortable in what you wear to work makes concentration better. Worrying all day about a bad fit or an indelicate stain because time ran out for the dry cleaner is way too stressful.

Co-ordinated wardrobe. The idea that pieces work together and independently makes dressing so much easier. A capsule collection forms the basis of any good work wardrobe.

Palette. Recognising the colours that are most flattering and living within that palette not only makes us feel and look fabulous but also takes the guesswork out of accessorising.

Duplicate success. When an outfit works, double up. Change the colour or the fabric but a winner is a winner every season.

Update regularly. Follow trends that work for us and add a twist to the classic. Workwear does not need to be dull and old-fashioned and can transition seamlessly into the evening.

Dressing in style for the workplace, to travel, for leisure or even simply relaxing at home comes together effortlessly if we plan.

A minute or two spent now can feel like forever later. xv

style notes: what works at work, craig mcdean photographs for vogue on vickiarcher.com

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Anita Rivera

I have to ask myself this question daily! I know I need a new wardrobe for next yesr, and I am starting by cleaning out my closet this summer, to force me to get whay I need to make it work for me!


Vicki you have the fashion sense down perfectly. When we find what works, embrace it, add a new sweater, a new pant in the same color range, the palette we love and know looks good. Add that fab lipstick and pieces of great jewelry and an award winning smile!
The Arts by Karena

Wendi Yates

There are times that the coordinating vibes are running on all cylinders and then others when because I stayed up too late watching the finale of Late Night With David Letterman :) when I can hardly put one foot in front of the other. My fall back on mornings like the latter is to wear bright colours and bright lipstick….the colour boost puts a little je ne c’est pas in my step and I hope, disguises the bags under my eyes! I’m loving the bright coral that seems to be everywhere this year and it works with almost everything especially denim. I have a wardrobe full of classics that with a bit of tweaking in the new season, a new scarf or a bit of costume jewelry seems to look brand new again! One of those classics is a fabulous sweater coat that I bought in Milan which is going on 40 years old…I think we can call that vintage, do you not agree Vicki? After a long, long, cold winter, today is glorious here in South Western Ontario and yes, I am wearing coral and denim hahaha! Have a fabulous day Vicki!

Wendi Yates

Oops, told you that I am not completely on the ball today….meant “je ne c’est quoi”!!! hahaha! I think I need another cup of coffee :)


I think you may have meant “je ne sais quoi” — “I don’t know what” — that ineffable quality — you can’t describe it, but you know it when you see it.

Hugo Boss makes a great shirt dress evey year, with great colors and a little bit of stretch added to the pure cotton fabric.


Hello Vicki,
Sound advice and I love the pictures, although in my job these haut fashions would not be suitable, but who cares, let us fantasize. The other consideration when planning a wardrobe for the week is “what is the weather doing”. This is what takes up my time the most and makes the difference between what I want to wear and what I need to battle the elements and the temperature.
Have a great w/e
Swan -nowlivinginfrance


I love shirt dresses and my favorite is the Theory, except maybe an inch or two longer. I love navy and the classic cut. I also like the lace up espadrille picture on the right of my screen. I was wondering how they would look with jeans. I like the addition of the silver ankle bracelet. Very cute!


Wonderful styling notes! I use the Stylebook app to keep me organized. Uploaded photos of my clothes, shoes and accessories and created outfits in various categories. In this way, I can choose an outfit at a moment’s notice. Your Update note is a great reminder that I need to review the outfits and possibly add a little something!


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