10 Jul 2018

Sunglasses: Check ✓


Cat eye, square, wayfarer, oversized?

It is tough to determine a preference when choosing which sunglasses to pack for a week in the sunshine.

With lots of frame styles to choose from, in order to avoid getting carried away and checking them all in at the airport, start discovering the correct fit for you.

Determining the frame for your face shape,


You’re lucky and can succeed with any style of sunglasses you decide on.

Though if you’re in need of assistance when voting for a favourite, pack rectangular frames that are longer in width. These assist with the proportion of a vertical face.


You have prominent facial features that provide a distinctive look, making you the individual that can trial numerous shapes of sunnies.

Sporting frames that are curvy in shape such as oval or cat eye will emphasize your eyes and balance out your striking features.


You commonly have a face shape that is equivalent in width and height.
To give the effect of a longer, thinner shape ensure the geometric, square and wayfarer styles are what you’re heading to the beach wearing. Styles like these produce contours and definition.


You have a face shape that is narrow around your chin yet wider towards your brows.

Style light-coloured frames such as tortoiseshell to turn the attention towards the bottom of your face, levelling out the symmetry of your face shape.

Reducing the number of sunglasses packed is never going to be easy.

So why whittle the selection down? Let’s take them all.

Sunglasses: Check ✓

the real deal

ray-ban aviator  ||  saint laurent lily cat eye  ||  saint laurent cat eye  ||  miu miu cat eye  ||  céline square  ||  tom ford square

eye spy a look alike

diff aviator  ||  le specs lolita cat eye  ||  quay cat eye  ||  la specs retro  ||  karen walker square  ||  diff square  ||  quay square


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I have an oval face and yes, I can wear just about any style! I’m wearing mine because lately, the sun has been shining beautifully in my part of the world! Have a super day, Vicki!


Sunglasses should be worn all year round, especially in winter when the sun reflects off of snow-covered surfaces (helps keep fine lines around the eyes created when squinting at bay) and any time one hand over the other casts even the faintest of shadows. Be sure that they also have UV/UVB protection and you’re good to go! (I used to sell designer sunglasses in a former life and have been wearing them religiously since my mid-twenties. Credit wearing them for helping to retard laugh lines, even though I laugh a lot!)
When son was small and always felt rushed in the morning, my ‘go-to’ for school drop off was sunglasses and a soft red lip. At least it gave the illusion that I was ‘put-together’!


While in Paris this time bought Ralph Lauren silver (colour) framed aviators with reflective mirror lenses. The salesgirl said their sun protection level was for wear on skis slopes or boats, so that sounds like good sun protection. They also look fab. In addition, later bought a pair of super glam red Chanel sunnies. Haven’t worn them yet as I was so besotted with the RLs (bought some as prezzies for family as well) I wore them all the time. Best wishes, Pamela


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