24 Feb 2018

The “Dare-I-Mention”Tracksuit: Comfortable & Cosy

The Dare I Mention Tracksuit on vickiarcher.com

Dare I admit to loving a tracksuit when the time is right?
I will because it’s true.

There are times, especially on the weekends, when curling up, being cozy and lounging in comfort is the brief. The tracksuit lets me do all that and these days more. More because right about now, the tracksuit has never been smarter and more fashionable.

Especially those with a side stripe.

I know some of you aren’t sure about them and I understand that – I like them and wear them out and about if I am covered with a coat or a parka.

The thing about tracksuits is they aren’t like they used to be and now they can be worn in a dressier way. Okay, I have to admit I don’t entirely buy into this.  For me, the tracksuit is still clothing to relax and take it easy or travel in. But, they can look perfectly fine for out and about if worn in the right way.

A good shape and a flattering colour are important- if we are going to be comfortable then let’s be comfortable. There isn’t much point to wearing one if it isn’t.

If the tracksuits are venturing further than the sofa, then what we wear with them does count. I’ll add my trainers or white sneakers (if I’m wearing the pair with a stripe down the side). Maybe a pashmina style scarf or a soft silk one tucked into the neckline if the weather is right.

You won’t find me jazzing them up with heels or loafers; I can’t get with that ‘look’ just yet. You will find me mixing the tops and bottoms though.

The weekends and I need a break from being dressed ‘in my best’ if you know what I mean?   xv

Weekend Wardrobe: The Tracksuit

double up

skin travel set ||  cashmere hoddie and legging set  ||  crewneck set

mix and match

side stripe crop pant  ||  lizy pant  ||  topshop side pipe  ||  champion pants  ||  boom boom pants

calson off duty sweatshirt   ||  madewell mainstay ||  champion crewneck  ||  champion hoodie

images, edward berthelot and the stylograph

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With a track suit as such, I’d want to be out and about in this style anytime! Oh Vicki, you make everything “What she wants.” I WANT!

Mimi Gregor

*Shakes head* Geeze…. If it’s comfort one wants, why don’t we all just wear our pajamas 24/7? Plenty of “real clothes” are comfortable. Track suits are for the track. Full stop. (Yes… I know I’m cranky.)


Oh never Vicki!! I don’t care if pounds are added to the price of a track suit to so-called make them a fashionable item, they are never a good look!! They are a reminder of teenage fashion regardless of comfort and who wants to follow that!! And elasticated waists and a stripe down the leg – absolutely not!! I can find comfort in a more stylish manner!!
I’m definitely not with you on this one!!


Sorry Vicki, but I have to draw the line somewhere. I’ll wear jeans forever, but a track suit, never. It stands to reason that this would become a trend as clothing worn in public becomes more and more casual. The fashion workd seems to be responding with a “if you can’t beat ‘em…” attitude. My guess is that the next big thing will be wearing pajamas in public. I’m already seeing this on some fast fashion websites.


I do like the cashmere legging and top set and the boom boom pants, though. Hmmmm. Maybe I’ll have to rethink this…


This is one trend I’m not following. I don’t wear jogging pants and have never worn track pants. Now, if I was an Olympic athlete I’d be rocking a pair.

Jo Dennis

I agree with you Vicki. I live in rural New Zealand so although I love fashion and love to look good, a relaxed effortless style is more my way of dressing. Comfortable well fitted pants and a cosy cashmere with sneakers is pretty much perfect for a lazy weekend I would say.


I don’t agree either! Track “suits” should be left on the track or behind closed doors.There are a zillion more things to
wear for comfort and lounging in,and not look daggy.Same with sneakers,leave them on the tennis courts.I am definitely not a teenager anymore,leave it to them to make their stamp on style.As an older ,much older girl, I have plenty of options to feel comfy and smart, without being daggy. Sooo much to choose from..I try to remember a golden rule,mutton dressed up as lamb,springs to mind.Sorry Vicky I agree with you most times,love your articles, but not this one!!


I’m with the “NO” vote, sorry Vicki! I love Karl Lagerfelds quote, “Sweatpants are a sign of defeat. You lost control of your life and so you bought some sweatpants!” I know, probably a bit harsh, but Karl is never tacktful! ;)


Loved the Karl Lagerfeld quote! Track pants are tricky. They work nicely, as in the photo on the right, when rail thin with long legs. They are quite difficult to pull off with a womanly shape. I prefer a tuxedo pant with a stripe down the side and a cashmere sweater top.


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