11 Apr 2020

The “At-Home” Diaries: The At-Home Jacket

The 'At-Home" Diaries: The At-Home Jacket

It’s time for A Change.

All “at-home” is one thing but there is also a lot of walking. In the last few weeks, I have walked and felt frozen; I’ve walked and felt boiling. The changeover has been and gone and getting the jacket right hasn’t happened yet. Another layer over the tee is what I need, but the right layer is the question. A utility jacket is a solution and mine needs replacing. My whim this Saturday morning is a new, brand spanking jacket to wear on my wanders; a coat to keep out the chill and not weigh me down.

The Old Navy camo version I found in New York a decade ago has seen better days but the shape is still a winner. I’m in the mood for a plain version, hip length and with a multiple of pockets to carry the bits. Khaki or navy would work – good with the tracksuit pants and if ever we get to the airport again, an excellent travelling companion.

Happy Easter if you are celebrating.

Break out the best, get dressed up and indulge in chocolate.

I’m thinking of you, xv.

This Is The “At-Home” Jacket For Now

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Good morning beautiful Vicki!

OK, you sold me. That utility jacket is what I need. I really need that because quite frankly, when I go out, I care NOT to take a large handbag with me. With a jacket like this, it looks good but there are enough pockets for just three essentials: my phone, keys and small metal card holder for my bank card (an essential when going out for those essentials then for the ESSENTIALS when the pandemic is over, namely, power shopping!)

Thank you dear Vicki for keeping us in a happy, exciting routine of normal.

Linda B

Somehow, an army green utility jacket always feels right to me in springtime! The one I bought 9 years ago is still actually going strong, I think because my season to wear it here in the desert is relatively short. Though we are thankfully having a much more temperate April than in 1989, when we moved at the beginning of April from Minnesota to Arizona; that year, it was already 100 F every afternoon by now, and it didn’t let up until well into the fall. I am glad that has not been repeated. Still, in another 4-6 weeks from now the mornings won’t be cool enough to need a top layer of any kind. So my old jacket gets a short but much appreciated season of wear. . . and will last a long time. It’s a bit boring I admit to not have an excuse for something new!


There will be something that appeals one day Linda ;) Enjoy the desert … sounds wonderful ..

Lisa D.

Vicki, I made a terrible mistake! Some time ago when my inbox was overflowing, I unsubscribed from your blog. I must have put it in spam, and now I am unable to re-subscribe. Can you tell me how I can re-subscribe to your blog? Thank you.


I’ll send you a link Lisa and that will unsubscribe you once you click… :) Thank you xx


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