15 Jan 2015

Taking Style Notes From Botticelli


Botticelli, Primavera, Uffizi, Florence, Vicki Archer

I find fashion inspiration in the most unusual places, in this case Sandro Botticelli and his early Renaissance works.

Botticelli and his lush femininity had me thinking silk chiffon, crepe de-chine and soft flowing drapery.

Gazing at the painting, Primavera made me long for a return to softer dressing, to wear a subtle mix of the elegant with the womanly.

Words such as delicate, graceful and gentle came to mind and an obscure connection in a far away place had me re-interpreting my wardrobe

Lately I have been wearing the all tailored and while it’s the way I want to dress, I am in the mood to be more creative, to flirt with textures and loosen the lines.

After my Botticelli  moment, I am adding sheer blouses to my wardrobe. I will be wearing chiffon with my leather Pixies and biker boots, playing up the contrasts.

Style Notes From Botticelli

it would seem that i am not the only one craving the soft and floaty

l’agence print silk chiffon  //  lucky brand chevron silk 

mih printed silk georgette  //  equipment henri washed silk  //   joseph crepe de chine

equipment animal print chiffon  //  equipment penelope  //  saint laurent silk chiffon

**and you will need one of these can’t-live-without thinstincts camisoles to work with the sheers… xv


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Anita Rivera

You know Vicki, how brilliant of you….

Living here where we are wrapped in turtlenecks and wool for at least 7 months out of the year, I often forget about this texture in fashion. But that you even took note while eyeing a classic masterpiece shows your keen sense of “fashion poetry.” I so agree that to own a willowy blouse (heck the word, “BLOUSE” in French requires you push a puff of air out with your mouth!) and owning a soft pair of pants could make you feel so lithe and fabulous. I like this idea. I hope to maybe find one piece with this texture and WORK IT this summer!

Have a splendid day, Anita

La Contessa

YOU had an EPIPHANY!!Sounds like a good one to me!I adore the clothing back then especially the MENS coats and footwear!The velvets, the textures the COLORS!!!!!!
Did you go inside MY CHURCH?
SAN MINIATO AL MONTE on the HILL………MICHANGELO covered it with mattresses during the war with PISA!XX


Love that church! And the view from there is spectacular! How interesting that Michelangelo covered it with mattresses during the war with Pisa!


What a gorgeous inspiration, Vicki! How wonderful to dress up like a Botticelli beauty. One of my favorite things is to wear a gossamer chiffon dress with a moto jacket or chunky knit sweater – and this time of year, tights and boots! Love the contrast.
Here’s to picture-perfect style!


Now to lose those 10lbs! I’m always trying to find new ways to put new things together and still look appropriate for my age. I love and do have motorcycle boots! I have the pixies I have the blouse. It would be so nice to see pictures of women wearing these types of things, women of a certain age that is! I applaud you Vicki for getting out there and putting it together and telling us about it! You go girl!

Karen in VA

Perfect … I had the same chiffon envy while watching the Downton Abbey garden party last year. There was some luscious chiffon in those scenes.

Then this week, we watched a BBC special on the Queen’s Gardens at Buckingham Palace, and the shots of guests back in the 30’s just flowed with tiers of chiffon.

On the whole I would say “thumbs up”. I’m totally with you here.

Karen in VA


Dear Vicki, yes! I do dress like this in the warmer months, soft, sheer, and flowy blouses with jeans or long skirts. It just feels so feminine!

Featuring “Inner Spaces”


I love the soft colors and the flowing soft garments. I think we can do that pretty easily by stepping back in time, remember those clothes we wore in the ’60s ? Yeah, we just have to go back to dressing like that .. soft flowing skirts and dresses and biker boots. sounds good to me ! :)


I personally love silk blouses. I have found only a couple this season. They feel so luxurious under my winter wool. I hope we see more 100% silk in the near future. I frequently enjoy silk scarves, too. Worn over our turtlenecks softens the look.
I can recommend the book, too. I enjoyed it.
Have you all read The Perfume Collector? I can recommend it, too. The Art Forger is another book you may enjoy.

Segreto Secrets

Botticelli’s muses are classic examples of all that is feminine and beautiful – always inspiring
xo. Leslie
Segreto Finishes


Hi Vicki,
I was thinking the other day about togas… We all laugh but done with these fabrics, well I guess it would look more like a sari. But the idea had me thinking comfort and freedom. Soft and gentle.


Oh Vicki,
I love all of that diaphanous , sheer gossamer floaty look ……. especially with a cropped motorcycle jacket. Such a great look …… and, it works for all ages too !! XXXX

Paris Rendez-Vous and Beyond

Hi Vicki….wonderful inspiration….and certainly many, many designers over the years have searched the archives of the various art galleries for inspiration. To name a few…Dries Van Notten, Vivienne Westwood, Dior, St Laurent, Balenciaga….so not unusual in the least.

Enjoy your new unstructured, romantic, floaty look. I know you will look beautiful.


Esther George

Hi Vicki, must say I love blouse 1 and 2 what can I say I have never been a tailored kind of girl. I still love soft skirts and blouses guess it’s something to do with growing up in the 70s. Thank you for sharing beauty. Regards Esther from Sydney.


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