6 May 2021

Sweat(Shirt) It Out

There is no doubt it is the year of the sweats.
Sweatshirt and sweatpants.

And maybe a little of the other kind would mean we are exercising well; so that’s excellent.

Like my sneakers, I am building my leisurewear up piece by piece and loving the informality.

There are days for the somber, the neutrals, and others for the brights; I mix and match my pieces and change jackets depending on the weather.

Sweatshirts and track pants might be super casual but they don’t have to be dull; accessories work. A hairband, a bandana a cute pair of studs, and a marvelous splash of fragrance can make all the difference. Not to mention the sunglasses.

The country calls for a few days and sweats will be what I am packing.

Plus a dress or two to mix it up. xv

My Latest Fabulous Finds

mix & match

**cropped sweatshirt  ||  **track jogger  ||  **oversized crew  ||  signature soft  ||  les tiens  ||  the upside

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Our weather STILL is cooler than I’m comfortable with but as soon as it warms up, I want to take so much of the suggestions you have offered us and just enjoy them all, Vicki. Thank you for the beauty!


you said many times you are already bored of this sweats and jogging paints? So what?
Sorry Vicki , but I am perhaps to honest for a blogger.


I go in and out, Rena.. change my mind… I think I am allowed ;) and there are times when sweats just work. If I find something I like that works for me… whatever it is … I want to share it.. it is a reflection of my mood.


thank you Vicki for your thoughts and enjoy wearing sweats they are indeed
the best “dress” at least in C-time. It was not a vicious statement from me.

Michelle à Détroit

I have fully embraced sweats, but they must be slim fitting and flattering. Amazon Essentials are my favorites. They are good quality, inexpensive and very flattering. I have them in coral, black, navy and burgundy. The tops and joggers can be mixed and matched. I am incapable of paying $250.00 for a sweatshirt. The fit is the most important thing.


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