13 Aug 2019

Take A Break: Let’s Wear White

Take A Break: Wear White on vickiarcher.com

I’m interrupting the summer schedule.

As much as I love wafting about in a summer dress and flowing in the caftans I can’t help but pause when I see a dose of winter white.

I stumbled on these pieces this morning and definitely felt the need to re-evaluate. The dresses will be staying but the pants, jacket and sweater are on the agenda for soon.

White jeans are a staple of mine – either with all-white or with black – they work and make the best travel companions. I’m leaving on a short trip to the US on Thursday and these will be in my travel bag for sure. But what about these?

A new take on the moleskin.

As Aussies, moleskins were what the country kids wore; these bring a whole new story to that.

Love the length, the shape and the style. Perfect worn with a cute sweater or a mid-thigh length relaxed jacket later in the year. Like this and this.

In case you were feeling like mixing things up a little. xv

Let’s Wear White

♥️ moleskin twill crop pants  ||  turtleneck sweater ||  wool/cashmere jacket

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I love all these pieces. I wore an all white look recently for the first time and both my husband and son commented on how they liked it. I was shocked. Ha!

Linda B

I love my white jeans! (Well, I pretty much live in denim these days, which will continue year round, now that I am retired.) And just yesterday, I put the finishing stitches in a beautiful new mockneck sweater (with a cabled yoke) that I have been knitting the past few months, for this coming winter–and I totally have been imagining wearing it with my white jeans. (The sweater is in a hue called “rose granite”–a sort of greyish rose.)

Robin Sherman

Your hand knit does sound beautiful. Could you share your pattern? Yarn? Thanks much

Linda B

The pattern and yarn both were purchased from Purl Soho (on line here: https://www.purlsoho.com/ ) The pattern is the Botanical Yoke Pullover, and the yarn is Cashmere Merino Bloom. That yarn was an absolute delight to work with–very soft, with quite a “halo”; I am sure it will be both comfortable against the skin and very warm. It’s mostly merino wool with some cashmere thrown in for extra softness. I’ll probably get more wear out of it when I am visiting my family in the Pacific NW in winter than I will in Arizona!


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