26 Oct 2018

Sweaters: How To Colour In Winter

Sweaters: How To Colour In Winter on vickiarcher.com

Sweaters are making me colour crazy.

Walking down the street, clouds of grey passed above me. The fog felt like a cold blanket engulfing the passers-by. I was wrapped up in my chunky grey knit, feeling comfortable as ever, when the most incredibly vibrant sweater emerged from the mist. The cerise sweater of dreams pranced by me and I wanted it. Paired with black skinnies and the simplest of flats, it was easy breezy whilst packing a punch at its finest.

I had to stop and ask, “where is this spectacular sweater from?” 

It got me thinking.

Since when did A/W become so gloomy? I know I’m guilty of stashing away the colour the second it gets drained from the skies. My closet morphs into a depressing scene of greys, whites and blacks; I admit it’s what I’ve always felt confident in. When the temperatures drop, making a statement is the last thing on my mind. I want to blend in, and most importantly, be warm. But when summer bears its head, I do the opposite and embrace all shades of bright and enthusiastically work my way through the other end of the spectrum. But who’s to say we can’t drag the rainbow right through to the new year?

Seeing the lady-in-pink beaming with confidence was infectious. I was desperate to have Crayola brights on my back and decided I was ready to start. The only question running through my mind was, why hadn’t I sooner?

It was the best decision.

Maybe I wanted to be the one seen emerging from the fog, cheering up my fellow commuters and injecting more colour into my winter wardrobe. We don’t have to wear it every day; there are some Monday mornings calling for a grey cashmere sweater or Friday nights needing the lbd.

An all-over flash of colour gives instant wow factor.

We’ve got our eyes on this, or how about winter’s beloved Fair Isle pattern with a twist? This one is perfect.

This isn’t to say we should get rid of our classic numbers, quite the opposite; they’re the perfect addition to break up the vivid hues. Blue jeans and black cigarette pants are the ultimate partners in colour crime. Items like these keep us grounded whilst our knitwear does the talking. They may be timeless and a necessity in my closet but colour is cooler than ever. It’s fun, it screams enthusiasm and is sure to make us feel uplifted.

Life is too short to shy away from the eye-catchers.

It goes without saying, somewhere over the rainbow you’ll find me, in my sweaters of many colours.

These Sweaters: The Best Colours

go shocking pink in isabel marant  ||  go pink hush in treasure and bond  ||  go red in acne studios  ||  go green in tory burch  ||  go mohair in ganni  ||  go multistripe in ganni

images, ganni 2017, jonathan daniel pryce, lucy williams, shinythoughts, loél 2017


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Jewel toned sweaters make our faces more radiant! We ooze vitality in them. What a way to brighten our day!


Love a bright sweater! And ordered a deep red one recently. I’ve also gone for a bright coloured belt with jeans! I actually purchased it in St Remy – it’s a deep turquoise hue!! Perfect with dark coloured jumpers. Will go back to my dark belt for bright coloured sweaters now!


Good morning Vicki! You know me; I love my grays and blacks. But this year since I’m working with younger children again, I’ve come to feel that my elegant blacks with pearls are just not conducive to an elementary setting, so I’m on the hunt for my color. I’ve always stayed away from too much color since my own coloring seems to “yellow” if I wear pastels or greens. WHAT TO DO? Pink is my color, so is blue and though I don’t like it, RED works for me too. Off I go to our new Von Maur department store this weekend!


Go bright from time to time with your classics… and what about all winter white? I’m going tow rite about that soon… :)


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