25 Apr 2020

The “At-Home” Diaries: What Lies Beneath

The "At-Home" Diaries: What Lies Beneath on vickiarcher.com

There’s treasure in those cupboards.
Last week I delved deep into the dark recesses of my wardrobe and found what I consider to be some of the best shoes of all time; my time anyway. I had forgotten about these sparklers parked underneath my newer must-haves. It’s obvious I am prone to a shoe or ten – shoes have always been my thing – because I believe a great shoe is ageless and can dress up the classic all-black in a nanosecond.

Like a good Bordeaux wine, they have aged well.

Some of these beauties date back for more than twenty years; I call that a sturdy investment. The wonderful news, I will wear them now they have resurfaced. I believe more and more we will be re-purposing our fashion heroes so what we choose in the future will become even more important. When we do revert back to dressing I know I will be focussing on pieces to last.

During these isolation days, my dressing has been interesting. It goes all of two ways and that is I gravitate between the sweats and the best dresses. The pieces I want to wear when I get out of the comfortable gear are what, in the past, I saved for “best”. The in-between fashion has now been forgotten, which is interesting to me as my “what to wear” behaviour changes course. I don’t know if I will return to my old ways as I choose to follow the less is more and investment dressing approach to fashion.

As for the shoes; it’s all about sneakers and trainers.

Tottering around in the Manolo’s would look fine, just not with the sweats, but whom am I kidding. There is no way I’m wearing heels for my own appraisal; it’s comfort all the way. So while the body may be waving to high fashion, the feet are placed firmly on the ground.

I do alternate my footwear – between trainers, sneakers and the in-between models – and that’s about it. Like tees, there are never too many. They are the one item in my shoe cupboard really doing the miles and where once I thought I had too many pairs; now I’m wondering what colour the next might be. xv


What I’m Wearing: All Day Every Day

addidas white   ||  nike infinity   ||  veja white & black  ||  everlane cool grey/pine   ||  nike daybreak white & pink

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Oh Vicki, you and me…I have some fabulous shoes that have nowhere to tread but I have them anyway because you never know! These are STUNNING! Love the blue…


these sentences has come to my attention…”what we choose in the future will become even more important”…definitely. Some things I always chose with an eye to the sustainability (unfortunatelt although not really for shoes, clothes)
“There is no way I’m wearing heels for my own appraisal; it’s comfort all the way. So while the body may be waving to high fashion, the feet are placed firmly on the ground.” ….very wise, nobody will buy you new feet but this is a perception you make it too late. When you are young you only take care on your appearance, getting older your body (feet) shows you what realy counts.

Linda B

What beautiful shoes you have in the images up top! I find myself less and less able to wear heels, though I haven’t purged all of mine yet. But now, I am almost always in flats or low heels at home. More often than not, in the cool weather this means ankle boots of various styles; in the summer, it is sandals, mules and slides.

I am one of those odd people who loves the look of trainers and sneakers on others, but on me, the only time they feel like a good look is if I am actually heading out for a run. Maybe some day, when I finally get to the point that my bones and joints do not abide running anymore, I will experience this differently! Or maybe I just have not found a style to suit me yet. . .


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