27 Aug 2008

Summer is nearly over… a good time to start.

The summer feels as if it is coming to an end in southern France – there is a definite crispness in the night air and an autumn clarity in the blue skies. I have just returned from a yoga class with my friends in the neighboring village of Eygalieres and as I drive home along the Voie Aurelia I decided that today is the day to start blogging.

I am new to yoga and none too flexible ( Sophie our teacher assures that it will come – she is a complete rubber band after years of contortions) but I enjoy the calmness that seems to follow these sessions. I am not sure whether this relaxation and sense of peace comes from the breathing techniques and exercises or more from sitting outside in a beautiful garden with a direct view to the Alpilles on one side and a glimpse of Mount Ventoux on the other. I know the eyes are meant to be firmly closed in order to focus and get the most from the session but I cannot help but drink in my surroundings. 
I am new to blogging but was introduced to this wonderful pastime as a result of the Penguin publication of  ‘My French Life’ in 2006. Kind and creative bloggers out there wrote about my book and it is to them I want to say thank you – thank you for your support and thank you for introducing me to your world. 
So this blog, I hope, will enable me to write about all the little moments that make up life in France, to share my love of interiors and fashion and maybe even shed a little light on old London town from time to time.

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Topsy Turvy

Vicki – thanks so much for commenting on my blog and for the link. Your description of your yoga class makes me want to rush back to visit St. Remy right away – I loved it there! And welcome to blogging … I will be back often.



Thanks Vicki for your comments & the link! I love your book so I am really excited to find your blog…cannot wait to read more!
Amanda x

Anna Spiro

Vicki it’s SO great to see you’ve joined blogland! I can’t wait to enjoy your stories and your beautiful pictures!!


mondo cherry

How lovely to be able to do yoga with a view! I have only been to classes in rather ugly rooms that don’t inspire relaxation at all!
Welcome to the addictive world of blogging!

la la Lovely

Vicki- thank you so much for the comments on my site. I LOVE your book and it was delightful surprise to have you visit my blog! I'm so looking forward to reading your blog & learning more about life in France. I will add you to my blogroll & will be back to visit often.
Have a wonderful weekend!


Being able to see and live life in France through your experiences will be amazing for us Aussie bloggers,I still sell so many copies of your book and I can’t wait to experience Paris myself and follow all your great tips in your book, by the way if your in paris the same time I would love to have a coffee or dinner with you,have a great weekend


Dear vicki,

Having absolutely fallen in love with your book, My French Life, I am delighted to find you have a blog! Your life in France sounds absolutely magical, and I only hope for the chance one day to visit all the places you describe so beautifully.

Keep on blogging, I’m addicted already! And will there be another book? I really hope so!


Oh No! The last thing in the world I needed was another Blog to distract me but there’s no way I can pull myself away from your world. I adore your book so much. I’m originally a Hobart girl and love France with a passion. The combination of you and Carla together was a dream of a vision. Thank you so much for your book and I cannot wait to follow your Blogging
A bientot x

Heidi Jean

I loved reading about your shopping spree at Olive Huiles du Monde. I was in St. Remy in May and had a fantastic time at that shop. In fact, I've been searching the internet for the Popol raspberry pulp vinegar they sell. Do you know if they have a website or email address so I can contact them & beg them to ship me some vinegar here in the USA?

vicki archer

I could not find the website either ( thought we could all look at it) so I suspect they are a little behind when it comes to shipping and marketing etc. Next time I am in there I will definitely ask for you. Thanks for stopping by. xv

So Lovely

Welcome, welcome. I love your blog and your book. I have friends who have just bought a 100 year old barn in Italy and are in the middle of completely restoring it. Its turned out to be a little more expensive than they thought!


Today I have read your first post, am sitting here thinking about what you have written and anticipating so much …


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