6 Jun 2015

The Best Of The Spring Nail Polish

the best colours for nails this spring

Thinking about spring nail polish, the wonderful colours available and I was reminded of one of the sweetest French movies.

Populair; did you see it?

Populaire, tells the story of a young secretary, Rose (Déborah François) who is trained by her boss (Romain Duris) to become the fastest typist in the world. The film sees her progress from a wide-eyed dreamer into a celebrity as she is launched into stardom.


This chic fifties French romantic comedy is the debut feature film by director Regis Roinsart, and features fabulous costume design and styling by Charlotte David – think pretty pin tuck dresses, perfectly coiffed hair and colourful nails.

the best colours for nails this spring

Back to the nails,

Nail polish has re-invented itself over the last few years. It is more adventurous, more fun and certainly more creative. Once restricted to shades of pink, red and orange; nails are now every colour of the rainbow.

I am slowly becoming more imaginative with my nail polish and went heavy on the platinum over the winter. Now it is time to shift shade and find the best of the spring nail polish.

Pastels it is.

This weekend it will be another viewing of Populaire and a new shade of nails; prelude to a kiss perhaps… xv

The Best Of The Spring Nail Polish

scroll for the colours after clicking through

tuck in my tux // misty morning  // muguet  // paradiso  // flowers in her hair  // prelude to a kiss

||| More pampering required, the beauty shop is waiting. |||

image from the film Populaire 2012 – directed by régis roinsard

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Anita Rivera

Non, I have not seen this! I MUST! I just showed my students (well, in late April), the film Le Petit Nicolas and Bienvenue les Ch’itis! OH MY GOODNESS, the French are hilarious, and my students truly admired them both.

Back to the nails! OK, give me any of the pastels and I’d be happy. The aqua however, would be my choice against my tanned hands (from gardening, otherwise, I am very fair) – what fun this would be!

Love that introductory photo. Happy day, Vicki! Anita


Yes, you will love this film Anita… and your students too… that cute quirky way the French have at looking at romance… :)

Aqua is so fun… and if there is one place we can have fashion fun, it is our nails…


I wear a Dior sheer polish on my hands, my nails look like glass. On my toes, I wear a pale coral that is complimentary to white feet. I no longer get a tan. I achieved my quota of sun damage :)

Note to Anita … gardening gloves can be your best friends. Not just for your nails but I got a bite ( doctor thinks it was a spider) on my hand when gardening and it was quite ugly and painful. I now always wear gloves when messing around in the dirt )


A wonderful movie and I also adore the pastel polishes, Vicki!!

The Arts by Karena
Jackson Pollock Mural

Design Chic

Sound like a fun movie and I love a good French film! And the nails, wow, so many great colors – the gray is so pretty. Happy weekend, VIcki!


Thanks for this post, that movie has been on my list for awhile, but tonight’s the night. Can’t wait to see it! While all the pastel colors are tres chic {one of my favorites recently was lavender} I just bought some gorgeous soft pink shades and a coral that is sublime from Butter, London that I can’t wait to try. Happy weekend, Vicki!


Vicki, I love the imaginative names nail polishes have these days. I am wearing “flowers in her hair” right now….I actually purchased it as it recalls one of my favourite sayings: “London is a man’s town with power in the air. Paris is a woman’s town with “flowers in her hair”……ax


Populaire is a wonderful film! It is raining with heavy cloud cover so a sweet romantic comedy is just what I need this evening. Thanks for the film reminder, Vicki.

Note to Anita: I was a reluctant convert to gardening gloves. Now I buy the 10 pack at Home Depot…off-white with grip on the palms and fingers. No idea why I didn’t try them earlier since the experience is equal to bare hands. And bonus, your fingernails will remain polished!

Pam Harpur

I was curious about the bar earrings you mentioned and fell in love with the Ryan Storer pearl earrings. So much so, that my husband bought them for me for my 55th birthday next month! I love getting your daily clicks with such beautiful visuals.


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