11 Jun 2015

The Best Father’s Day Gifts

dolce & gabbana campaign, father's day 2015

The best Father’s Day gifts are a conundrum to me.

Do we give them (it is often the mothers who are buying for the fathers) what we like or what they like?

I think in our family we sit somewhere in the middle.

At the end of the day, it is really all about family. Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, in my mind every day is family day.

dolce & gabbana campaign, father's day 2015

The Dolce & Gabbana advertising campaigns over the last few years have celebrated family. Yes, with a fashion twist and commercial drive but nevertheless I do admire the thoughts behind the vivid shots that include everyone from nonnas to babies.

A mix of generations is something to be cherished, envied and desired; I hope that our children will feel this way and celebrate life with all ages not simply their peers.

Fathers deserve to be spoilt every day and not just on their official one.

Father’s Day; what to give?

Other than all the love and attention they deserve, because our time is the greatest gift of all, I think the best Father’s Day gifts are those they won’t buy for themselves. Gifts that they consider too extravagant or too fashionable; the latest, the luxuries, the scents and the accessories.

And books. What man doesn’t enjoy a good book?  And gadgets; we know they like those. That is not my forte so the complicated, the technical and the electrical I leave to the boys.

I have put together a selection of Father’s Day gifts that I know would be welcome in my home.

Nordstrom have invited me to select some favourites across the board.

A difficult choice because there are so many great ideas for the boys and so many goodies I know mine would love. xv

The Best Father’s Day Gifts

dolce & gabbana campaign, father's day 2015

1. jack black shave brush //  2. jack black thickening shampoo //  3. trafalgar suspenders //  4. david donahue cuff links

5. cole hann derby //  6. carven vetiver //  7. bottega veneta shower gel //  8. sperry slip-on

9. carven pour homme //  10. david donahue silk bow tie //  11. ysl tie //  12. kiehl’s crème de corps

13. prada sunglasses //  14. baxter of california beard comb //  15. armani backpack //  16. atm sweatshirt

image dolce & gabbana campaign

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Mimi Gregor

It is doubtful that children will grow up to appreciate all ages rather than just their peers… unless they are raised that way. Our society, even with all the great strides in equality, is increasingly segregated as far as age goes. It doesn’t help that it has become so mobile — moving across the country for the sake of a job takes one’s children away from their grandparents. Sure, they may see them from time to time, but not on a regular basis. Gone are the days when several generations lived together in one house. Unless we make an effort to expose them to a variety of ages, they will not seek them out on their own.

Anita Rivera

Bonjour Vicki! Well, when my father was alive, he was a tinkerer in the garage. TOOLS where what made my father’s eyes sparkle, the possibility of creating something from nothing…no matter what the gift the man wants, giving it with love will make the toughest dad to buy for melt. I’ve seen it happen. HAVE A SPECTACULAR DAY!!!!! Anita

Design Chic

You’ve selected a great group of gifts for the dads in our lives…I have to admit that I’m still a big fan of the tie, but my father wears them daily and seems to love them! Happy Thursday, Vicki!

La Contessa

TOOLS are the BEST gift for this PAPA too………………
Although a pink shirt could be TOSSED in the mix!
Anita is in MY AREA………….Hope to meet up with HER!!


Husband has zero interest in tools. He is not a handyman. More likely to cause damage than to fix something. His forte and interests are elsewhere – art, international affairs, stockmarket and investment analysis, reading (only books by those who’ve won the Nobel Prize for Literature), and of course family. Luckily it’s not Australian Fathers’ Day so I think I’ll leave the super hard question of what to buy till later in the year. He’s already bought art materials from Sennelier here in Paris and I’ve bought him shirts etc in Provence.
Good luck with your gift selections! Best wishes, Pamela
PS Love the D&G advertisements including the Nonnas too. Brilliant and heart warming.


Thanks for the great Father’s Day gift tips, Vicki. My hubby is notoriously difficult to buy for, but you definitely got a click through from me!


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