26 Mar 2020

The “At-Home” Diaries: Change Up The Routine

The "At- Home" Diaries: Change Up The Routine on vickiarcher.com

The slow life means a change of routine.

Not only our day to day but also a skincare switch-up. I feel like pampering myself.

I need to be in a nurturing space of calm and content. If my inner being can stay resolute then I can face anything – that’s how I have always been. When I feel like this, treating my skin is one of those routines where the normal becomes a tonic. I appeal to my feminine side for my sense of wellbeing. The rituals I normally find commonplace become paramount and like deep breathing, work to make me feel at peace.

With time on my side, I am taking care to use it wisely.

My skincare routines are more generous now.

Cleansing my skin morning and evening has become a more gentle process as I focus on the benefits rather than the rush to move onto the next. I’m mixing a few drops of facial oil into my night cream for added softness and as I’m home alone in the office, my eye mask is working overtime. Honestly, it feels so delicious to be benefiting from my skincare products rather than simply going through the motions. It’s a luxury I think we all deserve right now.

The "At- Home" Diaries: Change Up The Routine on vickiarcher.com

What am I using?

The ELEMIS Pro-Collagen range is how I am treating myself.

Morning and evening I am using the Cleansing Balm. In the morning I massage a small amount into my skin and gently wipe it off; at night I thicken the application and soak in the bath to really feel the benefits. The scent is sublime and my skin feels radiant; an intense cleansing, nourish and glow in one treatment.

For hydration and suppleness, the Pro-Collagen Marine Cream with SPF 30 is daytime divine. London is bathed in beautiful sunshine so in my new slow life, I’m sitting outside and basking. Any chances for a D catch up.

I like the texture and the fresh scent of this day cream; it’s cool to the touch.

My eyes are prone to puff at night and as much as I do the right thing I still wake up “baggy” in the morning. What’s the best about the Pro-Collagen Eye Revive Mask is I can use it all day, anytime and anyplace.  A pot is sitting on my desk  – I’ve just put on another little layer and it’s not only transparent but also deliciously refreshing; the “puffs” feel like they de-puff straight away. It doubles as an under-eye primer – just a tiny drop will work under concealer.

Then there is the neck balm and the heavenly rose facial oil, which I am trying.

They make the “at-home” feel as close to a spa experience as possible.

The "At- Home" Diaries: Change Up The Routine on vickiarcher.com

To make my bathroom feel more extravagant I have been adding flowers, fragrance, all things for the bath and my current skincare products. The floral touches make me feel feminine and having what I love out to see, rather than my usual put-everything-away-clinical-approach takes the norm into the realms of special.

It’s true, I have been treating myself but if not now, when? xv

Elemis have kindly offered me a discount code to share with you.

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Thank you ELEMIS for partnering with, The “At-Home” Diaries: Change Up The Routine

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Good morning, BEAUTIFUL Vicki!

Oh where do I even begin.

After video taping myself for our new “Distance Learning” model for school, I was shocked. All this time, my mirror was lying to me. Or, I was lying to myself, or videos and phone cameras are flawed, or maybe, I’m just looking different these days and didn’t know it. Either way, I need to stay calm, carry on, and find some appropriate skin products to help me! Thank you for always giving us the inspiration to go out and find what works for us.


You are being too harsh on you!!
I don’t like showing photos of me.. one bit… I am the worst of all at taking them… and think nobody would want to see in any case… but somehow and I think especially now, it is a way to connect and stay in touch. I am trying to be less vain… and not worry.. no hair-do and less make-up … We will see… :)


Dear Vicki
This post exudes femininity which is something we do not want to lose sight of especially now.
Thank you for your inspirational posts.

Vicki Ford

Thank you so very much for putting colour in our lives with thoses pics of beautiful blooms – so very you! It’s like the Anais Anais add campaign done all over again, just differently. You’re a class act Vic. And you’ve lost weight. And your hair looks like silk. Keep those eyes sparkling like the blue skies above – thoughts and good wishes from Australia.

Donna Inglis

I look forward to your posts each morning….always uplifting and inspiring in some way, thank you! I must admit I am conveting your beautiful dressing gown and would appreciate any direction you might give me as to where one might shop for such a thing;)


I found it recently in Australia in a vintage store… last time I went into a shop! My dream would be to do an embroidered collection for The Emporium… but it will have to wait… How fun would that be… would take some sourcing!


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