5 Jul 2015

Summer In St Remy

Mas de Berard in Provence, Carla Coulson Photographer

Summer in St Remy has come around quickly this year.

Can you believe it? We are about to hit July and I feel as if it were moments ago that I was packing up the Christmas tree and looking into winter.

Time, that unfathomable quantity that never stops confounding me.

Mas de Berard in Provence, Carla Coulson Photographer

A couple of weeks ago I spent several lovely days with my pal Carla as she photographed home in Provence.

Mas de Berard in Provence, Vicki Archer. Carla Coulson PhotographerMas de Berard in Provence, Vicki Archer. Carla Coulson Photographer

Everything settles with time, both inside and out. It is not as if we haven’t taken a million snaps before but as ever, the house and garden is forever changing.

Mas de Berard in Provence, Carla Coulson Photographer

I am looking forward to time in St Remy. I am not there as frequently, so the days in Provence have become even more precious; never taken for granted.

I am ready for the heat, the buzz of the cicadas and the laziness that inevitably takes over Provence in the season. Provence runs at a relaxed pace and our days are filled with quiet activity.

I have been preparing; spring cleaning and refreshing for summer.

Mas de Berard in Provence, Carla Coulson Photographer

I enjoy these mini bursts of home-making. It is surprising how a few small adjustments and additions can make everything feel re-newed.

In the kitchen I have added new china, etched wine, embossed water glasses and linen napkins. Every summer I choose a theme to decorate the tables and this year, inspired by our border roses I have chosen pale pink and white. I’m feeling that the external decor should be as pale and as delicate as the roses.

Mas de Berard in Provence, Vicki Archer. Carla Coulson PhotographerMas de Berard in Provence, Vicki Archer. Carla Coulson Photographer

Mas de Berard in Provence, Carla Coulson Photographer





























I have been tempted so many times to throw the old French style and become more contemporary. It hasn’t happened yet. I can’t bring myself to loose the curves and the pretty. That means the old garden chairs and lounges have had a makeover with simple linen cushions.

I am feeling a very pretty summer coming on. Not to mention the pink flamingo and unicorn that will be floating in the swimming pool.

Hopefully, with me in it… xv

Mas de Berard in Provence, Vicki Archer. Carla Coulson PhotographerSummer In St Remy

couleur nature linen napkin   //  eastland mason jar candle holder  //  paper lantern string lights

images carla coulson


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Anita Rivera

Oh Vicki, don’t get rid of your old French goodies! But who am I to say! Carla has captured those moments so if you do go contemporary (not a bad idea), you will have these photos to remind you of the style that graces your life. I just came back from a blogger’s post whose “shabby chic” style has been transformed into a sharper, contemporary style and it looks pretty wonderful. I know whatever you decide, your Provençal mas will still say, “Vicki Archer, French Essence.”

Enjoy a fabulous Provençal summer in that lush home of yours! Anita


Food for thought, Anita…
Today I am sitting on those old garden chairs, it is so hot and the cicadas are bellowing… Total heaven but nothing is being changed… :)

Gael birkenbuel

Just loved the photo’s of you’re gorgeous home and style!!! Love FRANCE

Gilly Surgey

Dear Vicki, I love the pink theme to go with your beautiful pink border roses. I have a house in the Luberon Valley and would love to plant some prolific pink roses. Do you know the name of yours?
Kind regards


Gilly… I will try and find out for you… I am sure I can because I have kept planting more each year.

It’s funny now they have finished their first flowering and I have to wait a few weeks for the second flush.. I love that though, how the garden looks so different every few weeks..
Can you email me… vicki@vickiarcher.com :)

The Enchanted Home

Vicki, a total dream!!!!! I love it, the flowers, the lush landscape, the vintage feeling furnishings….true perfection. Enjoy every minute, summer goes by so incredibly fast:)

Sherry Fagin

Vicki, thanks for sharing these beautiful photos. These are my favorite posts-when you give us a peek inside your beautiful home and your life. I’m always craving more candid shots of your french life. Please do tell me how you keep your white cushions so clean–mine never look so clean :)


Sherry, they are new this year.. I recovered the old ones so they look much the same… They zip off and get a little bleaching mid way through… :)


Please don’t change your fabulous French style for contemporary. It’s just too
perfect for the architecture of the house.Inside and out should match together


Le sigh. Vicki, your Provence residence truly is a slice of heaven! The gardens look spectacular, and your roses beautiful. Our own garden is suffering from our drought stricken California watering restrictions, and the roses were not what they usually are, seeing yours in full glorious bloom makes my heart happy. Thank you. The tables look relaxed yet elegant, what I strive for each season here at home, and in the shop. Happy summer with those you love.


Such a beautiful home and garden, just the way it is! Perfect! It looks so peacefully,excellent place to enjoy!
Have a nice and a long,long summer!


Absolutely, mind-bogglingly beautiful Vicki !!!!!!! It is all perfect to me and if you ever decide to go all contemporary, then just send all of the French pieces over to me !!!!!!!!!!!! haha
Enjoy the beauty of a Summer in St Remy. XXXX


You have such a fabulous sense of style. I’m sure you could BLEND the contemporary with the traditional and it would be perfect. If you decide to do this, be sure to share the photos!

Nancy Brantley

So, So Beautiful. Your Garden looks so relaxing…DON’T throw those chairs or table away. Contemporary is not as beautiful……..You have the dream home and garden.


Hi Vicki, what a delight to the eyes. Here in the middle of winter (though our days are still 21C) in Perth, my roses have finished flowering and are just due to be pruned and everything looks empty, we have similar summers to you, so your photos will be my inspiration and guide to have the garden looking like that in summer …. definitely seeing the world through rose coloured glasses. :)

Esther George

Is This Heaven. No it’s St. Remy. Hi Vicki, seriously your home and gardens take my breath away. I have been looking up and down this page so not to miss anything (I really must renew my glasses). To Carla, you are a wonderful photographer. Thank you for sharing beautiful… Till next time regards Esther from Sydney. PS please don’t change anything it’s wonderfully unique.


You have created such beauty !! – that last photo is so so lovely.
I hope you have a wonderful summer xx


Vicki your terrace and gardens are glorious with all of the blooms and entertaining/ relaxation areas!! Adore it all and Carla captured the feel beautifully!

The Arts by Karena
Gallery Opening!

Anita Rivera

Chère Vicki! Bonjour! Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog today. We are on our third decade of marriage, PLUS, and this year I told my husband to take me back to Carmel for the third time…and I truly saw more this time than before. I went to Carmel Valley to meet and speak to Jan de Luz and see his spectacular garden showroom, and the ocean just moved us so much. Go when you can. Think of me when you do! Have fun with those American friends of yours today! Anita

judith rael

i’m new to your blog, vicki…thank you for the glimpse of your place in provence. like a dream, isn’t it? i can’t understand why your time there is limited. truly. i actually do know: we’re all different, and we have to live our lives according to multiple threads of necessity, i know. but if St. Remy was in my orbit, i wonder if i could leave it at all. goodbye world, all i need is that stone wall. take care, judy rael


Dear Vicky. Thanks for the lovely photos of your stunningly beautiful garden and house. I have just got the book Un art de vivre au jardin, by Michel Semini, really at jewel. As well interessting to observe how your garden has matured since then from 2006-7 until today.
It was very hot driving from Denmark to Montpellier this time. we have never experienced anythin like this, and certainly not on the 2nd of July, perhaps possible in August.
Enjoy the summer.


Your garden is gorgeous, can you share the name of the pink roses surrounding all this beauty? They resemble the fairy rose.


Your mas is exquisite. Never rid the old. Revere it as you do. Old is best of all. Rich, interesting, and authentic.

Sam Hoffer

I echo the others – please don’t change to contemporary. It may be more comfortable and in fashion, but what you have – it never, ever goes out of style.

Maria Engblom

What a beautiful garden! Is it possible to visit it with a group on one of our garden tours?

Patrica Quetier


Auriez-vous la gentillesse de me donner la référence RAL de la couleur de vos volets ?
Merci par avance



I made the colour with the help of my painter by mixing a white base with various tints… I am sorry there is no reference number… xv


What a beautiful post – I wouldn’t change a thing! It’s perfect as is, a real delight to view. Viewing this post was like a wonderful mini vacation.
Merci pour tout!

Kaaren Eastwood

Absolutely beautiful! We are seeing the Autumn colours and a little chill in the mornings down under. I am home this lovely month of May for once in a few years and am really enjoying this time of year too……but oh how I love Summer anywhere!


This time last year I was preparing for my trip to France and so looking forward to seeing Provance in its summer glory! This post has reminded me of the wonderful time I had there and just how really beautiful it is. Your home there is stunning. Thanks Vicki!

Tony Edgerley

Hi Vicki
I love the house & garden and St Remy! My wife and I have been going there for many years and used to stay in Les Antiques, a beautiful (faded elegance) hotel in the centre of town that appears to have stalled as a development of apartments – did you ever see it before it closed? We got engaged there and plan to buy somewhere close by – can’t decide between there or the Luberon! Congrats on a great blog!


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