12 May 2019

The Chino Pant: Just Like Lucinda Chambers


Lucinda Chambers wears them well.
I admire her style; her way of putting it together and making dressing appear effortless.

Chino pants seem to be one of her signature pieces and what could be more perfect for the weekends than these? Jeans can be too casual and black pants too classic. We love a cargo but sometimes they feel too informal; chinos can sit right in the middle and be the best accomplice.

Wear them just above the ankle with a loose tee and unstructured jacket. Try them with an oversized sweatshirt and your favourite trainers. Add a vintage scarf or wrap up in a poncho style piece for warmth.

What colour to choose?

Khakis, olive and cobblestone shades look fab with black and dark grey or swap the combination and wear a dark chino with a lighter top. White can be problematic as the see-through factor isn’t as easy to solve as it is with white jeans.  Wearing all white; stick with jeans.

Weekends are the days I like to swap it up a bit; try these, I think you’ll be very comfy. Did I mention, wear them slouchy?

Not too tight, not too loose; just right. xv

Weekend Wardrobe: The Chino Pant

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Another beauty of a woman who has lived long enough to know herself. What an amazing combination of textures and just the right colors AND fitting: not too tight, not too loose.That in itself is something to master! Happy Mother’s Day Vicki, from the USA!

Taste of France

Chinos are far more comfortable in summer than jeans are. The fabric is lighter. Down here in the south of France, jeans are impossible in July and August. It’s skirts or linen/cotton pants or chinos. But like jeans, they go with everything.

Linda B

Vicki, I can totally imagine how exciting it is with the due date of your grandbaby approaching so soon, as mine is due only about 3 weeks afterwards and I am so full of anticipation already! Wishing you and your family all the best as you approach this special time!

Michelle à Détroit

I live in khaki and black chinos. I’m a floral designer, and if I’m doing a job on site I need to look professional and presentable while working with soil and flowers. Chinos fill the bill perfectly. I also keep a blazer in the car on the rare occasion that I’m still there when an event begins.

I remember that for decades, Giorgio Armani’s daily uniform was crisp khaki colored chinos and a midnight blue tee shirt or sweater.


I always wear chinos when the weather warms. I like to turn a small cuff on mine, so they are just above the ankle. I suppose that’s out now that cropped is in. I’m seeing a lot with the elastic cuff this spring, too. It feels more casual and I’m not sure I like it but I’ll have to try a pair before I decide though.


I like chinos as well. They are so relaxing to wear and not as heavy or clinging as jeans and I definitely don’t wear jeans in the south of France in the summer. Chinos are the taste of summer as far as trousers go for me but then can be smartened up with a blazer and a flat slip sling back shoe in a contrasting colour. Love them! Now I’m looking at the hat worn by Lucinda Chambers as that adds to her style.


Dear Vicki, could you please post some wardrobe tips for what to wear in July in St Remy? We’ve been there in June in previous years, but I am concerned about how hot it will be in July (we will be there for 3 weeks). If this idea fits in with your plans for your website, I would be very grateful. Thank you. Jeanette

Elizabeth Velasquez

G1 Goods makes the best chinos. A little masculine, a little slouchy, perfection!


Jeanette, I go to St Remy in July and August and it’s hot! Can reach 30 degrees C and above. I wear linen shift dresses most of the time, rarely a jacket or cardigan and flat open sandals. Chinos and a lose sleeveless blouse again with open toe sandals. For evening out for dinner I have many dresses, some linen again, others not but all smart.
Never wear jeans or a thick coat at all. If it rains then an umbrella as it doesn’t last long. There can be a mistral wind blowing sometimes which can blow for 3, 5 or 7 days. This can be cooler in the evenings and refreshing in the day. Hope this helps and enjoy your holiday.


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