26 Nov 2020

Thanksgiving Weekend: Let The Celebrations Begin

Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating.

And for those of us who aren’t let’s celebrate anyway.

It’s a tough year to count blessings as we have all been challenged in our own ways but it is a year where we can find reasons to celebrate. We may have to dig deeper, think more laterally and swallow some less than positive feelings but goodness, happiness and joy are there.

I’m very grateful for so many reasons and this year more than any other I have focussed on those. We have all had our fair share of provocation but I do firmly believe if we shift our focus less inward and stretch our minds to what is possible, we will prosper. It sounds “airy-fairy” but it works. I take the lead from David, he is a great believer in positivity and has every confidence, when you least expect it, life will work out as you want. He is generally right.

Let’s celebrate what we have, not worry too much about what we don’t and have faith in our futures. xv


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Linda B

I love your Thanksgiving thoughts, Vicki. II have been focusing my consciousnesses on gratitude all morning so far. It means putting aside some very real and tough feelings but I am mostly succeeding! I am extremely grateful for my loving, kind husband beside me; our very dear children and grandchild, far away but safe and happy; and all of our dear friends, near and far. I am also grateful for our very cozy and pretty new home, as I sit in front of the merrily burning fire in the hearth on a chilly but sunny desert morning. And, I am grateful to you, Vicki, for all the wisdom, warmth, inspiration and beauty you share with your readers.


Thank you so much Linda.
It is a year to dig deeper and try and find some sense in what has been happening the past months… I am not sure we can but I do know we can be stronger and reflect on the positives with a more open and giving mind. Kindness… my new favourite word… is everything and it is of paramount importance we are not only kind to others but also kind to us.
Enjoy your day for you deserve that merry fire and beautiful new home. Your thoughtful comments are so appreciated. xx


Wonderful thought’s about this traditional celebration. David is right and also Buddha
said” what you think you become, what you feel you attract and what you imagine you
create”. Warm greetings from Spain


Happy Anniversary Vicki! I’ve always thought your David must be a lovely chap!
I’m thinking you must have had a late Spring, early summer wedding if it was in Australia? Such a perfect time with garden roses in their first flush and everything lush and green, my favourite garden season!
Staying positive has just become a little easier with the exciting news of vaccine breakthroughs.
Let’s hope we can reunite with the ones we miss so much before too long. In the words of my late mother many times to tizzy me- “Just breathe darling!”
Doing it right now!

Mona Turner

Good Day Vicki!
I’m a great believer in your sentiments! Your husband, David sounds like a wise man!

Anne Christopher

Happy anniversary to you and David and yes you are so right…let’s focus on what we do have as what we wish we had may still be far away.
Enjoy your celebrations in whatever form they are and 🥂 to a brighter, clearer future.


Good morning Vicki.

I agree with David, I agree with you. When we are faced with the reality of life, the only place to go is deep down under the surface of reality and reach for the extraordinary in us. I see it like gardening. You have to dig deep, turn the soil, basically, cultivate.

I guess the old adage, “You reap what you sow” comes to life in these moments. Sow bitterness, reap unhappiness. Sow joy, acts of kindness, reap more love. The concept sounds simple because, well….it is. But the practice of it? It’s all a choice. Believe me, I have come to learn that I have to be extremely aware of making those choices because I forget! But whenever I’ve had the sense to at least try it, it changes everything. I’m thankful for having those second, third and infinite opportunities to make the choice. Happy Thanksgiving to you for every day of the year!


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