7 Apr 2020

The “At-Home” Diaries: The New Dressing Up

The "At-Home" Diaries: The New Dressing Up on vickiarcher.com

Different days, different notions.

Lightweight cares today. They still exist.

When I took a step back, I saw myself and I mean really saw myself.

I thought this is the new dressing. One of my favourite dresses, generally reserved for best, worn with trainers and a head towel. Trainers for my daily walk and a head towel because the horror of horrors is I have to deal with my hair. We have spoken before about my “hair prison”; it’s unruly hair I have been torturing in line for years and a professional blow-dry is my way to a happy day. Yes, an unnecessary luxury but it’s the truth. The head towel lasted until I found the energy to crank up the hairdryer. Maybe turbans are in my future?

From the photograph, you can see I did lose the towel and move on with the day.

One real “dilemma” during this “lockdown” – No tinted moisturiser. Disaster. One product I really don’t want to go without.

Spending so much time on shopping lists and making sure the house was equipped meant I forgot about make-up. I have always had a stock of the Giorgio Armani cc cream but this product has been discontinued and their new version not available for delivery at the moment. I remembered a friend recommending a Bobbi Brown alternative, so without expectation; I managed to have a bottle delivered.

What a discovery. Really.

This formula is genius and probably the best light coverage I have tried. I wasn’t looking for a game-changer or a new and improved product; all I needed was a replacement until life gets back to shopping. I won’t be going back to my old ways anytime soon.

If you can and need, do try this one. The colours are well represented, true to their online suggestions and being fair, I went with Ivory. The finish is exquisite. xv


What To Wear With The “Turban”

bobbi brown intensive skin serum foundation (us)  ||  bobbi brown intensive skin serum foundation (uk)

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You did your hair quite professional and I also like the turban …I wear turban at any time when I have a bad hair day but you have to pay more attention to the make up.


Good morning Vicki! Great dress, and I love the turban! I think your hair looks beautiful, do you have any layers or is it one length?


It’s one length Jane.. but I normally like it very blunt cut and a little shorter… that will happen :)


My hair is 1.5 inches past my collarbone and I am finding it annoying as it keeps getting into my face. Reminds me of when trying to grow out short hair, there is a stage that is truly awkward and most people cave in and keep it cut short. My question to you Vicki et all is this collarbone length another awkward growing out stage? I keep my hair in a microfiber turban after washing for a couple of hours and it seems to lift it a bit at the front. Today I resorted to velcro rollers to puff it up some as I don’t like to use the blow dryer as it dries my hair out. Supposedly the very expensive Dyson hair dryer is better but I don’t know anyone who has one. I love your dress! Thanks.


I have heard wonderful things about The Dyson… I don’t have one but I have had my hair dried with one on several occasions… the result was great and the hairdresser swears by it. As I haven’t been in the habit of blow-drying my own hair, it didn’t seem worth the expense to me. Now I think it would be!


Diane, I have been using a Dyson for several years; I don’t know how I ever dried my hair before.


A few days ago, I too had the “unwashed, dont care approach”, until i really saw the way I looked in the mirror. I wonder what went tgrough my husband’s mind with this bushy hair haha. I finally mustered the courage and fight the laziness to just do it.

True, what they they… If you look good, you feel good…. Even if its only for walking around the house.


Thank you Vicki and Sharon. They occasionally have sales. Perhaps Mother’s Day. I’ll keep you posted when I get one.


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