4 Jul 2018

Swimsuits: Check ✓

Let’s start with the hardest piece of the vacation puzzle.

In the interests of full disclosure, I detest buying swimming costumes. This is my fault and not the fault of the bathing suit. Trying on and finding a bathing suit is challenging at the best of times – the body is never quite as taught and terrific as I might wish, despite best intentions.

Swimsuits have issues.

The fabric has to be suitable, the cut flattering and the pattern or plain colour, likeable. Wearing a swimsuit is non-negotiable if the water beckons and finding the right one can be a minefield of decision making. When you do find one to love, my recommendation is to buy it in multiples.

I’m still fancying wearing a two-piece again, a girl can dream, but I doubt it will happen this summer. I’m working hard on it but change – especially the fitness kind – seems to take time. There is no sensible reason to worry about this when there are so many fabulous (and figure flattering) one-piece swimming costumes to wear.

Here are my tips and tricks to finding the right “suit”.

Long legs look well in anything but in particular the more vintage styles.

Full bust, go mid round or v-neck.

Small bust, higher in the neckline or choose a style with detailing under the bust line. This is one of the best.

Short body, take a size smaller than normal so the fit is firm.

Long body, think about a strapless style.

Unless thin is the problem, the fabric needs to be very firm to sit well and allow for stretching.

Try detail on the shoulder straps if the arms are the fear.

And remember, swimsuits always look worse in the changing room – which is why I buy mine online, try them on at home and send the “mean girls” back. ;) xv

Swimsuits: Check ✓

the suit does all the work

marysia striped  ||  magicsuit caps  ||  tory burch smocked ||  cardo paris cardodive  ||  karla colletto round  ||  eres asia  ||  norma kamali

you do all the work

robin piccone floral  ||  zella teal  ||  topshop embroidered  ||  topshop ribbed  ||  topshop pamela  ||  la blanca petal

image, harper’s bazaar spain, guy aroch, may 2017

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This one in the photo is just stunning. The wallpaper, everything about this imagery is DIVINE! The only thing that is not good is an image of ME in a bathing suit! I think for me, the best way to go is with a form-fitting top of no matter what style; my upper body is young, muscular and small. I can see that the bottom part for me would almost be a skirt, a mini, flared skirt and then I think that could work for me to soften the blow of my unproportioned hips to upper body!


Some of the vintage styles are exactly as you describe… and then there is always the tied low slung sarong draped strategically… one of my favourite looks and worn often ;) :)

Donna D

Could not agree more VA…..I too DETEST with a capital D purchasing swimwear! My rule has always been a plain coloured maillot with a fabulous sarong and hat…ie the focus on the sarong and hat!
Enjoy your holiday.


Dearest Vicki ~ I ordered the Robin Piccone floral swimsuit. It is absolutely adorable. Off to Santorini I go!
I would never have found such a cute suit without you. Thank you.


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