9 Aug 2018

The Bikini: Do You Or Don’t You?

Do you wear a bikini?
This was a subject of interest this week as I joined friends for a sunny break in Italy. Some did and some didn’t wear a bikini.

I don’t because I am forever waiting; I think I have been waiting for 20 years. It suddenly occurred to me, after chatting with my friends, what am I actually waiting for? There is no better time than today. Do I really believe the two-piece will look better next year, rather than this year? If I want to wear one, and I do – especially the vintage high-waisted style- then now is as good as later.

Working on and waiting for perfection is a mug’s game. We are too hard on ourselves or at least I am.

We will never be perfect and nor will we ever look as we want, especially in a swimsuit. I’m not discussing the “should she wear a bikini” subject – this is all too subjective – rather I am thinking about wearing what we want if it is what we want. There is a difference. 

My friends wore bikinis and looked fabulous, not because of their shapes and sizes but because of their confidence. Truthfully I didn’t notice; my only thought, they looked wonderful. Their confidence, their joy in the sea and sunshine made what style of swimsuit they had on an irrelevance. This is how it should be. I became aware too much time is lost debating what we should and shouldn’t do. Within reason, we must go for it.

My favourite swimsuit is the vintage style two-piece, where the pants hit somewhere just under or on the waist; I find it flattering and the extra width and support a comfort. A tiny string Brazilian style bikini is probably a jump too far for my renewed confidence. I like the way this style elongates the legs, is comfortable and the top allows for a little more tanning. Tanning is not really my thing but nevertheless, I still want to look the part even in the shade and swim easily when I do.

What type of swimsuit we wear is personal and the relationship we have with our body is unique. The thought I came home with is, there is no time like NOW. We were all reflecting on photographs of ourselves ten years ago – what we thought awkward or unattractive then is, of course, perfectly ok now.

If there is something to strike your fancy, like wearing a vintage style bikini, then let’s. What the body may lack in physical perfection our confidence will provide and nobody, I mean nobody judges us as harshly as we judge ourselves. The lumps and bumps, the more-than-we-like is nothing when our bright smile and lively personalities take over. Remember how much we loved seeing Helen Mirren in her red bikini?

The holiday chat gave me pause to consider. xv


The Bikini: I Do

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Linda B Kerr

If I had the body this woman in the red bikini does, I’d DEFINITELY wear a bikini!


At 51, I absolutely wear a bikini. I have several in bright colors of coral, cobalt blue and electric green. I swim one mile daily, and while I’m not skinny (very muscular) I’ve worked hard for the body I have, it’s strong, shapely and powerful ~ why not show it off?


d’accord “it will not look better next year”. But my personal quest is why should I
compromise my principles not wearing a bikini if my body is not perfect anymore?
May be the high waisted one is designed for women in our age and shape but this
little material ….is it worth?

Michelle à Détroit

No, not for me. I’ve never found bikini bottoms comfortable to swim in. All that constant tugging and readjusting! I also don’t want to be bothered with “cover ups” unless I’m going to a beach restaurant. I like maillots or even better, cute little brightly colored trunks with a two piece type top.


I have this argument with myself every time I’m in the south of France. So far the one piece has won out, but maybe next year …..!


Me too! I see every size and shape there and all being worn with confidence! Good for them!

Always a California Girl

My bikini wearing days are over. I enjoyed them for many years. In fact, I think there is one still in the drawer next to my one piece suits. It is not a lack of confidence?? It is reality, that at 71 years old with all that goes with it in skin texture and muscle loss, I just don’t look good in a two piece. I am even a bit nervous when I wear my one piece suits at public beaches or hotel pools.


I say if you have a decent body, wear one. Even if you don’t but are comfortable in your own skin, wear one. I no longer have the confidence to don one much preferring a one piece. It can be just as sexy without showing a less than firm tummy.


While I truly believe one should do whatever they like, I simply will not! At 56 I have–and this sounds immodest but believe me I don’t say this in a proud way–a very good figure. I am lap swimmer who trains vigorously and it shows. But I am 62 and I do not personally believe that it is becoming for a woman of a certain age–or a man!–to exhibit their body in this way. There is just something rather unsophisticated about it. For me, age means a certain elegance and understanding of where I am in the world and no matter how good I do or don’t look, I just don’t feel that is the place I want to occupy any longer. But having said that, everyone needs to feel free to do as they please in that regard, yes?

Kimberley Allen

I am 58 and have never stopped wearing a bikini but I have never been over weight if I were over weight I would not wear a bathing suit at all


Good for you Vicki! I have never given up my bikinis and now I’m not sure I ever will. When I saw the older, lovely European ladies (especially the Italian women) and how proudly they wore their bathing suits, that did it. I find a two piece much more comfortable, so I think I’m in for the finish.

Jane Billings

What an interesting topic. I am 70 and haven’t felt comfortable in any bathing suit for a while, but suddenly last week I felt a sudden urge to have one. A bikini , no less, I went to Land’s End where I thought there would be a choice of styles to try, and a marvelous saleswoman that showered attention and assistance. She had me try everything until I found a possible choice, which we ordered online to get the right size and style combination . I anxiously await delivery tomorrow. NO bikini top . turns out they don’t carry them, but bottoms that I can add to next year !


I DEFINATELY DON’T! Do not wish to spoil the beautiful ocan vista for the others on the beach….dx


In France many people, old or young, pregnant or not, wore bikinis bottoms and no top. It felt very comfortable, everyone seemed very happy, no one seemed bothered, but I hope we were all covered in factor 50 sunscreen.

Vicki Ford

When I see the pic of Helen in her bikini, I see her happiness. Whatever we do in life we need to be happy and have joy in the moment. I remember my grandmother would don a retro one piece suit and go into the surf with me! And build sandcastles. I remember thinking her costume was quite neat. Then my thoughts turned to the extreme fun and adventure we were having together and costumes were all but forgotten…


I don’t like being in the sun! So I’m likely to be the one with the one piece and rash guard hoody lol


I have to admit, I never did.

I’m skinny, but my HIPS are no proportionate to the rest of my slight frame, and whenever I’ve work even shorts, I get all sorts of remarks from strangers, invading my world saying, “You’re so thin, but YOUR HIPS….” So, I just go to the beach with a light dress and enjoy the sea from a distance! At sixty, I’ve still not gained the confidence! Bravo to all those women who have it, and Dame Helen, what a BEAUTY!


First … yes, everyone should wear anything they want that makes them comfortable and happy. However, we aren’t identical in terms of what clothing styles help us to feel comfortable and happy.

I’m fortunate to be in good health, exercise daily, and weigh 135 pounds at a height of 5’5″. However, I’m also 72 years old with a body that now incorporates a lot of stretched skin, much less muscle tone than I once had, and some body mass that has shifted in ways that age decrees. My calculus of those factors mean that, for now, I am most comfortable and happy wearing one-piece swimsuits and tankinis. For me to wear a bikini these days would make me feel like I was Trying Too Hard or, as Alyson Walsh often uses this word, faffing.

As always in our styling choices, to each her own. :)


I’m 64 and would certainly wear a bikini if I didn’t have scars from surgery that I find unappealing. So for me it is a one piece for sun bathing and and at other times, swim leggings with a cute attached skirt.


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