19 Mar 2020

The “At-Home” Diaries: Let’s Get Lighter


Now’s the time.

Let me explain.

There is a great deal to be sombre about as we face our own lockdowns but there is also much to be joyful about.

Let’s get lighter? You guessed it: going, going grey.

If there was ever a time to rid your hair of colour it’s now. I can imagine the grimaces for some at that comment – it’s a real divider of a topic but if you have skirted the issue, want to but lack the courage to face the greys, why not now? Hopefully, we won’t be inside for the time it takes to grow out a whole head of hair but a few weeks might just get you across the line.

For the last few weeks, I was in Australia attending family events – lucky for us they just scraped in and even luckier for us we are home. Safe and sound I hope; another few days and we will know for sure. My hair was a topic of conversation on many occasions – when you see people from the past after 20 years there are surprises for all. Natural grey is not for everybody but many people love it. I am lucky my grey is a good shade and my hair still thick; I know this makes a difference. Friends and strangers alike asked if the colour was natural and how did I maintain it?

We have talked this before but if your self-isolation means you are feeling brave, try it. What is there to lose? If you don’t like the re-growth you can always address the silvers later. Right about now I think we are all feeling a little vulnerable, unsure and frightened. The unknown is never a happy subject. Hair is a flippant topic but maybe focusing on something lighter will help the stress and anxiety stay at bay and that is a real positive for our immune systems.

Get Started

Make the decision and stay true for a nominated period of time. Promise yourself – one month, two months or three and stay with it. 

Pin-up your favourite grey hair as inspiration; this helped me enormously.

Keep hair well-manicured as much as possible in these circumstances. Take the time and blow-dry, wand or curl. Experiment with up-do’s and ponytails.

Good shampoo and hair masks a must. Keep your grey survival kit at hand.

Wear a headband to break the line of re-growth. Works a treat. 

Eyebrows – make them more definite and a shade darker to draw attention to the eyes and away from the hairline. Promise, it makes a difference.

Remember it’s a long game with long gains if you can persevere.

Limit time in front of the mirror and negativity – that never does anyone any favours. It will grow as it grows but be mindful the healthier we are the better our hair and nails are.

Be intentional about the decision; I have had more compliments with my hair as it is than I ever had before. Who knows what the outcome will be?

Dress- up and make-up; add red lipstick and move the focus.

Sound like a good idea?

If you think so, I’m here for support. When I was growing the grey in I had a friend who helped me through the wobbles – it really worked, without her, I would still be highlighting my life away every 2 months. Just message me or leave a comment and I will do my best to keep you on track.

I’m here and not going anywhere. xv

The “Going Lighter” Survival Kit

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Barbara Lindsey

My hair dresser does not want to color my hair anymore because of damage. I am not a fan grey hair but am trying. It has been about 7 weeks and the new growth is a couple of inches. Will hold out to see if I can make it!!


Persevere Barbara… it is hard at times but once it’s done, you will never look back… I promise… and try my little tricks… they worked for me :)

Lisa M

I contacted you over a year ago via your blog about going grey. I did it! But as my hair was brown and had been dyed that color I didn’t want the zebra stripe. My hairdresser had just the solution. She took a lot of the dark color out (4 1/2 hours in the chair) and it almost looks blonde, BUT it has made the growing-in grey so subtle. I had the process done last June and in a few months I should be completely grey. I was (pre CV) going in for monthly trims as the process was hard on my ends and I found a killer haircut (THE most crucial part of the process). I am loving being free and grey, especially now!! Thank you for your support.


Any time, Lisa…
That is the best way to transition into the grey but I fear in the next few months, colour and cuts may be few and far between :( I am so glad it worked out well for you.. the freedom is the best :)


I regulatly have hardresser shampoos and blowdries. But hubby has become worried during these fraught Corona virus times because hairdessers can’t do their jobs and maintain social distance. He’s made me promise to ask if anyone involved in shampooing or blowdrying my hair will wear a mask. I hate having to do this. But he says I should give up the hair salon until it’s all over if they don’t. My hair has never been coloured but it’s really quite long too and I have trouble blowdrying it myself. Strangely it hasn’t yet gone grey although there are some fine streaks of silver white near my ears. My haurdresser said women with natural red or strawberry blonde hair rarely go grey at my age. But I hate having to ask the hairdresser to wear a mask. Is anyone else doing this? Are you Vicki? Best wishes, Pamela


I am the queen of the blow-dry, Pamela and regularly have my hair done 2 x weekly. At the moment I am doing it myself as I am not taking any risks and having been traveling recently don’t wish to create havoc in case … Today I had to take photographs for a feature coming up… my hair is so disheveled and not done probably but I reasoned that you will all forgive me under the circumstances :)

I am not convinced masks do much so, for now, Pamela, I would do your own…


Thanks fot the advice, Vicki. In fact my husband stepped in and banned me from going. Also our son was outraged that I would consider still going to my hairdresser. But with quite long thick hair and arthritic shoulders and hands, washing it myself is torture. I think it’s the worst thing for me about social distancing! Husband kindly offered to make it easier for me by cutting it all off. Can you imagine! So no. I’m not taking up his offer. Oh dear, the price we pay for what’s important to us. And I miss my lovely sessions at the hair salon each week. They boosted my morale and were such a treat. Best wishes and stay well, Pamela


Fortunately for me, my hair was always colored a light blonde…but when my hairdresser decided to move, I opted to start letting the roots grow out. Now my hair color growing in is white, not gray! This is a hereditary trait and it started in my 20’s, so since I was already a dark blonde, this was my color choice for years. My hair was one length down below my shoulders with bangs. I had 5 months of growth when we went to Florida, and decided it was time to cut it all off and be white! My hairdresser there did a wonderful job of giving me a perfect short layered hairstyle, with just a touch of the faded blonde color at ends…but with one more cut, all the color was gone! The joy of not looking in the mirror in the morning and not seeing gray roots anymore is wonderful! For those that would like to go natural, I know it can be a huge decision and time consuming, but in the end it is well worth it…I have never regretted it, and as Vicki has mentioned, have gotten more compliments on my hair than ever before! I’m 62 now and have been silver for over 5 yrs now and I love it!


It’s funny how the compliments come with the grey… David laughs now when people stop me and ask about my hair… it happens quite often and he says, why don’t they ask about his ;) ;)


It’s been 2.5 years since I dyed my hair…I love the freedom…not scheduling, especially around events. Scarves, headbands, bobby pins etc…were my best friends for awhile. My hair is slightly past my shoulders. One of my goals in this time is to master different ways to style my hair. I purchased these interesting bands from a site called Pony-O that I saw on instagram and they are great…they have as well something called bunz-bar which once mastered can make french twists and much more. My hair is fine but I have lots of it; it can make even the finest of hair look much fuller than it is. Thanks for blogging Vicki; I enjoy your emails!


Thank you Dianne .. and yes with a longer length we can really try out so many accessories. My friend in Oz gave me a new look with a “bun thingy”.. can’t tell you what it’s called but when I master it, I will share it here… She always looks super cool and wears her grey hair up all the time using this hair accessory…


I have been thinking about going gray for 3 years and I have decided to finally do it! I figure this is the perfect time. We can’t venture out to the the hair salons here so my hair colorist can’t talk me out of it again… I am so tired of going every 7 weeks for root coverup and low lights, high lights whenever she deems it is needed. I would rather spend the massive amount of money on something else! I am terribly nervous as I turn 56 next month and am afraid I will look ancient.


Tricia.. you will not look ancient… you will look fabulous and you know why… because such a change makes us pay attention to other areas… you will see… a new pair of glasses, a brighter lipstick or a whole new wardrobe look… changing hair colour makes us see us differently… enjoy every moment… :) And message if you get the wobbles :)


I stopped coloring my hair in October and it was a great decision – it gives back the sense of freedom I had as a child. I was a natural redhead and when I stopped trying to recreate that, my hair came out white, as my mother’s did before me. Vicki, you’re correct, the brows need to darken a bit to give a bit of definition and I did need to tweak my makeup somewhat. Occasionally, when I glance in the mirror, it’s startling but along with Dame Helen Mirren and Jamie Lee Curtis, I’m a natural and loving it.


Some days, the mirror is definitely not on my side and on others I feel like I’m winning. The reality is… wasn’t it always like this? Some good, some great and some not so great days..


Beautiful curls…are these yours? Now would be a perfect time to start letting your hair grow to grey….still consider.


This is my hair, the curls were helped along but everything else is as it grows :)


Not minimizing the seriousness of the situation……just trying to keep it on the light side. Of course, stocking the pantry was the first thought……secondly, oh no, how am I going to get my roots done!! Who knows- this might be my time to go gray.


I have let them come in but for me its been a few years now and I still have dark bits……….
I never colored or high lighted my hair.
On a side NOTE you will be HAPPY to HEAR I think I solved MY HEALTH ISSUES!
MY ATLAS was OFF………since going to a new chiropractor I feel better every visit.It is now back in place after 5 visits and we shall SEE! Today is DAY 28 NO EPISODES and just a few months ago they were coming every other DAY!AT 45 DAYS I will jump up and DOWN………

Beryl Meiron

I’ve been contemplating going gray, for about six months, and decided I’d do the full Jane Fonda and get it done by an expert in one day. My colorist was not thrilled, but suggested the one-day process by a super guru as the safest. Now, I’m self-isolating in California and going out is not an option (“elderly” in the new definition). Thanks for the reminders about headbands, and I’ll look into scarves, too. No time like the present. It’s going to be an adventure, and I appreciate being able to call on you for support!


Thank you Vicki, for listening. You were so kind to respond to my DM a few weeks ago about my question regarding shampoo for maturing hair. I think you are so right: stick with your decision. I have grown out all my layers for I do not yet have a lot of grays but those that are coming in are tending to fly away but I think it’s due to our cold weather and wind. I’m “blaming” my fly away hairs on the static electricity, so I’ve told myself to give until the warm weather to see how my hair behaves. Your advice is wonderful.


one little trick to remember…spray a very small amount of hairspray on your palms and pat on your flyaways ever so gently… usually works :)

Donna Lampen-Smith

I have thought about going grey. It’s hard when none of your friends are and it’s difficult to be the pioneer. In my case my roots show withy middle part. And my hair grows sooooo slowly.


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