29 May 2020

The “At-Home” Diaries: I Am Listening

I Am Listening: on vickiarcher.com

Listening is the best because we never know what we will learn or where we will end up.

A little like “jumping in” which I spoke about yesterday and wrote in Better, Not Younger.

When lockdown came I wasn’t sure how I felt about writing. I knew I wanted to write but I wasn’t sure about what.

When that happens to me I decide to trust my instincts and talk about what I am feeling – in the hope, it resonates with you and we are experiencing the same. As the days and weeks mounted I wrote more and more and ended up with my new E-Book, which many of you have so generously supported. Creating is everything for me and whether it revolves around fashion, beauty, the home or ageing, it is something I need if I am to keep moving forwards – always.

Listening is the way I learn, unearth new ideas and decide the direction I will take.

After the launch of Better, Not Younger so many readers requested printed versions of the illustrations. My niece, a talented photographer and artist collaborated with me to illustrate the book. We have arranged to have a selection of the illustrations printed and we are launching them as a special collection on THE EMPORIUM.

If you had asked me three months ago would this be the next collection I would have looked amazed. It wasn’t planned and very different from the next collection I did have for you but I believe it is not only important to listen but also essential to make things happen when we can.

That’s what I mean when I say “jump-in”.  We never know where one decision will lead us.

Clementine and I put together 9 selections; 6 individual prints and 3 selections of 3 prints each. One of the multiples is for the floral lovers and the other two are our favourite edits from the illustrations she created. They are printed on thick paper in a glorious shade of cream and the size is A4. I wanted them to feel intimate and work in groupings – the colours are gorgeous and they will look wonderful placed together.

Now more than ever I feel as if our homes are where our hearts are.

I feel so inclined to re-arrange, enhance and enjoy all the corners of our house. My prints will be framed and hang in the office and I cannot wait to get them up. It is a space I have neglected and why? This is where I sit most days for many hours; it should be filled with favourite pieces. Once I can I will be are-arranging it all – changing it up and creating a space I cannot wait to retreat to. The prints are my first addition.

I’m so excited to share them with you and hope you love them as much as Clementine and I do. xv



the collection ||  the princess and the pea ||  the orient express ||  for the love of florals ||  the diamanté

illustration by klemekleme

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Hi Vicki
It was delightful to finally meet you through the ‘yesterday’ link provided in the ‘ I am Listening’ piece above.
I am not a fan of social media on the best of days (no facebook, twitter or instagram here), but I must admit, after years of enjoying VA in my in box, seeing your Instagram post on ‘Jumping In’ and watching you live, did not disappoint. You are just as calming and insightful in person as you come across on the page. Well done. You continue to amuse and inspire me. Thanks for that!


Hi Vicki,
Is the print of the kimono also part of the KLEMEKLEME collection? Will it be available in the Emporium?


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