3 Aug 2016

Summer Wardrobe Essentials: The Top 5 Accessories

Summer Wardrobe Essentials: Teh Accessories on vickiarcher.com









“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” – Gustave Flaubert

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” – Gustave Flaubert

Accessories are essential when it comes to any season and particularly with travel.

I haven’t discovered any way around it; travelling light is the only way to go.

Practicality and experience with packing makes all the difference and that is where the “accessory” comes in. Accessories, like shoes, are very easy to over pack. How many times have you come home from a trip with the “extra” scarves still folded and all that jewellery still tucked away safely? How many handbags do we really need for a weekend away?

The reason I try and be abstemious with the quantity of accessories is through experience and I have learned from my mistakes, from my over-packing. The same scarf will work as will the same bag for most events. After years of extravagant packing, I am now very strict.

Dressing at home it is an entirely different story and I am all for maximum exposure. What’s the point of saving “the best” for a future date? We invest so much time, energy and expense in our wardrobes, let’s go for it every day and make the most of looking our best.

When we are on the move, it’s different. The aim of the game is to look our best but not to be weighed down (literally) with baggage.

Summer Wardrobe Essentials: Teh Accessories on vickiarcher.com


The Top 5 Accessories

  1. 1. The Tote Bag
  2. A largish tote style bag is the bag I use on a day-to-day basis. I like one large enough to carry my valuables and computer and then still large enough to serve for everyday once I am at my destination. A tote not only looks elegant but also is generally light and that is a bonus when you are on the move. The Longchamp Pliage is the extra tote I have in my suitcase whatever the destination. Who knows what new treasures may find their way home?

2. The Cross-body Bag

This style of handbag is my go-to. Cross-body bags are so practical and entirely comfortable at the same time. I like a cross-body to hold wallet, keys, phone and a few extras. The beauty of the cross-body is it can be worn with the tote when travelling or on those days when you need to carry more. A cross-body transitions easily through until the evening.

3. The Scarf

I travel with a large silk/ cotton square and warmer but lightweight cashmere.

The lighter weight square can re-work the plain tee at night and the cashmere is a bonus with over zealous air conditioning, which happens a lot with summer travel. Light cashmere is warm enough but looks fabulous draped over a simple black dress.

4. The Jewels

I never pack many jewels; fewer valuables, less to worry about.

I always take an elaborate pair of drop earrings to wear at night and a comfortable pair for the daytime. The rest I usually leave at home. I know many friends never travel without their jewels; I am happy to “bare” it when I travel.

5. The Camouflage Jacket

Not technically an accessory but it is the one item I never leave home without.

The khaki shades work over pretty much everything and the pockets are never empty. I have worn mine with black, with cream, with white, with red and even over dresses when I have been running low on alternatives. I call mine the “lifesaver” jacket.

When in doubt, I throw this one on. xv

Summer Wardrobe Essentials: Teh Accessories on vickiarcher.com


Summer Wardrobe Essentials: The Top 5 Accessories

full tote odds

**all saints paradise  //  tory burch perry  //  **saint laurent fringe  //  saint laurent shopping

across body

marc jacobs double percy  //  **longchamp le pliage  //  **longchamp paris rocks  //  valentino rockstud

wrap up

**gucci tian silk  //  **st piece floral print  //  cashmere and silk  //  loro piana cashmere


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Taste of France

A tote that has a zipper top is good for avoiding spills and for security.
I’m the same about jewelry–I don’t take much, and what I do take is still too much.
Depending on where I’m going, I opt for a silk cardigan. Easy to tie over the shoulders and then slip on when in air conditioning. A jacket is good if it’s going to be chilly at night or rainy, but in my trips home to the Midwest neither of those is a threat, but extreme A/C always is.

Anita Rivera

I have been traveling light ever since we moved from Los Angeles to Boston. We had to; we couldn’t haul much with us across the country as we made such an important move! But that carried into my traveling habits and I would never think about taking a huge case full of unnecessary things. Oh Vicki, your photo choices are gorgeous!


My first ever trip to London, I went hog wild shopping !
I have ( I am not ashamed to say) several Longchamp bags.
My first was the shopper .. it is still my favorite everyday bag and still looks brand new.
When we went to Paris for my first visit there, I bought a Longchamp bag there too ! lol
Galleries Lafayette …merci ~


Beautiful images. Guessing India. If you are travelling there, take as little as can so you can go shopping!


I have several tote style bags for travel – have found they definitely require a top zipper, especially when tucked under an airplane seat! Crawling around trying to find spilled items is no fun, haha!
For Africa next month I’m only allowed 33 lbs., total – including all carryon stuff such as cameras and laptop – for flights on small 8-seater planes from Nairobi into the bush. It has to be a soft duffel but it’s amazing how much you can actually roll up and stuff into those type bags.
Oh yes, a big square lightweight but warm scarf is always a must, can be used in many situations day and night. All clothing will be neutral, but no camouflage patterns as many African countries will not allow it, or any military style clothing – enough said!

Fantastic photos along with your post Vicki – Vuitton is lovely but even if I had some I’d be nervous using it overseas!


Timely and excellent post. We are leaving for 3+ weeks and driving to Alaska from the lower 48, through Canada and into Alaska. Dog days of summer here in the midwest dictate sundresses and capris, while north of the border and into Alaska highs are in the 60’s and lots of rain – plus lots of hiking for our photo shoots. I love the Lo & Sons Catalina and I just bought the deluxe Catalina as well. It’s amazing how I can manage with less if I simply put my mind to it and I use packing cubes to organize even my carry-on tote. I have a Chan Luu lightweight cashmere/silk square that is possibly the size of a tablecloth that travels with me year round. I have worn it in snow storms in NYC, as a cover in the poshest of restaurants in London, touring the beaches of Normandy, strolling around Venice, and sleeping on many an airplane. It dresses up simple tees, LBD’s…which I usually carry at least two very comfortable and versatile- easy to launder, no wrinkle – little black dresses and usually a grey one for good measure.


Unfortunately it has taken me years to figure this out! Now I travel with my Briggs and Riley Baseline carry on with the matching Duffel, no more suitcases for me. I totally agree with the top 5 accessories and always travel with this rule, less is more. I wish I could of been smart about packing when I was in my twenties.

Linda Boardman Kerr

I concur with all your choices except the camo jacket. My choice would be similar, in that it would be in olive or khaki, but would not be a print. This would make it more versatile. I always take a 100% cotton scarf too (mine is a bandanna sort of variation from Les Olivades) because of its washability. I can also fold it and make an eye mask to wear at night to block any light and help me sleep. (Or on a train or airplane.) Or spread it on the grass for a little picnic…or, or, or….Traveling light is the only way to go. And when I’ve really needed something “extra” it is so much fun to pick it up locally, wherever that may be!

Our French Oasis

A big leather tote and a cashmere pashmina, always. The tote carries everything from things for the children to things for myself, travelling with a big family I’ve got used to carrying half of their things too. Same for the pashmina, it’s great for cold aeroplanes although usually our youngest steals it and snuggles up in it!!! Never take any extra jewellery with me, I go with my watch, single diamond necklace which I wear every day and simple diamond stud earrings, I find they work just as well with an lbd as shorts and a t shirt.


You always have such wonderful photos. Like others have said I always try to pack light & learn from every trip. I keep packing lists & adjust them once I get home. I also love learning from you & other wise women such as Janice at the Vivinne Files an Susan at Une Femme.


Lovely nostalgic pics.
Must confess to travelling with more baggage when we travel long haul for two months every year. A capsule wardrobe is too limiting and boring over a longer time frame. It costs more of course but we always have someone to meet us and handle the bags and take us to our hotel or apartment and then again back to airport. As we travel long haul in Business the bags usually come out on the carousel quite quickly – and there are no excess charges.
Always take a couple of nylon (lighter than leather) pliages one normal size – one super large (for extra things on return journey). For a bit of glam usually take a Vanessa Bruno tote – and always buy another in the June sales. The cross body bag is also essential – so handy and practical. But do admit to taking more than one cashmere pashmina and a mix of silk and cotton scarves -also jewellery, silver and costume. Shoes are difficult – took two pairs of sandals this time but didn’t wear at all because weather in Paris was fairly cool and often showery this June (we arrived during the floods). Always comfortable leather sneakers on the plane. Best wishes, Pamela


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