27 Jun 2017

Ten Simple Beauty Tricks That Really Work

Ten Simple Beauty Tricks on vickiarcher.com

Sometimes beauty is all about the small and not so obvious.

There are many brilliant products and new treatments that are created to make us even more fabulous. Many of them work their miracles, but there are times when I revert to my old fashioned ways.

My mother gave me many tips and other little secrets I have learned along the way.


Here are my ten best I never fail to fall back on. What are yours? xv

10 Simple Beauty Tricks

1. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is brilliant to whiten the nail tips.

For shiny hair a lemon juice rinse can make all the difference.

2. Ice Cubes

Who doesn’t have the occasional puffy day?

Ice cubes applied underneath the eyes and over the face are an instant and de-puffing pick me up. When ice won’t work, this little miracle is my secret lifesaver for puffy eyes.

3. Asprin

We all know over a certain age we should be taking aspirin and especially before a long haul flight.

Asprin is also really effective in clearing spots. Grind a couple into a powder, mix with water to make a paste and dab on the spot. They will disappear or at least be less noticeable.

4. Lipstick

Did you forget your blusher?

It is easy to apply lipstick as a cream blusher on your cheeks, preferably the same colour as on your lips. Packing for holidays is easier, one less item in the make-up bag.

5. Eyelashes

Heat the eyelash curler with the blow dryer for a few seconds before using. The eyelashes stay curled longer and it is easier to use.

6. Petroleum Jelly

A light smear across the eyebrows will enhance the shape and make the tinted eye gel easier to apply.

A thin coating of Petroleum Jelly/Vaseline across the back of the heels will help wear in new shoes.

7. Honey

Honey for the face, the body or the hair is always a tonic.

It is so messy, but as a hair mask, wonderful.


Rubbed over the face and left to sit on the eyes; yes, I think it works.

Apparently cucumbers contain hydrogen, which is cooling and helps to soothe and soften the complexion.

9. Silk

Sleep on a silk pillowcase to avoid lining the face; a silk eye mask helps with that too. This really makes a difference.

10.  Conditioner

When shaving the legs, use hair conditioner, this moisturises the legs

Insider Beauty Secrets

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Taste of France

To soften calluses, which get worse in summer when we don’t wear socks, soak your feet in warm water with a good dose of vinegar. The acid looses the dead skin and makes it easier to pumice away.
Good posture makes you look younger and thinner.
Drink lots of water for well-hydrated skin.

Mimi Gregor

I rub coconut oil on the ends of my hair about a half hour before I shampoo. Repairs a lot of the damage I do by coloring and heat styling.

I use grapeseed oil as an makeup remover. It gets off stubborn waterproof mascara, and since it’s a “dry oil”, it washes off with my facial cleanser.

Shaving cream is an unnecessary product. If you use a good moisturizing soap, you can just use that. (I use Zum bars or the natural soaps that you can buy at Whole Foods.)

I mix up my own face masks (which I use twice a week) by mixing together a half teaspoon each of Fuller’s Earth (a type of clay), yogurt, milk, and honey. It works better than any commercial product I’ve tried.

A dab of tea tree oil on zits dries them up overnight. Just be sure to ONLY get it on the zit!


My on and only “Beauty” tip is avoid salty food and sometimes avoid drinking alcohol .. swollen face and fat feet and fingers and bags under the eyes the next day.

Mimi Gregor

Acne. The salicylic acid that it is made of is the same ingredient that is in a lot of acne creams.

Anita Rivera

Vicki, bonjour!

I am going to use crushed aspirin for spots…..you are referring to the brown spots that appear on occasion on the face, correct?

What did my mum teach me about beauty? I think I got that French thing from her: RED LIPS. She had beautiful green eyes and needed no eye make-up. A cousin of mine got my mother’s looks (not me….) but I got her beauty tips! Yes, red lips, natural eyes and a generous amount of love.


Aloe vera is an instant sunburn reliever, slit the leaves longways and lie it directly on the sunburned area. It also makes a nice natural face mask. Scrape the innerpulp from the leaves, thin with a little rose water and apply.

Linda Boardman Kerr

Very simple: SMILING makes a huge difference. It needn’t be a huge one, but it lifts your whole face. I had a student tell me I looked better when I smiled (in a high-school sewing/fashion class) and I glanced at myself in the nearest mirror and realized how old and dreary I looked when NOT smiling. Apparently my default expression was not so good.


I keep a large bottles of cheap hair conditioner in my shower to shave with. Much more convenient and cheaper than cans of shave products. Never a nick or cut.

Ice Ice Baby–yes for the eyes works best.

Aspirin yes but Paula Choice Skin Perfecting with Salicylic Acid is great too and not as harsh as applying Asprin directly directly to the skin.

Dr Martin Huang

I do love using ice and with a spoon to help me reduce my eyebag after a late night sleep or whenever it gets serious. Or I will just put the spoon in the fridge and take it out whenever I need it.


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