4 May 2020

The “At-Home”Diaries Made Me Do It

I never, ever stay on schedule.
The one element I am consistent in is being inconsistent. I beat to the tune of the here and now; if that means changing ideas mid-stream, I do. I’ve always been a fractured thinker – I drive my team mad – I can be talking about one idea and then roll so quickly into another, they have no idea what I’m thinking. Fortunately, they are quick thinkers and humour me until we are on the same page.

When the pandemic started and life became smaller in circumference but infinite in fear I needed to write. It was a very simple reaction to our circumstances. I started the at-home diary and shared my thoughts and feelings on a range of both deep and lightweight moments. At the same time, I wanted a reminder for me on how I want to move forward once this is over or it becomes our new way of life. Talking fashion and beauty, whilst a passion of mine, just doesn’t feel right – we will again – but now, I need to make sure my blueprint for going forward is in good shape.

 I took my deepest, most personal thoughts and ran with them.

Ageing is not simply about a number of years any more – forget that – ageing is not a word for only those over 50. We are all ageing, whether we are 20 or 80. What we want to do is learn how to navigate, guide, propel, direct, engage and enhance our journey. That is what I have written about. I could have written 100,000 words on this subject, but that’s not necessary, bite-size pieces will direct us where we need to be.

This new E-BOOK is beautifully illustrated by klemekleme and her additions provide the softness and warmth I feel we all want right now. (We will create something with these once we can work as normal. I am imagining the most fabulous notecards for starters?) Wait until you see; they are gorgeous. My dear Amy has made it all come together with her graphic designer know-how and none of it would ever get to you without my tech guru Chloé. These girls are incredible talents and one of the reasons I keep doing what I do. We must mentor the younger generation and nurture their creativity; it’s very important to me to be able to do this.

If nothing else, this world crisis has been a major lesson on moving forwards. I hope my words are as applicable to a teenager as they are to a grandmother. They are written form the heart to motivate, encourage and inspire. They are reminders and small notes to us, checklists and questions to keep ourselves on track.

This new E-Book, available tomorrow, was not meant for now but here it is.

I am giving away 5 copies  – all you have to do is follow @theemporiumbyva and be on the email list for THE EMPORIUM. Easy. You can sign up HERE if you haven’t already. Already there, you are automatically entered in.

I’ll announce the winners this evening around 9pm my time. xv

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Good morning Vicki!

The graphics, oh my goodness, how perfect! I like the feel of this image here; there is a feeling of sunshine on your shoulders, the lightness on your trenchcoat. This is going to be a warm and inviting piece to read! I look forward to seeing who wins!

Deborah Hoard

How very cool, you really do spark the flame of innovation with your progressive insights… and the ideas keep coming. Thank you for being an inspiration and the voice who tells us all to keep moving forward through the ever changing times.

Kate Granado

Hello Vicki; I just found you, from MFCH which is one of my go-to – read it all – favorite blogs and i’ll join you two tomorrow for your interview with Sharon. I’ve subscribed to VA, i’m looking forward to ‘getting to know you!’
I’m a blogger as well. We are in the last throws of updating with a new theme and I’m thrilled to be back to writing.
I am a true believer in fabulous @ any age – and I cannot wait to read your book. be well, kate


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