26 Feb 2019

The Beauty Detective: Set In Clay

Does clay save the day?

What Are They?

On the first impression, clay masks sound dry, harsh and not something we’d love to have on our faces.

Clay can be found in many skincare products especially soaps and powders and contain lots of healthy nutrients which when applied to the face are instantly absorbed.

Their popularity is rapidly growing and despite being ideal for oily skin, clay masks work effectively for all types of complexion.

How Do They Work?

Clay masks work by detoxifying the skin and drawing out impurities and excess oils from the surface.

This means they’re perfect for those of us with oily skin as they draw out the additional layer of shine powder usually takes care of.

As the clay dries on the skin, it soaks up oils and anything clogging the pores, drawing them to the surface.

They tighten skin and exfoliate any dead skin cells away from the face.

How To Use Them

Due to their drying nature, clay masks are best suited for oily or combination skin but also work well for dryer skin if used less frequently.

Apply a generous amount all over the face, or pay particular attention to areas that gather a little more shine than others; the forehead, cheeks, and nose perhaps.

Allow the clay mask to dry but not fully, and remove by rinsing with warm water.

Leaving the clay mask to dry fully will mean the mask starts to draw out the skins natural oils we want to keep. Never leave them on for longer than the recommended time either.

The Products

The Superfood Berry Boost Mask from Elemis contains purple clay from Brazil and is almost a smoothie for the skin which balances and mattifies.

Some of its other ingredients are black tea extract, known for its antioxidant properties, blackcurrant seed oil and Nordic bilberry extract to hydrate the skin.

Its recommended to use this product twice a week, or once a week for dryer complexions, for maximum results.

Charlotte Tilbury’s Goddess Skin Clay Mask does exactly what it says on the tin giving baby-like skin in just ten minutes.

It contains the extremely patented and exclusive Bio-Nymph Peptide to improve skin elasticity and boost collagen as well as removing buildup without drying the surface out.

Use weekly for the best impact.

Lastly is the Lumiere Essentielle Instant Purifying & Illuminating Mask from Darphin, a VA go-to.

This mask has two clever steps which both have incredible results when used together.

It helps deeply nourish and plump the skin using essential oils whilst the kaolin clay unclogs pores and enhances natural radiance.

Apply the purifying formula and leave for five minutes, rinse then apply the illuminating formula and leave on for five minutes.

This one is suitable for use of up to three times per week making it a go-to clay mask for dryer complexions.

After using a clay mask, results are instant with skin feeling renewed and brighter.

Clay isn’t just for the builders :)

The Beauty Detective: Set In Clay

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I love clay masks. Especially the thermal ones that heat up upon application, especially from New Zealand, from the Rotorua thermal area. They make your skin so soft. Vicki you should try some of the New Zealand volcanic masks, such good skin care. Margaret


I would love to Margaret… I shall look out for them and especially next time I am in Oz .. Thank you :)


It would make perfect sense to me since it is from the earth, it is the earth! I’ve never used clay but since I don’t have overly oily skin, it probably wouldn’t suit me, but again, what a gorgeous image you’ve chosen!


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