The Beauty Edit

Some of the best kept beauty secrets are not those held in a jar, administered by needle or executed by knife.

We so often focus on products to improve ourselves, that we forget the real beauty secrets.

The best kept beauty secrets, those that are free and available to us all, are sometimes the hardest ones to remember.

Laughter, self confidence… romance and love… all elements that combine together to make us more and more beautiful as we move throughout our lives.

Then there are those beauty secrets, from those in the know that can shake it up.

Below you will find links to my beauty tips and tricks, some extra information that might help when thinking beauty and make-up.

In The Know Eyes

Eyeliner… it’s all in the application.

 I want to share a little trick that my very clever make-up artist friend taught me.

The Pick Of The Eye Liner Pencils

Mascara… Everything else might fall by the wayside… but dark lashes make all the difference.

Nothing helps open and brighten the eye more than a good mascara… Flip side… badly applied mascara and there is nothing worse.

The Magic Wand… The Do’s and Don’ts of Mascara

Eyebrows are an important feature for any face… they are a frame for our eyes… they emphasise our expressions.

French women appear to me to do a good brow… not neglected, yet not over plucked.

French Women Know How to Shape their Brows

Eyeshadow is a tough one on a mature eye… it’s something that needs to be worn subtly and with precision.

A less-is-more approach and easy application… it is the only way I can manage.

Fifty Shades of Grey… Kevyn Aucoin

Eyeshadow is a tricky one… too much and you look like a kewpie doll… none and we are missing out on all the advantages that subtle contouring can provide.

I want to wear eyeshadow… but I want to look like I’m not wearing it.

Press Don’t Brush… Eyeshadow

In The Know Face

Natural make-up… Going nude??

Not these days… except in my make up… :)

Going Nude


Blush… Simple tips and tricks.

Add A Touch of Rosebud… The Pick of the Blush

Bronzer and I have a love/hate relationship… it’s 50/50 whether we can make it out together.

The right shade is the crucial factor… A bronzer should only be 2-3 shades darker than your skin tone.

Bronze, Bronzed… Bronzer

Translucent Powder is a product that gently sets the make up without altering the colour of the skin tone.

No oil, no smudge… but without looking dull.

The Best of the Translucent Powders

Primer really does reduce the appearance of lines and evens out the texture of the skin.

My make-up guru swears by it and has converted me.

The Have To Have Tom Ford Illuminating Primer

Skincare routines should be effortless… for the methods to be easy and practical to follow.

Once it gets complicated… I am lost and disinterested.

Morning Beauty

Treatments, I wish I had more time for them… I dream of more sleep and I know I should drink gallons more water.

Knowing and doing are two different concepts.

Three Can’t Live Without Skin Essentials

Party Ready… A simple make-up, easy to apply with great impact is we all want for the holidays.

Here are a few tips and tricks to create that look.

Gorgeous and Glamorous… How to be Party Ready for the Holidays

Highlighter… I’m nervous… the chance of looking ‘stripy’ or worse still.

Not so…

Let it Glow, Let it Glow, Let it Glow

In The Know Lips

Lipstick is my number one essential.

Sheer tints, a subtle sheen… the barest of anything… a whisper of lipstick.

Summer Shades… Sheen Supreme

 Lipstick is one of the best feel good moments of all.

Tips and tricks to keep that lipstick lasting.

Changing Colours

Lipstick… as my mother often reminds me… “don’t go anywhere without lipstick… it’s like being undressed”.

If at First You Don’t Succeed… Apply More Lipstick

Lipstick is like a shot of adrenaline… an infusion of joy.

The Essential Six Lip Colours

The Top Five

lips from mac  //  illuminating primer  from tom ford  // colour from kevyn aucoin //  serum from valmont  // mask from skII


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