20 Mar 2019

The 1-2-3 Ingredients For A Good Hair Day


The power of a ‘good hair day’ is undeniable.

It can dramatically alter our moods, be the biggest confidence boost, and make mornings a little bit more care-free. Great hair trumps all and we know how to get it.

The difference between a good and bad day can be down to our routines and care. The quality of our locks will have a significant effect on how manageable it is; a little control and focus will go a long way.

Personalising our hair routine is incredibly important. Paying close attention to things such as thin, dry, or frizzy ends will enable us to shop for products that specifically target these ‘problem’ areas.

Start With the Washing

Daily washing can dry hair out and strip it of the nourishing oils we need leaving dry and unruly locks.

Stick to two to three washes a week to retain hair’s natural oils.

If a daily cleanse is needed then a hydrating shampoo is essential. It’ll lock in moisture back and give lack-lustre the shine it deserves.

Try this one from Leonor Greyl to gently clean and restore. It has the VA approval.

Following up with a lighter conditioner. Try using it at the ends rather than the roots to avoid the excess product build up.

This Aesop one is light enough to avoid feeling weighed down but still softens and hydrates.

Don’t Forget to Use a Mask

Just like our skin, masks for the hair are incredibly important.

They nourish deeper than regular conditioner, preventing breakage and restoring shine.

Try using once or twice a week to do some serious moisturising.

Add a Good Dry Shampoo to the Mix

Dry shampoo can be one of the most useful beauty products out there.

If we didn’t have time to wash hair the day before, they’re brilliant at taming any unwanted oils or shine.

They can also be great to add volume, especially for evening looks needing a little more life.

Spritz at the roots, under layers and shake to add body. We’re loving this gentle one from Verb.

Waking up on the right side of the hair bed doesn’t need to be a chore.

By listening to our heads and keeping our locks as well looked after as our skin, having a good hair day every day isn’t so far away.

1-2-3 Ingredients For A Good Hair Day

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My doctor just prescribed “Biotin” for 3 months on, 3 months off to “help” my hair…HOPE IT WORKS!! franki


I have long hair in excellent condition and I think I can confidently say it’s because I have been taking Biotin off and on for many years. I have always used top quality hair products but the biotin exceeded expectations and an off shoot was the effect it also had on my nails. They have gone from soft, splitting and flaky nails to strong nails that I am no longer embarrassed by. I have my hair trimmed every 6 weeks to keep it healthy but the length just continues. Wouldn’t be without this supplement now.


A good cut goes a long way to help us achieve a good hair day. If a new stylist recommends doing something that you know it can’t do, run!
That being said, my challenge problem is finding a shampoo and conditioner that doesn’t weigh down finer hair!


Try the Leonor Greyl brand, Joan… I was introduced to these shampoos and conditioning treatments nearly 20 years ago in France and still love them… I swap the shampoos regularly, but they never leave my hair feeling weighed down.


Currently recovering from a shoulder injury so it’s toooo painful to wash my long hair myself. I go to my lovely hairdresser about every five or six days for a shampoo blowdry. She uses good quality shampoo and conditioner and always finishes with Moroccan argan oil. It’s in good condition, naturally healthy, silky and shiny without other products. Never been coloured so now its browny reddish ginger with some silver and blonde streaks, I call it salt and ginger. It amazes my doctors, they all think I’m at least ten years younger till they look again at my file. I also take biotin, not sure if it’s helped, but maybe. Also drink lots of water and eat heaps of fresh fruit and veg – from our garden or organic when I can. Also, have never smoked. Best wishes, Pamela


So, so true; a good hair day does effect your mood! Yesterday for example, my hair suddenly had a look that indicates it’s actually growing out and growing out with some form and style! I caught a glimpse of my hair under some strong lighting as I was out and about, and I was happy with the intense shine of my hair. I’m grateful for my head of hair!


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