11 Jul 2018

Sun Hats: Check ✓


If relaxed beach days and exploring hot climates are on your holiday itinerary then a sun hat is also on the list.

True, they look stylish and can effortlessly boost your summer outfit but more than that they act as a barrier to protect us.

Wearing a sun hat whilst outdoors shields our eyes, hair and skin from the sun’s rays. Though SPF must still be slathered everywhere, a hat provides the added protection, including around our neck and ears.

Sun hats can be misunderstood, with lots of us thinking we look silly in them. We don’t, at least I don’t think so.

There are various styles to suit depending on individual taste. If you are understated with your fashion try a fedora as they are smaller in size. When you want to resemble elegance on your beach walk try a wide-brimmed straw hat. Or if oversized and glamour are you on vacation try a dramatically oversized hat, you won’t go unnoticed.

Protect your hair when a dip in the pool is required to cool you down too. If you’ve just about had enough of washing your locks every evening, wear a vintage swim cap to protect your hair from drying out in the sun and by the chlorine.

Always make certain that there’s space in the suitcase. Don’t think twice about ticking  ‘sun hat’ off your vacay checklist.

Sun Hats: Check ✓

halogen floppy  ||  brixton fringe  ||  bp. metallic stripe  ||  brixton raffia fedora  ||  sync floral swim cap

eric javits fedora  ||  eric javits giant  ||  lola raffia  ||  filu wide-brimmed  ||  albus lumen straw  ||  rag&bone frayed

image, esperanza moya

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I always take my Panama hat. It works with everything. It’s brim isn’t large but then I never stay long on a beach during the day – warned off by our skin specialist (too many skin cancers). I love to sit under the shady trees along the promenades of beaches and enjoy the scene and scents and sounds. The salt air, the sunscreen scents, the icecreams. I think the view from the promenade of the public beach in Antibes must be one of the loveliest – the happy scenes of families on the sand, the gay beach umbrellas, the glinting water, the roofs, towers and ancient stone ramparts of the old town and clearly visible behind, the peaks of the Alps still covered in snow when we visit each year. Those big hats are fabulous though. Best wishes, Pamela


I’m with you Pamela…the panama is fabulous for travelling as well, I just fold it once and cover in a cashmere jumper for the long haul flight! After swimming and sunning we too enjoy admiring the view of the magnificent azur blue sea but from the promenade in Nice… such a beautiful part of the world.

Taste of France

I have a great crushable raffia hat with a secret. I’ve seen it on other raffia hats, too: there’s a little string that’s tied around the crown. It’s not decoration–it’s to tighten the hat so it doesn’t fly off in the wind! The south of France is famous for being windy, and my straw hats rarely stay put, even when I use hairpins to hold them down. But my raffia hat stays on better than the others. Except for the bucket hat, whose shape keeps it from flying away. However, the brim, though it bends down toward the face, isn’t as broad as some of the others, so doesn’t protect quite as much.


Well once again I find myself – after reading your post – now absolutely needing a straw fedora! How in the world did I go through my entire adult life without one? I never knew all the things I must have, should have had until I read your your latest post.

I’d be lost without you….


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