3 Jun 2012

The Best of the British

Did you know that

The Queen has never owned a passport… HM issues them, not carries one

12 Prime Ministers have served under her

The Queen was four years of age when she was given her first Shetland pony, called Peggy

The Royals were on Twitter in 2009 and Facebook 2010… Must remember to follow and like

The Queen sent her first email in 1976… Pretty savvy I thought

50,000 people visit Buckingham Palace every year… Can you believe I have never been inside… Shame on me

The Queen is 5’4″ in stockings… and 86 fabulous years of age

HM has answered 3,500,000 letters… Imagine?

45,000 Christmas cards sent out

The royal household employs 1200 staff

The Queen carries £5 in her purse for the collection plate on a Sunday

Six Popes have reigned since HM was crowned

The Queen has owned 30 corgis since 1944… Monty , Holly and Willow are the current babies

and just for fun

A few words of British wisdom from Lady Grantham of Downton Abbey fame

Lady Mary: “Sybil is entitled to her opinions.”

Lady Grantham: “No. She isn’t until she is married, then her husband will tell her what her opinions are.”


Lady Grantham: “You are quite wonderful the way you see room for improvement wherever you look. I never knew such reforming zeal.”

Mrs Crawley: “I take that as a compliment.”

Lady Grantham: “I must have said it wrong.”


and my favourite or all from The Dowager Duchess

Lady Grantham: “What is a weekend?”


If you find yourself in a Royal mood

read about the The Royals… all of them… via Kindle

A little William and Kate  behind the scenes gossip

have a picture book look at The Royal Palaces of London

try a little Penhaligon’s for a quintessential English scent

and to look the British part…a Barbour and Boots

and for the best guide to London… LUXE city guides are my pick

and as for your playlist… are you listening to the Beatles?

Have a ‘jubilous’  weekend, wherever you are… See you next week… xv

random facts courtesy of the times

images of HRH via Life and The Telegraph

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I love this – started a whole new category on pinterest to post your blog called “All Things British”.



Hi Vicki, I’ve just read your previous post and this one. I love all the pomp and ceremony of it all. I am English born and bred,even though I live in Australia. I get such a heart flutter when I read all about it. It takes me back to my childhood when we took part in a party in our street in 1953, I have posted a photo on my blog, of my mother, two brothers and me, all dressed up in fancy dress on the day. I have never forgotten the excitement of it all. Looking at your lovely photo’s has brought it all back. I will be glued to the television so not to miss any of it this weekend.
I hope you have a great time. xx

Laura Ingalls Gunn

I too quoted “What is a week end?” on my blog today. :)

Yesterday’s post was all about H.M., Queen Elizabeth.

May you have a right Royal knees up!


I’m not remotely British (although I was raised in a kingdom and I did live in Scotland for 2 years) so I may be wrong, but, technically, I don’t think Queen Elisabeth has been styled HRH for sixty years now. :)


I did, indeed, know of all these things about HRH. But it never fails to interest me reading about her. She is a wonderful Queen and has always served her people well. A great leader!

The Enchanted Home

Wonderful post full of interesting tidbits of information that I didn’t know. And you arent’ the only one who hasnt’ been the Palace, still awaiting my invitation for lunch, lol.
The Queen looks fantastic and I am totally enthralled and captivated by all the pomp and circumstance of the Royal family………enjoy your weekend Vicki!


Love to know these info about the Queen.
But I’m really more into William, Kate and Harry.

Deborah Peterson Milne

Vicki – thank you for such a delightful post as we celebrate Jubilee weekend here in the U.K. I can never hear, see , read enough about HRH Queen Elizabeth. A woman to admire, respect and even marvel at.

x Deb

Veronique Savoye

Bonjour Vicki. Great post. Coming from a country that got rid of monarchy – and replaced it with a republic where presidents often behave like Kings! – it is always interesting for me to see such fascination for a royal family. Still, if one person deserves our respect and admiration, it is the queen of England. A lifetime dedicated to service and duty. No matter what was thrown at her, she endured, with class and dignity. French Kings might still be around if more had behaved like queen Elizabeth. A thought just occurred to me. I hope she still got to have f.u.n. from time to time! Bon weekend, Vicki. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

Elizabeth Kirkpatrick

Cant wait to read all the little extras you tag at the bottom!Gives me goose bumps just thinking about it all the celebrations,60 years, and most importantly being a woman in a mans world!BRAVA ……Queen Elizabeth you deserve all this pomp and party festivities!I applaud you!

Marsha @ Splenderosa

I must have said it wrong. What a splendid comment. I’ve been watching our news about the happenings in London, and the Derby, etc. I must say the Queen planned everything very well, didn’t she? But then she is the Queen. Imagine never having money or a passport? I think they said the same thing about JFK never having money in his pockets. xx’s Vicki


Love it that the Queen has never owned a passport.

Trying to stifle a giggle while curtsying and backing out of the drawing room. Hmmmm “what is a weekend?”. Better get out of here and get started before it’s over…:)

Joyous Jubilee to Queen Elizabeth II!


Lovely post, I remember her silver jubilee we were all given a coin & had a huge party in one of our local sports clubs the union jack flags were flying every where for days. As a child it was quite spectacular & now its her golden I imagine it will be another great time for every one in the UK at the moment.

Anita Rivera


I am not only a Francophile, but I have to say that I am wickedly obsessed with anything British and this was a fabulous post. HRH, Downton Abbey and THE BEATLES? Parfait!

I am very excited my dear to see your post with the others next week! And it will also be my last day of teaching!!! I wish you a lovely Jubilee et BON DIMANCHE!

Mille bises, Anita


Fabulous post Vicki! I hope you are enjoying yourself in London, Thank you for sharing the pomp and circumstance with us ~

Helen Tilston

Hi Vicki
A wonderful post to a wonderful Queen.

I have had the pleasure of meeting Her Royal Highness on three occasions at Buckingham Palace, in the Throne Room. We had high tea. The corgis were there too. The first time I met her was in 1980 and I was stunned at how pretty she is, in person. Photos do not do her justice. Her skin radiated and her eyes sparkled. My mother on meeting the Queen said it felt like an electric shock when the Queen shook her hand.
I have tremendous respect for Her.

Thanks for a beautiful, uplifting post

PS. I love my perfume and have thanked you on my current post.
Helen xx


What a great post. Loving reading all the little bits about the Queen. My grandparents were from Manchester…..I have the ship’s log from England to Ellis Island… So all things British really intrigue me. Thanks for sharing.



A splendid post, Vicki – most becoming. It’s fascinating watching all the fanfare from afar on this former ‘dominion’! J x

Bette @ Ideezine


I adore and so very much enjoy the Queen. Strength and sheer presence are something we all have to demonstrate just not in front of the world as Queen E does. Loved the parade down the Thames today and look forward to the rest of the events especially the Beacon of Lights. All so well planned and executed without a hitch. Well done!



Wish I was over there to celebrate. We were still living in England for the Queen’s silver jubilee and although I was only 4 1/2 I have very clear memories of the flags and the street party we had where everything was red, white and blue.

I certainly don’t envy the Queen her job – all those letters to write, speeches to read, and long dinners to sit through, with no leg twitching, hand fiddling, and yawning! She has done the most amazing job. Hurrah!

Clare x


Nice post, however, I would like to point out a slight mis-hap that I am sure not alot of people are aware of. It is impolite to refer to the Queen as HRH. Royal Highness is a style granted to members of the royal family by the Monarch. Elizabeth as Queen should be refered to as HM (Her Majesty).


I have changed the HRH…
I tried to research this because I was unsure if HRH was the correct address, but every link I found referred to her as HRH and I couldn’t find any other info with the correct etiquette… so thank you… xv


Lovely post Vicki, I am thoroughly enjoying the celebrations, and am actually watching the River Thames processing on the ABC as I type this!


I loved reading this Vicki….The Queen is just marvellous, no two ways about it, 86 years old and still doing what she does, she is a great example of public service and dignity.

I’ve never been to Buckingham Palace either….shall we go?!! I’ve just looked on the official website – they are currently booking tickets for 30 June – 8 July and 31 July – 7 October. Any chance you might be over in early July, that’s probably the only time I can make it….just an idea? :) XX


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